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The packages below are intended only for the Whitemane Balnazzar realm available - a private Wrath of the Lich King server. The realm was launched on 15th October 2021 by Whitemane GG

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Whitemane's WOTLK - Balnazzar Realm

The WOTLK - Balnazzar Realm is the second Wrath of the Lich King (known as "WotLK") realm to be released by new private server project called, after their success with their Mograine realm. At the moment, it is the most popular private Wrath of the Lich King server in existence. The Balnazzar realm was launched on 15th of October 2021. Our website, Gold4Vanilla offers Balnazzar gold at affordable, cheap rates. More information regarding the realm can be obtained on the Balnazzar official page.

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Whitemane Balnazzar Server Info
  • Path of the Adventurer Mode
  • - Leveling Rates: Starting at level 1, with x6 and x12 rates
  • - Drop, Reputation and Profession rates: x2
  • Path of the Champion
  • - Leveling Rates: Starting at level 68, with x3 and x6 rates
  • - Drop, Reputation and Profession rates: x1
  • - Faction Ratio: %55 Ally | %45 Horde
  • - Population Peak: 4444 5555+ players
  • - Realm Patch: 3.0 version Wrath of the Lich King

More Information about Balnazzar

The name of the realm Balnazzar, is delivered from Balnazzar - was one of the three nathrezim siblings left behind in Lordaeron to oversee the demonic conquest of that land. The return of Prince Arthas, following the defeat of Archimonde, sent the three brothers packing, but they quickly regrouped and concocted a new plan to destroy Arthas once and for all. Though they (and Sylvanas Windrunner, who attacked Arthas on her own terms) didn't destroy Arthas, the undead prince left Lordaeron, leaving Balnazzar to rule the Plaguelands. Soon after, Sylvanas (who forcibly made Varimathras join her) laid siege to Balnazzar's forces and ultimately forced Varimathras to execute Balnazzar. However the execution was faked and Balnazzar later came to possess the body of Saidan Dathrohan, a founder of the Scarlet Crusade..

About the Balnazzar realm, taken from their website:
After creating a character, the players will have to choose their way. Balnazzar offers two ways of leveling, Path of the Champion (starts at level 68) and Path of the Adventurer (starts at level 1). For many players it won’t be that clear of a choice, because both ways will have their pros and cons. Soon we will release an instructional video of our system.

Path of the Adventurer
Players start at level 1 with x6 (x12 with Double XP) rates. They receive Celestial Steed, which is usable from level 20 and scales with riding. Riding itself will be included in auto-spell learning, which means that all levels of riding, including Cold Weather Flying and Epic riding, will be completely free. Additionally, players that choose leveling from level 1, will have their reputation, profession, and drop rates set at x2. Only characters choosing Path of the Adventurer are eligible for realm first achievements and titles for race, class, profession, and reputation (Northern Vanguard). Raid realm firsts are available for all characters, no matter what path they choose.

Path of the Champion
Players start at level 68 with x3 (x6 with Double XP). They receive starter gear for the selected proficiency, four 16-slot bags, and 100% riding. Reputation, profession, and drop rates are set at x1. All spells, except riding, are automatically learned. Path of the Champion characters will choose their starting area in Northrend: Howling Fjord or Borean Tundra.

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