4) New World Fishing Guide How To Fish and Why - Fishing Tips & Tricks

New World Fishing Guide, How To Fish and Why – Fishing Tips & Tricks

In this video, streamer Deft Spider, explains the importance of Fishing in New World. How, where and what to fish, how to utilize the Fishing profession to boost up your gameplay and earn NW Coins in the process. Fishing is very similar to Stonecutting and Woodworking.

New World Fishing Profession Guide Video Transcript

Hey guys, welcome back dev spider here again. So we’re still here playing new world in the closed beta. The beta is over today in a couple of hours. So I wanted to go ahead and help make a few more guides. So if you watch some other videos, they’ve all been made in beta. We’ll get more out once the four releases coming. I’m planning to play this game.

I do like MMOs I’ve played things like Final Fantasy 11 and Final Fantasy 14 first three releases, not the most latest pool got that Ayaan and Tara just pretty much all of them were in skate back in the day even back when AOL was the thing so I love the MMO world I love interacting with people playing with people and with that let’s go get started so this is gonna be a fishing guide right to our show where Matt on the map this is my favorite fishing spot so far that I found so the whole map is not open yet once for release counts we’ll get more map I think they said like 20 or 40% more map than what we can currently play you see here there’s more land outlined that map is huge there’s plenty of space left to add on.

Alright, so we’re currently down here in Cutlass keys, right. So this is this is efficient God let’s go and start with the basics. It says you’re going around your find ponds, rivers, lakes, beaches. And on those you’ll you can come across what they call hotspots for fishing. And in those hotspots and stuff they have different star ratings than levels so like this one’s a one star. So it’s called a broad fishing hotspot.

We’re allied officially because at the bottom of Cutlass keys, so whose Cutlass keys come all the way down here. Here’s a quick teleport for recall.
And this is a three star fishing spot. It’s called the secret fishing spot. Our fishing hotspot. I’ve never seen anybody else here that fishes so I come here to fish all the time. Anybody who’s wondering fishing is a great way to make money in the game long term and short term. And the reason that is is because to complete board quests and things to get fast experience level up, do your building quest to build up your shops and your tiers on your refining stations and crafting stations. You need fish filets, so people flood the market with those sell them they will always sell me bought.

If you want to control the market, buy and sell on Monday come you know do whatever you got to do. A lot of people don’t like fishing, it’s time consuming yet to play a mini game.
And Okay, so let’s go ahead and get rid of my fishing rod really quick. So normally you’ll be sitting like this right, get your weapon you can achieve that by pressing X you can shoot the back by pressing X again, if you come across a fishing spot and you see this this little circle with fish and stuff jumping up and it bubbles sometimes it won’t load you know if your compass don’t load or this won’t load and you like like Don’t worry, you know this debt load is if you fish and that says you hit a hotspot. That just means that you need to close out go back to the main menu low back in your competition start working and you can see hotspots again. Alright, so to fish you’re going to press first you need to have a fishing rod. Once you have a fishing rod either you built it at the outfitting station and made your own which is where you make all your tools or you bought one at the auction house or you crafted just the basic one or you bought one from somebody however you got it.

Why is The Fishing Profession Important in New World

You’re going to drop into this slot here you’ll use f3 to pull your fishing rod out mine currently gives me boosts you can get all kinds of fishing rods with different boosts I say craft them. That way you can make one but the boost that you want mine is daytime Colossus to medium boost the chance of catching larger fish during daytime. So fishing another leg is a great way to make money you get filets, you also get another item that’ll sell which is fish oil. And you get that from salvaging fish, and that’s used in cooking so it sells like hotcakes. It’s also used for quest on the on the town boards for upgrading stations. And your fishing rod also gets more durability max cast distance. There’s all kinds of buffs I’ve got like six different fishing rods. Alright, so while fishing you like I said you’ll catch all kinds of different tiers of fish anywhere from tier one to tier four I think’s the highest I’ve seen so far. There’s a fishing quest there’s gear that will boost your fishing just like you have gear that’ll boost any other stat like harvesting trees and stuff to drop her items. While fishing The reason people say it’s profitable, like super profitable and worth spending your time on if you don’t mind playing the mini game as you get these tier four chests. So this is a tier four treasure chest I just switched it out. We’ll do a little bit of fishing a second maybe we’ll get lucky and get another one. hotspots are really good, great place to get it.

So for these you’re going to open these so we’re gonna open and this is why people like look at all the gyms I just got. So these are, you know uncommon gems you can get up to I’ve got another tier for gyms so far. You’ll get a lot of these usually you can get the highest I’ve heard of so far is 100 gold coins purchased. This is 50 gold coins pretty much we’re going round up on that. So that’s 50 gold coins. We get six gold ingots, like most places don’t have a tier three smelter yet you start every talent starts off as tier two smelting and stuff so we’ve already got a golden get you can get this. I’ve gotten tons of golden gets in platinum and it’s so like I said, fishing like super profitable, super easy. If you’ve, you’re busy, you got to watch TV show, gotta watch the kids you’ve got, I don’t know, work, whatever you’re doing work from home with COVID just go fishing. It’s simple, it’s time consuming. And you can do it while you’re doing other stuff. So to fish, we’re going to press f3 and it’s gonna pull up the fishing rod.

To cast you’re gonna use the left mouse button. And if you hold it down, it’s going to cast really, really far, we’re gonna go really soft just so we can land in this hotspot. First we’re gonna want our bait so you have different types of bait, you have freshwater bait, and you have saltwater bait, you do not have to use bait to fish, I’m going to show that real quick. So we’re gonna go ahead and go over the cast and the bait. So if we want to catch you can go like this. Watch that meter. If you let it max out at the top and hit it perfect, you’ll max out.
As far as salt water goes, You have shallow and depth. There’s a there’s, I’m sure there’s a difference somewhere there for what you can catch based on.

Whether you land in the shallows, if you live in, in the depth or the deeps, whatever it’s called. It’s one of the two I can’t remember depths or deep but so it’s like deep water shallow water.
Alright, so if you watch your bobber, it’ll tell you when to get ready. And then you’ll see it start moving. And then you’ll start fishing and you notice I didn’t use any bait this time, we just throw right in, you can catch with no bait and bait just helps a lot to get better fish. So you can see that little icon in the center there.

When it’s green like this, you can pull on it, pull it up, pull up why it starts turning orange red, you want to stop and release the left mouse button and then start pulling again and you might have to be quick, fast and slow with it before the fish come in, if not, your lawn will break in the official golf.

Alright, so we just got a basic little salmon or bass. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna press our so you get different baits that do different things. This one is just fish bait gives a small boost to chance of catching bigger fish, snail bait, medium boost.

Cheese bait gives a small boost Nightcrawler gives a medium boost and then the glow warm bait gives a large boost. So we’re gonna go with the glow worm. Equip that and we’re going to try to land in this hotspot here. So you’re gonna get a quest eventually, if you follow all the quests, that’s gonna say, fish na hotspots, so you’re gonna want to land in that. So we’re just gonna do a quick little cast because it’s really close to us. And it will stay right there as you saw landed in hotspot so get ready, you saw it say hook says hook, click the left mouse button one time. And then once you see this pop up, then start fishing. So you see your left mouse button release, left mouse button and release.

And it gets easier the higher level you get, the more you can fish and it changes as you’re fishing. So like sometimes you can hold it for long periods of time. Sometimes it’s short. Like right there, I almost lost it. So just go nice and easy.

Like I said, you just have to play with it left but you can do like a quick left mouse button and kind of keep pulling on it and other work. And right there we just got a tear for large swordfish.
Right so let’s go one more time and then we’ll show you how to get official I had a miss. So right there I missed the hotspot because like my through my cast before we might back up a step or two.

So we hooked in by clicking the left mouse button once once we started saw it start flashing. Right and then we’re just holding the left mouse button holding it down release. As soon as I get the orange I let mine go unless I’m really really close to maxing it out. You just fill out the white circle.

And bam we’ve got 100 fishing and we’ve got a small mackerel pretty much worthless because it’s tier two, it will give us fish relays and some other stuff. Now the tier four stuff you can cook it into recipes, or you can harvest it and usually get especially items and more official. So let’s try to land in this hotspot again, I think there we go perfect landed on hotspot.
Get ready, bam. And when you landed the hotspot Be ready because they’re gonna bite like crazy.

You see, it’s not that long of a mini game. And this can make you a ton of money early game. Just from selling the official for cooking area, we just got a treasure chest.
So there’s another cheer for treasure chest right there that will go and pop that open. Now there is one thing to note and there we go. So the hotspots going away. We can try to hit it one more time. Really quick. Here. See the hotspots gone now you can see once it starts fading, it will come back but it can be you can’t out fish it and that’s what we did. We fished it out until it’s empty.
Now like within like 20 minutes of fishing, I have fished up as many as seven treasure chests. So if you get you know, say 40 Gold purchased at seven I mean you just made like 280 gold. That’s pretty good, especially for early game. The only other best way to make gold is if you’re questing by doing city quest, not the board quest but like the actual full on whole quest, mainline quest and city quest, and they usually pay pretty well.

Alright, so one thing to note that I did find in beta i don’t know if it’s gonna be fixed on full release or not or if I was just unlucky that day. So I’m gonna hit f3 put our fishing right away. And the reason for that is do not harvest or open or do anything. Because I do have a fishing quest right now to quit to catch a hook to squid and I caught one as soon as I throw
Got it. However, I had my fishing rod out went ahead and did a harvest or salvage on it, which is all you do is for fish so that we get one fish right here. You can either click on the fish and then hit salvage and then confirm you want to it’ll tell you what it can and cannot give you so like savages I don’t want return one fish fillet additional items such as fish oil may also be required to hit confirm. So all we got was one fish fillet.

Like I said the higher tier ones right here, Lord swordfish can be cooked whole or salvaged for high quality filets, salvage salvaging this will also produce lots of fish oil as a byproduct. So every fish is different based on its tear, there’s, you know, it’s just like weapons, you’ve got the greens, you’ve got the blues, got the purples, and then you’ve just got the regular tier ones and twos that are, I mean, they’re okay, they’ll give you filets. So, we have and then you have different levels of flavors. You’ve got regular fish fillet medium fillet, like I think you’d get like a heavy fillet. It’s like if we harvest harvest this swordfish or salvage the swordfish, salvaging this item will return three to four delicate fish filets. additional items, such as fischel may also be acquired. So just confirm on that, and we just get 15 fish off of one fish. Now, it takes a lot official to make cooking or what you cook with. So 15 is nice, but it’s not enough. And then we have all these fish lives. So we just went from a tier one fish fillet, we get a tier four delicate fish fillet and then we get the Tinder fish fillet.

Now, like I said, these things sell really, really well. We also have caught a small Stingray we can harvest that can be salvaged for its guts for the chance of extracting both luxury meat and the poisoned sack, a powerful ingredient used in alchemy. And all that stuff sells I’m telling you, like a lot of people don’t like fishing. So now we have this alchemy ingredient for making potions or something, let’s say what tells us what it can make ingredient type, medicinal regions death regions to five decimal regions to your five death. So this is this is a tier five crafting thing that’s going to be needed. So you could probably sell this for a good bit of gold.

But like I said, you do not want to salvage that while your fishing rod is still pulled out. So when you get done fishing hit f3. Put your rod away then salvage and open your chest. Don’t do it while the fishing rod is in your hands. Because when I did it on my squid, it clipped and did not give me anything for my squid. So I’ve not been able to catch another one I’ve tried I use 100 pieces of bait, and I’ve yet to catch another hoop squid. Now you do catch different types of fish and salt water versus freshwater. So this is salt water. You’ve got a freshwater spot here and there’s a couple of others. You’ll like this one’s tier three, but everybody their mother fishes here, because your main storyline quest is right here.

So you always want to try to find these out of the way ones like that one’s not bad, because but it’s low level. And this, like I said, this is the best tier three spot I have found for salt water. I haven’t found a freshwater one yet, but I really haven’t looked either. I’m sure if I tried to I could probably locate a few more. When there’s a tier one over here. That might be a tier one or tier three in the mountains where I was. Like this might be tier three, I don’t wanna get close enough, right. But there’s a lot of fishing quests right here. And then there’s a lot of strong bears. So you want to be like level 30 to 40 to come up here.

And so let’s open this last chest and that’s gonna be in the fishing guide. This should help you out as far as getting started with fishing up. Like I said, you can make a lot of money.
It’s easy. It’s a good thing to do if you’re busy with something else. Let’s see this just how much it just gave us. And then we got 33 gold coins on top of that. And we can probably sell these fish filets. And we can recall really quick and take a look. So why don’t we do that. Let’s go take a look at the auction house. So on my server, a lot of the bigger auction houses and this is like I said there’s hours before beta ends. So there might not be a lot left up there. But the biggest trading centers in this town would be windward and ever fall.

I think we’re gonna check out ones where that’s the last place I’ve seen a lot of people still chillin that’s gonna cost us 171 I can’t fast travel from here. So let’s do a
let’s recall to our house or we’ll do an in teleport first. So let’s see it let’s just recall to the end takes one hour for that reset. Alright, so once we’re here we can go ahead and teleport so we’ll do I want to teleport and it’d be right we’ll just store those if we need to. So let’s set up Okay, let’s jump over here. fast travel 200 says they’ve got plenty of resolve stored up they’ve got some of those little vowels and we’re teleporting All right, so here we are. So here we need to find the auction house should be over here. It’s been a while since I’ve been here.

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