7) New World Gathering Iron Ore Guide in the Cutlass Keys Region

New World Gathering Guides – Mining Iron Ore in the Cutlass Keys Region

This guide is a sequence to the Advanced Furnishing Guide, as Iron Ore is essential for leveling up Furnishing 1-50.  Its published by LastOneNW, watch the video again:

Iron Gathering Guide (Cutlass Keys Region) Video Transcript

Hey everybody, last one here with our second video on the gettering series. This one is also an IRA mining, but this time is near Cutlass case. I also have guides for IRA mining year reverse and an ever fall. So if you prefer those series go check those out. But if you like the Cutlass keys area, you can follow this one. So let’s get down to it, you should leave the city from the east gate and run East you will go downhill for a while until you reach this big rock formation. The first note will be just behind it. Keep in mind that you may find more than a single note in each of these marks on the map, but they’re all very close together.

So for simplicity, I’m counting them as one. Hey everyone, let’s one from the future here. while editing I noticed that I missed a note and since I recorded the entire video counting the notes, I will have to redo all the recordings to include it not gonna happen. Therefore, just keep in mind that there is an extra node in Read between the first and the second nodes on the route. Okay. All right. Now back to the video. The second one is not easy from there, you should see a various model beside this next rock formation. After this one, you should go north there you will find the third and the fourth notes. They’re also very small, so you may need to get close by to notice that the fifth note is to the south inside this case you will need to give some warmth there but they are level 15. So should not be that hard.

After this. If you run West, you should reach the sixth note right away. And for the seventh one, you go southwest and again find it inside a small cave with another level 15 Whoa. For the eighth note you will run North East climb a steep hill and turn to your right you should see the notes right there. After that you just run east and climb on top of this big rock you should be able to see the ninth note up there. And for the 10th you just will quick run South East there are up to five nodes in this small area so be sure to look around and not leave any behind.

Now you have to run a little bit about 20 seconds going Southwest guru find the 11th note besides offense, the note number 12 is a short run west from there and for the third thing you just need to go out round this big rock and go down here and it will be north of this small rock for the 14th you just keep going downhill to the north and you will find it from there you turn Northwest and run about the same distance to reach node 54 no number 16 you will need first go west and climb a very steep hill then turn south east to find a node near the mountainside the node number 17 is close by towards the Northwest. Watch out here if you are low level since there is a level 26 Wildcat patrolling the area. From here both nodes 18 and 19 are towards the north direction. They are small but easy to locate. And finally the 20th node is not West.

From there, you will need to climb the rocks in this specific position to get access to the plateau. But after that is easy to find a note and I was trying to go back to the city and melt or store your horse this route should the audio from 900 to 1000 iron every 20 minutes or so. And that’s it for this guide. Thank you for watching. As always, I hope this was helpful. If you want more crafting and gathering guides, you should subscribe and I’ll see you want the next one. Thank you

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