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Woodworking & Logging Tips and Tricks for New World

In our previous post we were explaining how to farm New World Gold. One of the methods mentioned was Woodcutting. In this post/video, SwoleBeni explains how to utilize the Woodcutting profession in New World. Watch the video:

This is a tips and tricks video about woodcutting. Also known as logging in New World. With these helpful tips, you’ll be able to more efficiently cut down trees and have higher yields while advancing your character. These tricks will help you min-max your logging time and propel you to higher levels much faster than anyone else. Most MMORPG content creators want to keep tips and tricks like this a secret, but I want to let everyone know my findings because I’d expect you to do the same for me. Hopefully you find these tricks useful and can utilize these tips when the game launches.

Woodworking Profession in New World – Video Transcript: 

Whoa, Benji here today we’re gonna be doing tips and tricks about trees, tree harvesting lumberjacking wood cutting wood chopping, whatever you want to call it. And we just cut down the tree from sort of our online only took us about 10 minutes where we’re supposed to take them what 300,000 or something. It’s been a while since I’ve seen that. But we’re going to talk about tree chopping, just fun little tips and tricks. So let’s start with the gear. Okay, this here is a tier 3x. You can use this like, what is this a level 17. Now this one has logging yield and durability, which means I get 14% more resources when I have this equipped, and it takes longer to break.

However, it’s only at 248% gathers speed, but over here is a star metal logging x now it’s just a plain one. It’s not special or anything. It only gives me 384% gathering speed, which I think that’s better than getting 14% extra logs personally, honestly, it also has more durability, if you look at it. Actually, no, this one in particular doesn’t whoops, my bad but so the thing with Star metal is it unlocks at level 40. But you’ll notice I’m only level 37. And this axe can be used at 37. So how is that possible? Well, the reason it’s possible is because the person that crafted it, crafted it at a lower quality as in their crafting ability was either really bad or they had a bad role on their craft, which lowered the gear score because the star medals a base gathering speed is 400%. And this one is only 384%. So this was a fail craft. But because it’s a fail craft I can equip it earlier on because of its lower gear score.

So it’s actually beneficial for me that someone messed up crafting this axe. Now, obviously, trees are not created equally. So you see here, this is like a literal twig like you could just lean on this and break it right. So let’s see how much wood it gives. And it takes two hits, which I believe it takes to it. So the other one gave for wood okay for what is not a lot. Now there is a trick now you’ll notice that these trees are a little more dying and old looking wood bark missing and this is a mature tree, you need to be level 50 for that one. Okay. So if you look at the trees, you’ll see like, here’s some dead ones. Those are all mature ones.

These are thin boys, like how much does this one give? It’s probably what? Four. Okay? So you want like a thicker tree right now look at this one. It’s not quite a twig. But it’s nice and healthy looking. It’s got green leaves, this one’s going to take a little bit more hits to break down. And it is going to give 10 Now you’ll notice this this one in particular, it’s the same looking tree, same green leaves, but there’s four of them right? Now, this is the one that you want to find, okay, you just kind of stand in the middle. But there’s another special attribute with this one. This is like the Chad young tree, okay, because it gives, not only does it give the most logs, it gives the most experience. And that’s what’s truly important. See that one gave 17 and 140 logging experience. And I also don’t have to run to the next tree.

I can just sit here and press E four times. And yeah, so this is the best in slot young tree. Now, trees look different in every biome, like right now I am located or on chopping trees outside of what is this place called ever fall. Alright, so if I went all the way down to the beaches, like in first slide, or monarchs Bluff, the trees are going to be more tropical looking. But this little four tree, whatever you want to call this, this little formation will always be there.

Okay, you will find this in every biome. This is like the high yield resource node that you want to look out for. Now, in most biomes trees all have green leaves, but in this specific biome, most of the trees have yellow leaves. However, if you look around, you’ll see like here’s some green leaves on the tree. Here’s some green leaves. Now if you want to find the four stack of trees, the best one, just look for the green leaves. Okay, so obviously in this case, this one’s not. But let’s find like a regular stick tree like here’s some more like thin ones that are also green. But if you look wait in the distance and you see some green leaves, like there’s some green leaves, you can just kind of run towards it.

And it might be a four stack. They also have a kind of a lien to them like here’s here they are see you can see the green leaves, they stick out compared to the yellow ones. So if you’re chopping trees, you definitely want to prioritize this. And you also want to be running a build that lets you run faster than everyone else. So step one of running fast. I have a video out on that already. You want to be in lightweight armor if you can help it. Now I didn’t touch on about logging armor, light You can wear lumberjack armor that will increase Rarity when you chop these trees down. But I’m not too worried about that. They’re pretty rare right now and hard to craft.

So I’ll have to make a separate video on that later. Now, if you look at these trees, they look nice and thick, the bark isn’t missing on the mature trees. So we can chop this this tree down, but look at the experience gain and the amount of logs we get. Alright, and so this gave 73 and 10. So that’s not as good as the the thinner ones, right? The thin ones that are in a four way formation are the best trees to chop. Those are the ones that if you’re if you just happen to be like adventuring out, you’re hunting, you’re questing, and you see that for like stack of trees, go ahead and chop those down. Yeah, they take a little slightly longer to chop, but you get way more experience and way more logs for it.

Not all trees are created equally. And yeah, if you see these little ones here with the green leaves that aren’t so super paper, then you can go ahead and chop them down. That one’s a 1273 and 12. It’s probably about the same as this big boy here. 73 and 13. Now the satisfying thing about the big boys as you can hear them crunches they fall over and even nice spiky mess. If you’ve never trumped a tree in real life, these things are sharp. Never chop a tree and then like stick your hand in this, you’ll cut yourself real good. Okay. But anyway, so that’s pretty much the basics on tree chopping. As far as you know, that’s tier one word as far as like tier two wood like a mature tree, which we can go find.

Like there’s a nice old looking tree and get out of here, get out of your wolf. You also want to be high level so you can one shot things that are guarding your trees. We can go ahead and chop this one down, you’ll get aged wood, I don’t know how to identify the really good mature trees other than that first one we chopped down at the start of the video, the Sword Art Online tree, but uh, definitely look for the green leaves in the distance. And if you see I’m just kind of run towards it. And, you know, if you’ve watched my videos, you know how to animation cancel, double roll and get the speed buff from muskets.

So you can you can get two trees really, really quickly this way now, I’m in a different biome now and you’ll notice that all the trees have green leaves. So that tip no longer helps us here. But if you spend a lot of time in this biome, you’ll absolutely learn which trees are worth chopping down in which trees are just worth skipping. Or you can just be lazy and just chop them all down. You know, that’s just zoned out, watch anime, listen to music, watch something on, you know, like YouTube or whatever. That’s probably what you’re doing right now. Anyway, and then now just just having a good time level up your lumberjacking your wood chopping. Logging as it’s called in this game. Look at that we got softwood tree sap, you know, that’s the rare drop. And right now this is like day five in the in the in the beta and the young logs the Greenwood these are worth way more than the age wood. That’s why I’m kind of skipping over the mature trees. But here’s a thick boy like you find a real nice thick tree and you just just have the urge to just chop it down.

And yeah, also, by the way, as you level up your, your skills, you will act faster. So let me show you about that. So tradeskills right, logging at level 105 is giving me 125% gathering speed. Okay, now I do have a max gathering professional that is skinning level 200 skinning gives me 154%. So from 105 to 200, we can expect about a 20 or 30% increase in speed, which isn’t that much, you know, but hey, it really really adds up especially once you get the higher tiers like like this is star metal, but we can get orit chalcones or a calcium, I don’t know how to I don’t know how to say it. It’s It’s the highest tier heathering X, I’m sure there’s probably going to be a legendary gathering x out there at some point, you know, in the games, you know, lifetime. So that’ll be fun. You know, you have the legendary chopping axe with all the yield and the rarity and the durability crafts on it with all the bonus stuff. Maybe they can be socketed with gems and chop trees faster. Oh, and one final note before I close the video. For those that aren’t aware, if you max out your constitution to 300 you have a 25% chance to instantly chop down a tree in a single swing.

Also, Constitution gives you logging speed, there’s 10% there, you know, you can get 10% durability loss reduction, that’s cool. You can you know get the weight of your logs you can lower that logging speeding at 20% just by being tanky you want to play a tank and you can get 10% yield so it’s a slight boost you know for being a tank This is kind of the tank thing takes are the ones that chop trees now, I’m not This isn’t like a full tree guide where I show you that there’s two other trees He’s currently in the game. They have. They have like blue, blue colored blue and they have blue veins and they blue leaves. Alright, those are called weird wood trees or wired wood trees. And he did he need to be level 100 for those and then there’s ironwood trees. They have an orange orange leaves with a very orange color. And they require level 175 I think there’s pictures of them in here actually.

So logging Yeah, so like, here’s weird wood they’re Blue Blue leaves blue trunk. ironwood darker orange trunk orange leaves. And there you go. So um, that’s the video I’m so Benji Thanks for watching. As always be abroad, stay swole make sure you leave a like and a comment if you do both. It is an algorithm cheat code. It is a YouTube combo really helps me out. 72% of you aren’t subscribed, I know my videos show up in your feed. That’s that’s what YouTube does. It shows you videos of what you’re interested in. So go ahead and hit subscribe right now. It really helps out.

You can also buy a New World boost to level up your Woodworking. Go back to our New World Section / Visit our TBC Classic gold homepage.


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