Sell Gold, Items and Accounts for Broken Ranks MMO

Make Money by Selling Your Broken Ranks MMO Gold, Items and Accounts to Gold4Vanilla

How gold and item selling works?

We are looking up to partner up with players who are dedicating their time on farming gold for the Broken Ranks MMO. The process starts by contacting us through e-mail, skype, discord and chat. All details are privately organized. We might*** also accept one-time sales if you have amassed plenty of gold and seeking to dump it of. We do prefer to partner up with gold farmers who are dedicating their time and can offer continious supply of gold and items. Payments to all gold farmers can be done on a per-sale basis, or weekly or monthly basis, depending on the arrangements between us (Gold4Vanilla) and you.

How account selling works?

Account sales are organized privatelly with us. We will usually request verification documents to be provided for the account and guarantees that you won't try to retrieve the account later on. We do accept one-time sales of Broken Rank accounts as well as people who are dedicated to leveling up and selling accounts in bulk as partnership with us.

Is it safe to sell?

Every MMO game, including Broken Ranks includes certain risks for us, for our customers and for our partners (gold, item and account farmers). We do an extraordinary work to make sure that every party is satisfied with safety being our priority. The game and trading methods are throughougly tested by us in order to ensure safe transactions with you as our partner and with our customers.

For Seller/Partner Communication, please connect:

Broken Ranks Gold - Buy Broken Ranks Gold at Gold4Vanilla

Gold selling / partner applications should only be sent on the following email address (via EMAIL ONLY!):
Please include:
- Way to contact you (email address / Skype / Discord)
- Include Server, Faction & your price
Please note: Certain servers are overwhelmed with farmers. If you wish to partner with us for the long term, please consider to give us the best price possible. By doing so we can ensure a smooth flow of customers on our end and make it beneficial for everyone.

Update 6th October 2021 - Broken Ranks is in the "Landing Beta" stage, which usually means the last beta testing before the game is released to the public. If you are considering to sell your services for Broken Ranks MMO, you can initiate contact with us upfront even before the game is released to make arrangements with us. Thank you for your interest!