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As Blizzard Entertainment describes it, WoW Classic: Season of Mastery is a fresh start for all Vanilla-Classic WoW prayers. Season of Mastery is a year long (12 month) content cycle where players start again as level 1 on the fresh new SoM servers. This release of WoW Classic is a 'compressed' release, meaning that content will be rolling out faster than in the original retail Vanilla, with various upgrades and updates for all areas. Basically, players will be experiencing increased experience rates, challenging raids. WoW Classic: SoM introduces the "Soul of Iron" debuff for those who will be taking on "Hardcore challenge mode."

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Even though the increased experience rates will certainly affect the powerleveling and boosting services, Season of Mastery will still be difficult for farming gold, if not the same as the original retail Vanilla-Classic content. Players will still need hundreds and thousands of hard-farmed gold, which really takes the joy out of experiencing the Vanilla content. On Gold4Vanilla, you can buy WoW Classic Season of Mastery Gold also known as WoW Classic SoM Gold for all of the available (so far 13th) European, North American and Australian servers.

The buying process is rather simply. Simply pick your WoW Mastery server, the amount of gold you need, insert your character name, select your faction, make the payment and you are good to go. Rest assured, we will do our best to delivery the gold right away to you - it takes from few minutes, up to few or several hours. We have stock available for all World of Warcraft: Season of Mastery servers.