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The packages below reflect the current pricing for Baelgun EU - German speaking realm on the EU / Europe World of Warcraft: Shadowlands (currently known as Baelgun EU BFA WoW) Realms. All of the packages are available for both factions (Baelgun Alliance Gold / Baelgun Horde Gold)

All of the packages are available for the current/contemporary Baelgun BFA WoW / Battle for Azeroth version.

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We offer several delivery methods with focus on safety. Upon purchase, we will send you an email with delivery instructions if your order is for 1000000 (1M) gold or above. We will only deliver gold/items/valuables once you provide us with an answer on the email sent to you.

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Buy Powerleveling for Baelgun EU

We have 3 more slots open for Powerleveling (all level ranges including 1-60 possible). All races and classes are included. Level 1-50 and 1-60 includes level 40 (60% speed) mount. More information can be found on our Powerleveling page

PvE/PvP Boost for Baelgun EU

Our PvE boost services consists of dungeons runs, profession boosts, reputation and gear farming. With our PvP boost, we can obtain your desired Battleground reputation with Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin or Alterac Valley or attain any PvP Rank (2-14)

Buy Baelgun EU Level 30-60 Accounts

Our Accounts for WoW Shadowlands are very secure, they were created with the purpose of being sold.

Baelgun EU (Normal) Realm Info

Baelgun EU (EU Classic WoW) is considered Low population server by Blizzard. It is part of the Europe / German (German speaking) - EU realms. It has approximately 3356 (1655 Alliance | 1755 Horde) active online players according to Baelgun EU Realm Population. Our website sells cheap Baelgun EU gold.

Gold, Power Leveling, Boosts, PvP, Quests and Achievements for Baelgun EU Realm - WoW Shadowlands / BFA - Low PoP

Baelgun Realm Name Inspiration

Realm Information for Baelgun EU - WoW Shadowlands / BFA - Baelgun Flamebeard served under the leadership of Muradin Bronzebeard. When Muradin was killed, Baelgun took command of the remaining dwarves and led them deeper into the heart of the frozen land, straight into Icecrown Glacier. When Illidan Stormrage used the Eye of Sargeras in an attempt to destroy the Frozen Throne, the tunnels of Azjol-Nerub were shaken by earthquakes which freed long-forgotten monstrosities called the Faceless Ones. Driven out of the lower tunnels by their malicious attacks, Baelgun and his people sealed the entrance to the Inner Kingdom, guarding it to keep the Faceless Ones within. When Prince Arthas entered, Baelgun warned him that there was an ancient evil within the Inner Kingdom. But Arthas paid him little heed, and attacked Baelgun and his forces, defeating them. More info about Baelgun.