5) Ultimate Beginners Guide for New World - Everything You Need To Know

Ultimate Beginners Guide for New World – Everything You Need To Know

In this Ultimate Beginners Guide for New World – Everything You Need To Know, Youtube streamer Evo Loz Gaming, will be showcasing the most important beginners tips for New World which include questing and leveling. Watch the video below:

New World Ultimate Beginners Guide Video Transcript:

Hi guys, welcome to my complete beginner’s guide on Amazon’s New World. Well, hopefully throughout this video, I can kind of help you as we’re going to cover everything you need to know to get started new world from getting quickly leveled up to understanding game mechanics and hopefully lots of other helpful little tips along the way. Just as a note, I’m going to be putting a series of timestamps for the different sections throughout this video. So if you are just here for a specific topic, feel free to jump ahead and find that section.

Questing and Leveling, the Core of The Game

But I want to kick things off with questing and character leveling. This is really the core of the game, and with the exception of a few bits, like corrupted portals and elite zones, is questing. We’ll be leveling your character up to 60. But before we break too far down into questing, I just want to give you probably the most important tip of the game. And that is spawn dying, for example. So you’ve taken a handful of quests that are a few kilometers outside of town, you complete them, and now you need to spend the next 15 minutes walking back to town. Or do you? Well, no. Instead, you can press escape game menu, respawn, your character will die. And I’ve given you the option to swarm back at the nearest settlement. But you can now go and hand in your quests. Of course, there is a consequence for this, and that is good durability damage. But in the early stages of the game, you’ll be changing gear so often, it really isn’t worth worrying about. The time you’ll save by responding easily surpasses this as a negative. But that little tip aside, questing itself can be broadly broken down into four parts, main storyline quests, side quests, faction quest and town projects. The main storyline quests are only going to be available at sort of set level milestones. And whilst it can give some great XP rates, it certainly won’t be enough to carry you through these different milestones. And you’re never going to be getting to 60 that way.

So you need to be supplementing your leveling with side quests. When you first spawn in New World, you’re going to end up in one of four regions, first light wins word monex, bluff or ever for waft. Each of these regions are fine for the starting quests, you will do all the quests on the beach, and you’ll come out about level 10 on the other side. But once you get actually stuck into some of the region side quests, you know, unless you’re running in a group, you may find some of them a little bit difficult in some of the harder regions such as ever fall or monex because these are higher level regions with mobs 2526 27. So instead, I’d recommend you fall back to somewhere like firstlight or windward tackle some of the side quests there until you get to a slightly higher level. In reality, you’re going to be doing almost all the side quests in the four starting regions.

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So there’s really no last sort of falling back to doing this. I guess just while we’re on it. As a quick side note, once you reach sort of level 25 around there, you’re going to be looking to move on to the next region and that next region that you’re going to be wanting to head for is going to be brightened wood. This leaves us with town projects of action missions. I basically run on the principle with town projects that I always accept all the basic stuff, kill 10 rabbits on five turkeys. These can easily be done anywhere in the world. It’s easy just to be running along and throw random acts of a rabbit as you run by then you just slowly complete these quests.

They aren’t going to give you huge mats XP, but if it isn’t really costing you anything in terms of extra time, and they are sure worth to be accepting them or completing them. As you run through the game. faction missions we found a your specific faction representative depending on if you join marauders syndicate or covenant. But broadly speaking, I only tend to pick these missions up if they are sort of along my route. The XP gain is just simply not good enough for me to go out of my way to get this. Obviously, if you do take a PvP mission is gonna require you to be flagged for the duration of that mission. So you could be engaged by another player. But you do also get the benefit of getting faction currency, which you can spend in the faction store for some cool gear. And you never know if you’re good at PvP, he might actually pick up a kill on another player. And if that player had been PvP flag for a reasonably decent period of time, you’ll be getting a good amount of XP from securing that kill as well. This nicely leads us on to territory standing. For every quest you do item you craft or monster you vanquish you’ll be gaining a small amount of territory standing, which is great.

Every time you level up, you get the option to pick between a variety of rewards for which and left is my main hub town. I would always be tempted to pick the XP game and the standard game. But more importantly than that, when you go up a territory standing level you’ll be gaining a boatload of experience might only start off at around 700. But it gets far higher as you get to the highest total standing levels. For that reason, I tend to focus any crafting or refining or anything like that to one town. This enables me to sort of more power grind one areas territory, standing level over and above the others and gain those higher experiments. I’m not really using it for the territory standing level, I’m using it as a way of gaining experience. I’m using it as a leveling mechanic, as I did allude to at the start, though, whilst ipek experience gain and standing game for most regions, from my hometown of the picking, storage and gathering speed. And in case you’re wondering, I’m going to be setting my hometown to ever fall.

So since we were just talking about storage, sheds and inventory, it feels like a good time to move on to gear our on weathers, there really are a large plethora of different weapons in the world to pick from. And since the game has a classified system, you can pretty easily swap and pick between them. I’m personally planning to run hatchet and great acts on my loadout. But there are a huge amount of workable combinations that the weapons themselves can be found or crafted in a variety of different Rarity levels, with higher Rarity levels resulting in larger amount of extra modifiers such as fire damage or increased durability. These Rarity levels can be found at any weapon tear. However, you will need to meet a certain level requirements to use different tiers. So for example, tier two is level one to 19. tier three is 20 to 39. Tier four is 40 to 59.

But then you need to be max level 50 to equip tier five gear. This equipment could then be equipped on slots into a loadout you can run with two different weapons equipped on your character, as well as five separate armor pieces, helmet, chest, gloves, trousers and boots. You can mix and match armor types and weights. For example, you could if you so choose, wear a heavy helmet and light boots. However, all of this goes to effect your armor incumbent weight, which has three different stages light, medium and heavy. And each stage has its own benefit and effects. light armor, there’s a large and rapid dodge roll plus a 20% damage bonus in the media mama state, your dodge becomes more of a hop and you only get a 10% damage buff, you also get a 10% longer crowd control buff. Finally, in the heavy armor state, your dodge becomes more of a slow sidestep, you get 15% increase block stability and 20% logger crowd control, you no longer get any damage buff. So it does all slightly depend on what style of play you want to go for.

A tank is obviously going to be want to be heavy armor for the extra sea shield and block stability. But the DPS might be looking to be more light or medium armor. You’re also going to be able to equip three and sillery slots for earrings, an amulet and a ring, all of which can be used to buff your attributes. We could also equip three bag slots, which will greatly increase your carrying weight before you become over encumbered, which I can assure you is very easy to do. Particularly if you get a little bit too giddy with the gathering side of things. This all then kind of nicely leads back to the town storage that I mentioned at the start. This is like your warehouse where you can dump all of your spare or unused crafting materials and items is pretty large. So you should be fine at the start just dumping everything in there that you don’t run.

But remember that each town has its own storage shed. So if you dump iron ore in the storage shed ever fall, you can only retrieve it from ever fall, it won’t be available from the winds wood storage shed, only stuff that you deposited in winds wood would be available from the wind wood storage shed. But it’s not just gear that affects your character, their strength and their damage output, but also attribute points and resultant perks. Once you get to level 60 you can have 183 attribute points in which you can spend over the five areas. The first one being strength, which mostly governs damaged by melee weapons.

Pretty much all heavy melee weapons scale exclusively from strength, although a few of the lighter ones also have secondary scaling of dexterity. But for the most part, dexterity is going to be the primary attribute for ranged weapon damage with weapons such as the bow scaling damage of this, we then move on to intelligence, which is the primary damage scaling attribute for magical abilities, very thinking fire staff, eye staff, whereas focus, the fourth one of attributes is all about manner of recovery. So this is much more geared towards healers, life staff users who aren’t necessarily focused on putting out damage, but really trying to use as much It is possible to heal their team and keep them in the fight. And finally, constitution. This increases your overall health pole makes you a lot more tankier. But on top of the standard increase from the attribute points, every 50 points, there is a specific perk which will unlock. For example, if you put 50 points into strength, then you will get a plus 5% damage for melee light attacks and 10% mining speed boost.

If you put 150 points in focus, you’ll be getting a 20% healing output boost, which is hugely useful, pretty significant buffs. So you’re going to be wanting to keep your attribute points rounded to those, you know, over 50 marks try and make use of those perks. It’s also important to not underestimate how many extra attribute points you can get from gear. You know, this includes gem slots, it can really give your character a huge boost. So consider when you’re looking at equipment, not only his score, but the attribute bonuses that may be coming with it, if it has an element of Rarity to it, and how relevant or useful they’re going to be to your character. If your main use is great x, you’ve got a pair of boots that have got plus nine dexterity, that isn’t very useful to you. But maybe a slightly worse pair of boots have got plus seven strength more that is actually a lot more useful to your character. I mean, as we talked about a little bit earlier on in the video, there is a pretty big selection when it comes to weapon types.

At launch, the game currently has 11 weapons to pick from these being sword rapier, hatchet spear, great axe, Warhammer, bow, musket, fire staff, life staff and I Scotland. And yes that took four takes to be able to get through that not all of which are going to have two options to pick from on the weapon mastery tree. And it’s possible or it’s going to be possible to earn a total of 20 mastery points per weapon. So you’re required to pick basically one of the two mastery trees or a hybrid of two, you’re never going to be able to have both of them because you can never get more than 20 weapon mastery points. I’m not going to cover recommended veterans, the path for each of the different weapons in this video was it would go on forever, I’ll probably do a separate video focused more on class bills.

New World Professions Are Important Even From Start

But bear in mind that you know you want to be looking ahead at your veterans to trees, planning out how and what weapons you want to use, and how you want the weapon to work for you. And finally, I discovered that you can reset your attribute points. It’s free initially, then it calls costs gold after that, but at least you’re not sort of locked into it forever. So it’s time to move on to crafting. I really quite like the crafting system in New World, it recently got a huge overhaul in the alpha. And now it feels like a system that’s both really quite easy to pick up initially, but also feels like it has actually a good amount of depth to it. We’re going to obviously be many different types of players here when the world kicks off. Some of you are going to be here for PvP, some of you are going to be here for group activities and the PvE side of things. And some of you are likely to be very crafting orientated. And that’s great. The game does really cater for this, but not in the early game. You know, I guess this might be a little bit controversial.

But if you are interested in crafting, and that’s primarily why you here, you still need to get the initial grind to at least level 30 or 40 out of the way. The only does is give you access to star metal harvesting tools at 35 which is gonna make your gathering so much quicker. But it also allows you to be high enough level level to gather rarer resource sites without getting overwhelmed and killed by the local monsters. And this is of course, too not to say that you can’t start working on a few of your skills along the way. You know, I think this is particularly true for some of the gathering skills. You know, currently new world has logging, mining, harvesting and skinning as gathering skills. And if you’re out killing boar or wolves for side quests, then skidaway passing an iron ore node while walking through a quest along the side of a road will then pull out your pickaxe you know and what bits you do gather. You can of course refine to level up your smelting woodworking leatherworking weaving and stone cutting. Fishing is always a nice bonus.

Don’t forget about your territory, standing level and trying to get that leveled up while you’re doing some of these refining. And whilst I’ll probably personally store these resources, you can use them start leveling up some of your endgame crafting skills, weapon smithing, armoring engineering, job crafting, a corner cooking or furnishing. But just remember that leveling up these higher tier crafting skills does take longer in effect, so you really want to get a bit of an idea of which skill you want to specialize In, particularly if you’re going to be playing with a guild during the during the game. And, of course, you know, if you’re just wanting a really chill game where you don’t really care about efficiency at all, then that’s fine, just go for it. But if you’re aiming to kind of level up with any degree of speed, and do not get too caught up grinding these crafting skills right from the off, because they can be done so much quicker once you’ve got a few levels under your belt. So we have covered questing and character progression, gear and crafting.

And so By now, you should start to be having a bit of a good idea of well how to get started in the world. But there are still a few more smaller bits and areas to cover. And for now, I want to talk about elite zones, and corrupted portals. Back in the alpha corrupted portals used to be the most efficient way of leveling up. In fact, they got so bad that pretty much just outright skipped the entire questing system, and just did corrupted portals instead. However, since then, the response rates and XP rewards for corrupted portals have dropped off a bit, making them well slightly less attractive, but still a great way of getting a little bit of extra XP.

And as of if nearby, they tend to be much better ran as a group and rely as much on territory standing leveling to get the XP as direct XP gain from the portals themselves. You do also get gear drop from the chests. And as I mentioned he getting those as of rewards. So there are a few side reasons why you might want to run them. So if you ever nearby a portal with a group, it can be worth knocking out a few portals in a row, because they’ll normally spawn around a central monolith. It’s also worth pointing out that in the first few days of the game, corrupted portals likely won’t spawn because it takes a little bit of time for them to initialize. Elite zones are areas on the map with unique monsters. For example, there is one available in the southern part of molluscs buff, and the XP rates are generally not as good though, as if you were working through side quests.

But often you’ll be able to get a kill quest from the faction representative for the elite zone. And lead zones do generally have better gear drop rates, so they can be an effective way of gear farming. If you’re not sort of just after the direct highest rate of XP gain, Guild, land ownership and player housing guilds in new world are known as companies and can consist of up to 100 players. They are led by a governor and confirmed for unclaimed land in the world. All the regions in the world can be captured and at the start of the server they are going to be just available to purchase directly for gold. But after that they can be fought over in territory wars.

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Initially opposing factions will be required to run faction machines in the enemy territory to undermine it standing. Then they can declare war and effectively initiate a 50 v 50. siege battle, the region’s fought to decide the owner of the region. It is worth pointing out that of course, factions or guilds have the same faction cannot go to war with each other. So if you’re in covenant, and a covenant faction owns the region you want, you cannot capture that region. But owning a town in New World is more than just getting to hang your flag over the gate. You also get to decide which town projects to initiate whether you wants to upgrade the smelter first or the cooking station, you get to set the tax rate and reap the rewards of the income.

You also get region specific perks will apply your company and faction are much more ensure joining a good company in new world can really help push you along. On top of all this though, is player housing, you can have a house in any of the settlements in New World, your company or faction does not need to own the region for you to be allowed to build a house there. You just need to meet the minimum faction standing requirements in terms of your territory standing have sufficient gold to buy and upkeep the property. And great you’ve just earned yourself a house and a new respawn point. You can choose to furnish the property to your liking and gain certain bonuses from it as well. So expeditions and invasions. expeditions were fairly recently introduced to the game to try and sort of add more content to the mid and late game. And they work in the way you’d kind of expect them to for a sort of a dungeon event.

There are currently six of these sort of dungeons or expeditions planned at launch, with the first being available at around level 25 that being called amrhein excavation. whilst doing these expeditions are generally worth running you know to regularly from an XP game point of view. They will come up in the game from time to time in terms of side quests

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