8) New World Oil Mining in Cutlass Keys Region

New World Gathering Guide – Mining Oil in the Cutlass Keys Region

This Oil mining guide is a sequence to this Furnishing 1-50 Guide by LastOneNW. It accompanies the other Iron Ore mining guide in the Cutlass Keys region.

Oil Mining in the Cutlass Keys Region Video Transcript

Hey everybody, let’s one here with another video on the gathering series. This one is on all your mining here Cutlass case, oil is heavily used on potions and in some of the furnishing items as well. So if you intend to do any of that in your crafting activities, we’re ready to mine a lot of oil. So here is our oil money route, you should leave the city from the south east gate and run east. After about 15 seconds or so you should reach our first note, as always, keep in mind that you may find more than a single note in each of those marks on the map, but they’re all very close together. So for simplicity, I’m counting them as one.

The second node group is just around the next rock Just be aware if you’re a low level that there is a level 15 wolf but rolling nearby. When you are done here, you should run north and on the other side of this rock, you will find the node group number three. If you then run south east, you should quickly arrive at node group number four. From this point you will have to do some running going uphill and through this platform between the rocks, you will then reach a sequence of four nodes all very close to each other. When you are done with all these nodes, we are going for a quick walk by the lake. It just happens that while doing so you will cross with three more oil nodes again, all close to each other.

From here, you want to start heading back but do a quick stop behind this rock to grab our last node on the route. At this point, you should have about 140 oil. So depending on how many you need, you can either go back to the settlement or go back to the first node that by this point should have already responded. And that’s it for this guide. As always, I hope this was helpful. If it was considering Give me that thumbs up. And if you want more gathering in crafting guides, be sure to subscribe or check out our playlist where I have Gehring guides for many other materials. Alright, see you all next time. Take it easy.

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