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Important update 20th February 2021: If you are looking for WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade services, check our WoW-TBC section.

Our website was originally created for providing gold, account & powerleveling services across all popular Vanilla, TBC & WotLK private WoW servers. It was recently extended and redesigned to support the retail Vanilla - official Blizzard Classic Warcraft realms.


VanillaGaming Gold

Vanilla Gaming is the first and the oldest (2011) Vanilla Classic WoW Private server. Our website, Gold4Vanilla was initially launched as a dedicated website for that particular server. It has changeable x1 and x12 experience rates. If you are looking to buy VanillaGaming gold, check the following link: » VanillaGaming

Elysium Project: Nighthaven

Elysium Project Nighthaven Gold & Accounts

Elysium Project is the continuation of the Nostalrius Begins Legacy. After an Elysium's renegade Game Master split off and launched Light's Hope, taking along a hijacked character database to a Elysium-Renamed realm called Lightbringer, Nighthaven was launched. If you are looking for Nighthaven gold & accounts, check our » Nighthaven page.

Elysium Project: Stormrage

Elysium Project TBC Stormrage Gold & Accounts

Stormrage is the TBC realm on the Elysium Project. Officialy announced in 2018, in development since 2017. Stormrage is an x1 TBC Burning Crusade private realm, the bulk of it's population consisting of Elysium's Vanilla realms: Nighthaven and Nethergarde. You can buy Stormrage gold & accounts on our » Elysium TBC - Stormrage page.

Atlantiss: Netherwing

Atlantiss Netherwing TBC Gold & Accounts

Atlantiss.eu - Netherwing TBC was launched in January 2019. After experiencing several setbacks and DoS attacks, it's smooth operation began in March. It has several thousand active players. Content is released progressively. If you are looking for Atlantiss Netherwing gold & accounts, check our Gold4Atlantiss website.

Warmane: Outland

Warmane Outland TBC Gold & Accounts

The longest "prime" TBC server. Launched on 30th May 2017, it had population peaks of over 6000 players once it was merged with Medivh. Outland has x5 leveling rates. The population is in decline once other realms like Nightbane & Netherwing were released. For Warmane Outland gold, check our Gold4Outland website.

Warmane: Icecrown

Warmane Icecrown WotLK Gold & Accounts

The most popular choice for Private WotLK "Wrath of the Lich King" WoW servers. It was launched by Warmane in May 2016 by merging their former realms Ragnaros & Deathwing. It has x7 Blizzlike rates and over 12000 peak population. For Warmane Icecrown gold & accounts, check our Gold4Icecrown website.

We have just launched our page section for Sunwell Frosthold Gold. You can check it here.

In additon to the shortlisted private servers above, we also provide gold for Dalaran WoW (Algalon), Excalibur and Angrathar among others. For full list, check our Private Servers page, or our complete gaming network.