17 - All the Ores in New World - Mining Guide

New World Mining Guide – Know All The Ores!

Desseus explains how can you find and gather all of the ores available in New World. Ores are gathered and smelted using the Mining Profession. There are Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Gold Ore, Starmetal Ore, Orichalcum Ore, Platinum Ore. Watch the video below:

New World Mining – Know All The Ores Video Transcript

Greetings everyone, I’m distance of your community and I made sure your how you can gather and find all of yours in New World and check it out. I would just like to quickly take this opportunity to remind you I’m streaming on Twitch, I tend to stream between 11am to 4pm. These days like during the day that is GMT slash PST time to whatever time it is in the UK vies stop by Say hi, if you have any questions on the game if you want to know something, I’m more than happy to answer your questions in description below.

Now on to the good stuff, mining, mining enables you to harvest iron straight away levels zero silver at level 15 oil 20 gold at 90 alchemy stones at 100 lodestones at 150 Platinum at 160 starmount 180. NRA calculate 250. Now notice another number that’s fair. From these all is being tracked. What does that mean? Well, it means your compass which is a part of your standard UI. When you’re a high enough skill, you can actually track nearby resources and this goes for anything as part of a gathering. So once you reach a certain level, you can keep an eye on your compass as you travel you might find all the things in places that you might have missed otherwise, not once a good farming spots for each resource. Starting with pine which is everywhere seriously any hill near Cliff or mountain inside caves and mines you will find iron. That being said or two spots I picked out to show you one way you can farm somewhat quickly. The first is Latins pick and the forest area to its west to many This is instantly recognizable as V go to place for iron very so MUCH to be found there. And it is well known spots. So expect competition. That being said, if you can get the place to yourself, you’re easily mined 1000s of iron ore for yourself.

You have a spot is a personal choice of mine and is in with these hills and cliffs within monarchs bluffs. The reason I mentioned these is not many people ventured out of this part of the zone, as far as not many quests or any missions tend to lead a mount here, so people tend to ignore it. And yet, you can find not only some iron out here, but the odd bit of silver and gold as well as weird where trees grow here as well. So just walk along the cliff or Hill edges and you will find several bits of iron to mine. On the silver now which is most commonly found within caves, dens and mines.

The first place is Canary mine near before to ever fall. Now as you will see here on the footage, I don’t find too much silver, mostly due to the fact that everyone else has already mined it, you’ll see the little bits of like rocks leftover on the way the nodes were missed due to the fact that Canary mines also location for some quests that you’ll probably end up receiving as long as it’s just a well known area for farming for silver to begin with. So competition is bound to be here to try to get there on odd hours where people aren’t really on much might be for your benefit, or just go keep regular checking up there to find out when no one’s really farming it would help yourself. The other location is near Windsor to the south called dank hollow. As you can imagine, this is a wolf den, but you will often find a few nodes of silver in and around the areas and make sure to Canvas it all.

Oil is easy enough as besides your spine verse light, there’s a very warm place you can go for it and that is we have as fen Woods come out of Weaver’s fountain head south into the area I’m circling on my cursor, which is where the majority of the oil will be. However, these spots will be heavily contested, but we do respond every few minutes. That’s eventually you will see people will not PvP flecked, lowering mobs bringing them to you to have them hit you to stop you mining so they can take the orphans itself to being of a high enough level to fight off the mobs if needs be is recommended.

Moving on to gold, which is found upon a hill within Easton ever fall containing a den of Pumas called Jinja hovel, the actual den will have a few nodes but also the surrounding how it sits apart as well while several nodes of gold, so make sure to canvass the area well to get the most out of this visit. Onwards to load staring which is mostly found within skis, either along the path leading down to the rest of the zone, or in the Roundstone score fault. traveled down the southern path leaving out of course keys and keep your eyes on your left as you travel and you’re bound to find some Lodestone. As for stone school fault, just go around the outside first and there shouldn’t be some but you might on occasion, find

Within stat, this is where there appears to be more sports outside the Fort Bend within. So if the mobs are a little too high for you don’t risk it. Next up is style metal which is mostly found all over morning Dale. Just like iron if you search any hills or little cliffs you’re bound to find some once more is even easier to spot a stone metal compared to iron due to the fact is bright blue here and glow it has ends up standing out like a soul form even at night. It’s also worth pointing out you’ll find the odd bit of stone on the ancient ruins which lit is the landscape of morning Dale.

Last but not least is Platinum alloy cow comm both of which can be found mostly within the shattered Mountain region to the north wherever corrupted are in power now is worth machine or a cow comes all over the place like hearing communists opposite again and the scorched mines but Platinum really only has one option for FAR minute and that’s illman as you can see was level 55 plus mobs all over the place to be in a high level in a group will be worth it. As you’re gonna have to clear up a bunch of trash just to probably get here and be able to farm in relative safety and comfort. So long journey Ben Yeah, we are talking endgame here you’re making tier five jewelry or weapons or armor. So unfortunately these are the things you’re just gonna have to deal with.

And that is it using gentlemen besides alchemy stones, which I’ll cover in another video finds all the holes covered in terms of your mining level and locations for farming them. Just go to take a moment here to shamelessly plug my socials on my twitch channel once more again I stream every other day usually in the morning such early afternoons within GMT or BST time zones or whatever time it is UK feel free to ask me anything on new world I’m happy more than happy to answer your questions very knowledgeable at game at this point after being in previous test phases as well. So don’t hesitate to drop by ask for opinions or just general advice. As always guys, leave a like if possible, or leave a comment down below if you need something else or even subscribe it helps out some of these videos. And until next time, guys. Take care

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