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New World Life Staff Guide – Best Abilities and Tips for Life Staff Healing

Grey Gaming shows how you can utilize the Life Staff weapon specialization in New World for Healing Build. It is also part of our Ultimate Weapon Guide series. As with other MMOs, Healing is always important and healers are always loved by the groups.  Life Staff is something new, and this type of weapon is mostly aimed at healing. Watch the video below:

New World Life Staff Guide for Healing Video Transcript:

What’s up guys at gray here in today’s video, we’re going to be going over sort of the fundamentals of healing in new world as well as the bill that I’ve put together for healing in PvE. I’ve been using this built in dungeons. I’ve also been using it in wars and PvP, and it’s really effective. For both, of course, you can tweak some things to make things more effective in either situation. We’ll talk about that a little bit. But I wanted to go over the bill to talk about some tips and tricks that can help you be a better healer, and new world. So with that being said, let’s get right into it. So if you’re unfamiliar with new world, the way it works in this game, it’s not like a traditional MMO, you don’t have a tab and targeting system, you can see some of the gameplay in the background.

It’s just a dungeon I was running with some friends. And you really have to aim your heels you have certain hills that will go where your crosshair is pointed, but you also do have to sort of target some of your heels by selecting the party member you want to cast your spells on. And you can do this by selecting the spell. And then you’ll use your scroll wheel to select the target you want to cast it on. It’s very intuitive, you can sort of just scroll through the mouse wheel, find your target, and bam click and cast your spell helps you cycle through your party and get to who you need to target to heal very quickly.

The nice thing about new world is that you can of course have two weapons equipped, so you’re gonna have your life staff your healing staff equipped. And then you’ll get to choose what you want to use and that other slot, depending on your group, depending on the dungeon, you really may not have a lot of freedom to ever switch off of your life staff. But for me, I like to use the ice gauntlet is sort of my off weapon. If there is a time where everyone’s healed up, I have plenty of manna against which the ice gauntlet throw down some ice is and that does nothing but help my team and slows down enemies gives them crowd control deals a little extra damage, but it’s up to you what you want to use in that other slot.

Now I wanted to give a couple of pointers here, because there’s some things that I personally changed that made healing a lot easier for me. And it has to do with your keybinds actually taking a look at them here. If we pull up that menu, you can see there’s a whole section right here for life staff combat. And the first one right here is a key bind called target self. And it’s actually a modifier, if you hold that key bind down, anything you cast is going to be cast on your character.

So it’s kind of nice. If you’re in a flurry. If you’re in a rush and you need to heal yourself, you can hold that button down and know that anything you cast will be cast right at you. It’s very nice, I have it on my mouse button. That way, I don’t have to worry too much. If I know I need to hear myself, I just hold that button on my mouse while casting my spell. And it’ll cast it on me. Like I said, you use your scroll wheel to move through your party. And then you can use that modifier to target yourself makes it really easy and seamless to toggle between your whole party. And it’s just a little thing I wanted to point out.

That’s how I do it. I’m sure there’s plenty of other ways you can find it to your keyboard If you want, I just prefer it on my mouse. And I found it very helpful. So I wanted to share that because it may make things a little easier for you. So with that, let’s take a look at the actual build here the actual talents on the live staff and talk about what we want to be using. The first thing you’re going to want to take is orb of protection. And this is actually a targeted heal, you need to aim this projectile, but you shoot out a light projectile that grants 15% fortify for 20 seconds, and a heals all of your allies for 10% of your weapon damage.

And it also will deal damage to enemies when it hits them. So you can do a little bit of extra damage. fortify is a buff that reduces incoming damage for your team. So you can think of it as sort of a mini bubble, if you will, they’ll take less damage while they have that fortified buff. Moving along that tree, we’re gonna spec out into this ability. This makes it so if orbit prediction hits an ally, they gain recovery. And that’s just a passive hot, it’s a heal over time. So it’s gonna give them a little passive healing. As well as that damage reduction. It’s a really strong ability, and it’s right at the top of the tree here. And it ties into a lot of the other spells in the tree we’ll take a look at in a minute, we have shared protection, which is really nice. Whenever you give an ally those benefits the fortify and recovery, you also gain it for yourself.

So you give yourself a little pass of healing and recovery. It’s a very nice perk to have. And finally we have a guess where your projectile has a bigger AoE. So wherever it hits, it actually has a splash radius so you can actually use this. If you’re having your whole team as a bunch of melee in there. All right up on the mobs you can shoot the Orban and hit your whole team you can give everyone that fortify and passive healing and it’s really strong and has a pretty short cooldown on this ability. And that’s all just tied into one ability. You’ve got a damage reduction, a passive heal and it’s targetable and You can do it really often. And it places that buff on the enemy, which is really important for our next ability, which is lights, embrace. This is a targeted heal that will heal for 100% of your weapon damage, plus 30% more for each buff that’s on the target.

Huge Healing Capabilities by Using The Life Staff

That’s really important because it can really set us up for some huge healing capabilities. You can see right here, we also have protector strength where if you have above, you’ll heal for 10%. More, do you see where this is going, we’ve got our orb of protection that is buffing our enemies or buffing our allies. Rather, it’s going to give them that fortify and recovery and it also puts it on us. So if they have fortify recovery, and it’s also on us, this is going to do 70% extra healing, it’s a massive heal. And so that’s just a sort of way of setting that up, you can toss the orbit protection, get your heel out and heel up your tank really easily.

Looking on the other side of the branch, there’s another ability that’s really strong, and ties into that synergy. And that’s the sacred ground ability. This creates an area on the ground that lasts for 15 seconds, and it heals over time. If you’re standing inside of the radius on the ground, it’ll heal you over time, you can cast this on your tank right when they pull a bunch of enemies or whoever if it’s your friend in PvP, you can cast it on them. And like I said, with that modifier, if you hold that target self, you can also cast it on yourself which will come in handy, because the next ability here is holy ground.

This regenerates stamina, and manner 100% faster while you’re standing in sacred ground. There’s actually a lot of times during boss fights and things will actually cast this on myself so that I can make sure I have enough manner throughout the fight. Because it really buffs your manner region there. And it’s really nice. Of course, the stamina region is also nice for your teammates. But don’t be afraid to use it for yourself to give yourself some manner region. Now of course, the further speck in here is blessed were allies that are in your sacred grant are healed for 50% more from all of your other heels.

And so it really helps you set up this nice rotation where right at the beginning of the fight, you’ll drop that little AOP on your tank, they’re standing in your ring, you can hit them with the orbit protection, give them a damage reduction, and then it can use your other heal to keep them alive. And there’s just so much passive healing going on. And it all stacks up to give you those big solid heels when you need them. We also have other things I’ve been experimenting with like this one and chanted justice whenever you’re hit in battle, it activates an aura for you and nearby friends and a four meter radius that heals everyone passively over time.

That’s a nice just uptime on your heels gives you a little passive increase to your healing. also really like this one sacred protection, while holding a life staff, everyone in your team gets an extra 10% health, it’s a nice benefit. And it really adds up if your tank has 5000 health, you’re giving him an extra 500 Health on top of that. So this one’s really nice. And all of these count as buffs, the sacred ground will count as a buff, which is going to make it so your lights and brace he’ll also does more. So you can really stack all these things together for some insane healing capability. Now I know that’s a lot of talking about the build.

And I’m not max level with the live staff or anything, but I have been using it since the beginning of new world I enjoy healing in the dungeons, it’s really fun. That’s the build I have set up here. Looking at the stats, my stats are sort of all over the place, I’ve been experimenting, if you’re really maintaining the lifestyle, you’re going to want to go all in on focus, because focus is the only stat while the lifestyle really is the only weapon that benefits from focus. This of course gives you extra man or region. As you go further, it gives you a bigger man a pool. So it’s all about making sure you always have manner to heal your allies, you can use focus, you can also use intelligence, this may not help you as much, it’s going to give you a little extra damage to your light and heavy attacks, which can come in handy.

There is something I meant to mention here on the live staff. Your light and heavy attacks will no longer take manna if you take this perk absorbed. And then you can also spec into that further, it’s going to make it so your light attacks will heal. And you can really have some passive healing just with your light and heavy attacks from your staff when you don’t have manner or you don’t have any of your cooldowns. But that’s really the breakdown of the whole build there regarding the lifestyle. There’s a lot of different ways you can spec this out. This is just how I’ve been running it. It’s been very successful for me, I hope you guys are enjoying, you can see some of the gameplay of how I run it in the dungeon in the background.

It’s pretty simple. It’s not complicated, but getting it all set up is a lot of fun and I really enjoy the healing in this game. So wanted to give some tips and tricks about how you can pick it up and you should because it’s a very valuable tool for your team. So I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Just a quick one today wanted to get that out to you guys and share it with you.

Thank you guys for watching. By we’re heading into the final week of the closed beta for new worlds I hope you guys are still having fun grinding I know I’m going to be just experimenting now until the end of the closed beta trying out all the different weapons so let me know if there’s something you want to see me cover because I’m really interested in trying out all the weapons I have so many builds. I don’t even think I’ll have time to get to all of them. So let me know what you want to see down below in the comments. Thanks for stopping by guys. See ya.

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