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The packages below are intended and available only for the Stormforge Mistblade realm - a private Mists of Pandaria server. The realm was launched on 6th January 2022 by Stormforge GG

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Mistblade Stormforge Gold for Sale

The Mistblade MoP WoW realm was succesfully launched through the Stormforge GG project - which is the combined effort of the Atlantiss and Tauri Private WoW Project teams, which have been on the scene for more than a decade. Atlantiss, in particular, was highly successfull private WoW project, featuring their Dragonwrath Cataclysm, Netherwing & Karazhan TBC WoW projects. Frozen Throne, a WOTLK version was in development, but was postponed in favor of Mistblade.

Stormforge's MoP - Mistblade Realm

As taken from Stormforge's website:

We have answered the call of thousands of players hungry for a fresh MoP experience, and here we are. After months of hard work we finally present you Mistblade - a progressive Mists of Pandaria realm, operating on the 5.4.8 game client.
You have a chance to experience everything that Pandaria has to offer, starting from 5.0 content with PvP ruleset. It is for players to decide how quickly to progress - default XP rates are set to x3 with the possibility to reduce them to X2 or X1.
Stormforge Mistblade Gold

Our network of farmers quickly joined both the Horde & Alliance flanks, and we now have ample supply of cheap Stormforge gold for sale.