18 Ultimate New World Gem Guide

New World Ultimate Gem Guide – All Gems in New World Explained!

Graphic just released the Ultimate New World Gem Guide. Cut Gemstones are Refined by using the Stonecutting profession, made of Raw Gemstones. Watch the video below:

New World Ultimate Gem Guide Video Transcript

Hey everyone, it’s your buddy grafik back with another video and today we’re gonna be jumping straight into talk about gym so this is going to be a complete guide talking about all the gyms possible and really usable in New World. So to start off actually we’ll take a look at my inventory so right now I am running a fire staff with 20% damage against targets with full health in the open world this is very very nice because I’m able to get a very large burst on my first obviously attack with that fire staff and then we have the rapier I am running in and powered 30% of damage is converted to arcane damage skills off base weapon stat or intelligence I do this because I have intelligence as my highest attribute at 256 intelligence I am able to scale my rapier with that intelligence so we’re going to talk about today what gems there are new world and what gems you should be looking to grab in New World. So to start off, we’re going to go to resources we go to refined resources and we have cut gemstone so obviously gems don’t come cuts you won’t need somebody to cut them or you can just buy them off of the trading post so the tier two gems are very very cheap you know five to 10 Gold usually. So we’ll start with the cut float Amber.

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So if you actually take a look here we have 20% of damage is converted to nature damage scales off base weapon stat or fo c whichever is higher. So this is definitely a unique gem here you can definitely use this converted to nature obviously nature’s you know specifically good against certain things we have that with you know a couple different things so you know my arcane amulet or I guess arcane gem for example is good against the corrupted and it’s also you know fairly fairly solid against you know, really anything to do with corrupted so not just corrupted portals, but if I go into those white zones I’m doing a lot of extra damage because of my arcane jump. But here like I said you have nature damage can 20% is being converted and damaged skills off like I said base weapons that were fo see so we jump on back we can also see cut flawed Amethyst, so this is a 20% of damages converted devoid damage skills, off base weapons stat or intelligence whichever is higher. So this is another option I could have used instead of my current option on my on my rapier, and we’re going to talk about that here in a second as well.

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So we also go to the Aquamarine This is a gem that 20% of damage is converted to ice damage skills off base website or intelligence yet again, but another you know, kind of different scenario here where we’re getting ice instead of void. And then we continue down we also see the carnelian this is definitely a very very big one for PvE dungeons a very important one and this is why you can actually see that the prizes for tier two is 55 Gold apiece. So taunts are active you generate 100% more threat and or I mean you have to realize as well guys, there is other options so or you generate 4% less threat so you can actually pick which one basically and you’re going to get one of the following effects so do keep that in mind this is definitely huge PvE gem used for dungeon so that tanks can continue to grab threat when they want to Let’s jump back though and take a look at the diamond so diamonds plus 6% damage and outgoing healing while at full health so if you’re at full health constantly you’re gonna be able to do a lot of extra damage and also a lot more healing so this is great for maybe you know doing PvE dungeons yet again, if you can make sure that stay out of the fight and do multiple, you know, loads of damage in the background.

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And this is also decent for war if you can stay out of the fight and do massive damage. If this does scale I’m not sure I haven’t tested myself but if this does scale with turrets in war this could be very very good as well. If you have somebody protecting your turret and you’re in the turret doing a massive amounts of metal massive massive I guess a massive massive amounts of damage then obviously the diamond could be good for something like that but you can just kind of theory craft in your own mind how good some of these gems could really be and what different scenarios you should use which one so we also have the Emerald the Emerald is the a percent damage against targets with less than 30% Health This is a fairly good one as well because you’re going to be doing massive mouth damage when they’re below 30% Health giving you the really capabilities of really getting that last execute damage in there so you can actually take that kill. You also see that there is an order here as well as a 2% thrust damage absorption.

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So this is if you put it in a you know an armor you’re going to get that 2% thrust damage absorption and one thing to know is with the rapier, we can see that I have thrust damage as my primary you can actually see it right here. 84 thrust damage 36 arcane damage, so I’m doing 84 majority of my damage is coming from thrust. So if you have that absorption, you’re gonna absorb a lot of actual damage there. Let’s jump back into the refined resources go to the cut gemstones, and continue on now we are on I believe Jasper. So with Jasper plus 6% after receiving three hits, this could continue to be very, very big obviously, as you get you know, tier four, tier five, because after receiving three hits, you know, on tanks, you’re going to be receiving multiple three hit combos very very often and you’re gonna be able to lay down a lot of damage if you want to maybe go sword and shield take those hits. And then you know, lay some massive damage down you definitely could. There’s a couple different reasons why you could go this but we’re going to continue on now with malikai. So malikai we have plus six damage against targets with active crowd control status effect slow stun or root.

So This could be very very good at yet again in war because there is a lot of slows a lot of stones and roots in war you could easily throw this into maybe your fire staff and you could go nice Scotland and war and let’s say you throw a slow out there or you don’t have any kind of slow and then you switch to your fire staff and just rain downhill on them with some different abilities there so definitely a great option as well as we jump on over to you know our next gemstone we have the Moonstone so the Moonstone is kind of unique as well so plus 12% damage when a player is below 30% Health we’ve talked about this so if I am below 30% Health I will do 12% damage very good for hatchet obviously hatchet is one of those that you can’t actually stay alive you have undying perk and you actually stay alive at zero health for quite some time so you can definitely use that to your advantage with the Moonstone we actually continue on now to the Onyx onyx is one of those that I am currently using and they give you a percent damage against targets with full health that’s what I’m using in my fire staff because I want to do a mass amount of damage on my first burst ability that’s going to help me with throughout that fight and that’s why I have like I said a cut onyx in my fire stuff.

So moving on to the next one we also have a couple more we have opal here opal is going to be 6% damage while your stamina is not full so 6% damage while your stamina is not full is going to be very very solid because your stamina is pretty much never full, you know not very often do light at least light users have full stamina they’re usually rolling around trying to make plays and they’re usually gonna have low stamina so opal is a good option there we have cut Ruby as well so cut Ruby 20% of damage is converted to fire damage skills off base weapon stat or intelligence whichever is higher. So one thing with this is I wouldn’t be using this because that’s just going to provide more fire you know more fire damage on my already fire staff and really I don’t want that because you know a lot of people are probably going to be you know, going fire resistant boots and fire resistant, you know gems in their their armor because they don’t want to get one shot by meteor shower or you know, pillar fire pillar flames out in those wars.

So I think a lot of people are not going to be really using this cut flawed Ruby if you’re a fire staff. But let’s move on. We continue down a little bit farther and we can see actually I wanted to kind of go over one thing so plus 2% Fire Damage absorption I will say that’s the reason this price by the way is at 13 gold at the very lowest instead of five because a lot of people are trying to take advantage of this because they see how strong fire staff is right now and they’re trying to take some of that absorption so moving on like I said to the next one we have to cut flawed Sapphire so cut fold Sapphire is a very unique one as well 20% of damage is converted to arcane damaged skills off base weapons or intelligence whichever is higher and this is the one that I am using in my current fire staff because or sorry rapier because I like the idea of doing extra damage to the corrupted as it’s a very very nice to go out into the white zones above and then also other areas where you can actually take that damage. Let’s go on to the next gem cut flow to Topaz so here we have 20% of damages converted the lightning damage skills off base weapon stat or intelligence whichever is higher and obviously that 2% lightning damage absorption is available as well on the armor.

Jumping on to the next one we see that we are done actually that is going to be the last one I was kind of excited to continue to go because some of these gems are big game changers in fights. So next we have cut amber we talked about cut amber already, but that’s a tier three But the big thing to note is guys with tier two to tier five there is a large difference so let’s just talk about really the let’s go with school with one that gives you like a kind of a higher percentage here. So onyx is pretty decent one to look at 15% damage against targets with full health, that’s a lot of extra damage. However, if we go to tier five onyx, what do you think it’s going to be at? Well, it’s going to be at quite a bit we’re going to see 30% damage against targets with full health. So that’s going to be double that tier two, and it’s going to definitely help you out and you know getting that very big burst out right in the beginning obviously tier five is something that a lot of people cannot afford right now if we actually go to tier five, there’s going to be I don’t believe any on the market yet nobody can craft it yet. So there’s really none on the market unless you got it as a drop. Because you know, tier five, you have to have tier five stone cutting for I guess you know, very very high stone cutting to actually you know craft or you know cut to your five gems. So it’s gonna cost a lot there.

You know, one thing I’ll know as well is what I’m wearing in my in my I’m trying to take care of my armor so I’m actually going to be wearing that 2.5% slash damage absorption and that’s going to help a lot with you know, going against up great axes because great axes do that exact damage type and that’s exactly what I want to stay away from because I believe great axes right now aren’t a very very strong place. And that’s my biggest you know, biggest fear out in the open world is a great acts most likely if they can get on to me, they’re going to do a lot a lot of damage. If I messed up in any way, shape or form, they’re going to make sure to capitalize so that’s why I’m running this Moonstone in all of my all of my actual armor. I’m running Moonstone for that, like I said slash damage absorption. So that’s just a quick tip or, you know, quick understanding of what really goes into my thought process when I’m trying to go through what Jim I want to grab. I think of what’s the strongest bill out there.

What am I dying to most what’s the bill that could hurt me the most so that’s why With the slash, slash damage absorption if you’re dying to maybe fire stuff for the most or even a bow or something like that, make sure to check their damage types and then get that absorption into your socketed armor. So we also see the crafting material for those crafters down below Florida Moonstone and obviously death note for the Moonstone specifically, you can do that throughout the store. If you go through and click on something you can see the crafting material required at the very bottom left. So I just want to give you guys kind of my understanding on gems complete really gem guide altogether, we went over every gem we went over the differences, the positives, and how much you can actually get an increase from a tier two gem to a tier five gem.

So if you guys have any questions, comments, concerns, let me know in the comment section down below. If you guys have not already make sure to quickly subscribe to the channel turn notifications on and like the video as we are going to give you guys so much content as we get closer and closer to release. New World is going to be such a fun game for this community. And I think you know if we stick together it will continue to be such a fun thing to talk about. So thank you guys again. I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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