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Teaser: Warcraft 2: First Trailer #1 Concept

Watch below: The Warcraft 2: First Trailer #1 Concept | Rise of the Lich King | Chris Hemsworth (2021 Movie)

Our Instagram Profile Now Has 68K Followers

@VanillaClassicWoW on Instagram

We are happy to see such growth. Our Instagram profile was launched in March 2018, and within 18 months, we've managed to make it the second largest WoW related profile on instagram, falling just behind the official profile in the niche. Our profile has high impact. On top of it, we are offering promotion services for streamers who wish to connect with an appropriate World of Warcraft: Classic audeience. Follow @vanillaclassicwow!

Our Main Network Website Was Recently Completed - Vanilla.Games

www.Vanilla.Games Site Design Completed

Our team has just completed our parent website - www.Vanilla.Games - On it, you can find the very same services offered here as well. It was formerly known as V7Gaming, but we decided to re-brand it for the upcoming Vanilla WoW retail Blizzard's Classic World of Warcraft. All Servers, Factions (Alliance / Horde), and Realm Types are covered as well (PvP, PvE/Normal, RP & RP-PvP). Visit Vanilla.Games!