1) New World - Best Money Making Methods in Gathering - New World Fastest Gold Method - New World Gold

New World – Best Money Making Methods in Gathering – New World Fastest Gold Method – New World Gold

Youtube Streamer Graphic exaplins the best ways to make New World Gold using the Gathering Professions during the closed beta testing, 31st July 2021. Watch the video below:

Video Transcript:

Hey everyone, it’s your buddy graphic back with another video. And today we’re going to be talking about the fastest way to make money in New World. So there’s a lot of different strategies out there, obviously a lot regarding gathering. And that’s exactly what we’re going to cover today. So starting out, we are going to real efficient for you guys. We are using a large obviously chance for hire, I guess to fish but this is my lowest gathering, really gathering level, it’s going to be actually level four after this fish right here. I did a lot of you know, catching in my past, but you know, level four right now is going to be my lowest gathering. So we have logging, mining, fishing, harvesting, and tracking and skinning, I was deciding on what to really talk about in today’s video, when I was thinking of you know, what’s the best moneymaker out there, I kind of kind of reverted back to gathering I think gathering is, like I said, one of the best ways to make money. And we have a lot of different reasons as to why so the first thing we’re going to do is take a look at one quick tip before we jump into the prices in the best gathering skills to make that money.

So we can actually go over to the map or press M on your keyboard and then go to resource locations. So this kind of explains the resource locations. So you can see that there’s an impassable area obviously as this nice gray or darkish gray spot we see forest so trees have herbs, we see grassland as herbs and hemp precious. When we see high land, obviously as well with precious minerals and borders, we see the marsh always offering that amazing oil we see struggling with berries and brushes, or sorry berries and bushes. And we have coastal hills as well with Flint and bushes and then beach obviously providing a ton of Flint as well. So when we are discussing what is the best gathering for your really money making ability, we’re also going to talk about Flint. And you know, we’re going to talk about everything really regarding that. So let’s jump over to my spreadsheet here in this side while we fish y’all to kind of go through what is all there and available to you guys. So I jumped into ever fall on a couple of different servers looked at some of the prices. We are seeing a couple different prices right now for these gathering, you know methods. So first off, we have rawhide so tier one rawhide, a lot of the tier one stuff is what you’ll notice is selling for the most profit. That’s because some of that tier three tier four stuff a lot of people can’t quite use yet. So one thing I’ll know is that I went through and got all the prices for the tier one gathering so rawhide is selling for about point nine one gold per rawhide, we have Greenwood at point seven five Greenwood per row, per Greenwood obviously, then we have the iron ore at 1.35 iron ore, well, gold per iron ore, I should say. And then we also have fiber at 1.49 Gold high SOP I’m not sure exactly actually how you pronounce that. But at that point five gold. And then we also continue on we see fish fillet at 5.89 Gold Flint at 4.5 gold, and then water at point 04. So water obviously another resource that you could gather kind of and really doesn’t give you any levels kind of like Flint. So you’re seeing here I’m actually fishing and getting these salmon. So you can actually see, like I said fish flakes selling at 589 Gold currently in ever fall. And I do expect these to be very around those prices that we will get at release. So this will still be hopefully relevant, obviously things could change. But like I said, we have iron ore, you know, selling at $1.35 I’m just using dollar as terms here. But you know, 1.35 Gold, we have rawhide at point nine one. So you can actually gather very, very easily sell this stuff very, very quickly and have massive, massive, you know, really growth in your wealth. So right now I’m only at 1.1k coin is actually capped at 500,000. Thankfully, I have not even been remotely close to that price yet. But I hope to get there for release. And there’s definitely like I said, with these kind of tips and understanding what gathering sources is going to give you the most profit in the store.

You know, it revolves kind of around town projects. So what you get a lot in the town projects is a lot of people needing a flat a lot of people needing fish filets and a lot of people not even really taking the time to do those. So nobody wants to go and pick Flint because like I said, No XP gain fish filets take a while to fish obviously. So we just you know, did a couple fish we have to fish right here median salmon. So we can actually salvage both of these fish and see what we get. We actually got three fish oil, and we have six fish fillet and one firm fish fly. So actually very, very solid drops there with those fish. I do think you know, realistically we are going to continue to see a lot of people jumping into the fish game because it is very underrated in value of our guests in terms of value right now. Do we, you know kind of remember guys, when you’re jumping in and you’re doing iron ore we’re collecting, you know, really rawhide, you’re gonna collect a multiple at a time and it’s gonna be a lot faster than collecting just one fish and then salvaging it. So keep that in mind and you know, I didn’t really go over fish oil.

So let’s go back and you know, kind of get a price point on fish oil real quickly. I don’t have much as off left but that it’s perfectly okay. So let’s go back and we Call to our house. And then we’ll also talk about really what else you can do for money because there is a lot of other options besides gathering, I just kind of wanted to touch quickly on the gathering, as you know, really the main source of income because I believe it really is right now. You know, you can also obviously, sell your weapons and armor when you grab them from, you know, different really mobs, there’s a lot of great armor out there, when you start to get to tier three, tier four, you can start to sell it for pretty good amounts if they’re, you know, fairly good attributes and passive abilities on there. But we can actually take a look at fish oil right now, if we go to fish oil, this is just checking one server, so keep that in mind. 4599. So that is an absolute insane amount for fish oil. And I just got three of them for fishing for you know, just a couple of seconds. So it’s just crazy how much you really can, you know, make very, very quickly by fishing. And I think you know, realistically all these are great moneymakers gathering in general, because there’s so many people wanting to craft unrefined right now and they buy these up and then they go to the town project board, they’ll use it for XP or they’ll use it and make great gear and back.

So another thing to know is if you are into gathering, one thing you’re gonna want to make sure is to have great bag so right now I don’t have amazing bags, I only only you know kind of use tier twos. So you do see that I have worn traveler’s satchel tear to nothing special, but I do have here reduced the weight of fiber cloth and sickles by 6.7%. And then also a tier three back here when hit with a rifle 7.1% chance you gain ammo, obviously more of a job. But we also see the reduced way of ores ingots and pickaxes by 7.5%. So great passive, they’re continuing to get my income or it’s up to about 519.8 as a possibility. And you know, we can make this go much higher, I just haven’t spent the time making new bags, we also want to make sure you have great, you know, really, you know, tools, I guess is what I’m looking for the word here, you know, right now I have a tier three green sickle, and 38% chance when finishing gathering a node to gain one as off fairly nice. We also see steel skinning knife with the same exact thing. And then we have the steel mining pig actually, you can also get gained 5.8% more money experience with this one as well as you know, you can get some great passives out there. And I do think it’s important to make sure to take advantage of this, you know, a tier that’s Will you know, something that you can actually equip something that will continue to make you level faster and get those nodes faster.

And also, like I said, get you better resources. So if you guys want to look into a little bit more, I definitely suggest going to your keyboard pressing k in New World, you’ll be able to see the gathering options. And you can actually go into logging, mining, fishing, harvesting, tracking and skinning. But you can see I have 200 on and I’ve maxed that out but you can actually go into it and see you know what, what rate we gather and what rate you track, the gathering speed bonus. So right now you can see that if we went into tracking and skinning I haven’t 154% gathering speed bonus, so fairly, fairly solid. And you can skin animals that are up to level 67, which is obviously max level, we can also check here with mining. So 130 guys 113.8% of an increase gathering speed bonus. So I can actually go up to you know, right around this alchemy stones, I’m not actually able to gather star metal quite yet, which is actually fine. Because like I said guys before, tier one is actually selling for quite a bit more on the market, like I suggested. So if we actually go to star metal, we can actually see star metal as one of the cheapest way, really kind of cheapest overs right now in general. If I could find it here, it looks like I’m just kind of straight up looking star metal up.

So we have star metal or, you know, point one gold, when you have iron ore at obviously a massive, massive mountain more at that 1.36. Now, instead of that 1.35 that we are ones that continuing to rise, obviously, as the demand continues to grow, for crafting and refining. So that is kind of a quick guide of fastest methods of you know, really making that gold in aeternum by gathering, I just want to kind of go over to those prices. But now I just want to talk a little bit about where you can find certain things. Alright, so guys, we’re gonna jump into this map at New World dash map comm This is the most up to date new world map in my opinion. So we’re actually gonna go over to the filters on the side here. And the first thing I always do is hide all Sofia hide all you have nothing on the map, right, so then we want to go to cities and others, we want to select all so then we close that you can actually see some of the basic landmarks that makes it very easy to understand where you’re looking at.

And then we go to the filters, we can actually take a look at or so ORS. Like I said iron selling very, very well right now we can actually check mark that and see all these iron locations around the world. So there’s a lot of great places to actually gather in make that money very, very quickly. Every fall has a great spot right here as well. So you can actually go round and you know, right on this mountain ridge, you can collect all of this great, great iron right next to the main town. So that’s a great way to really make sure to take advantage of every fall and really like I said selling at that price point. Definitely worth doing. We also want to take a look at a few other so let’s take iron ore off of there and let’s go to one of my favorites and that is definitely going to be our guinea pig of plants.

We go to find Are hemp so fiber and hemp is going to be like I said one of the best places in my opinion to do so is actually right here and ever fall people a lot of people don’t know about this but there’s a lot of hemp just surrounding ever fall South really kind of South West border you know there’s just a lot of hemp in this little area but you know one of my favorite things to do is go to actually restless shore in the top right, so if we go to wrestle shore there’s a ton of hap in this very nice area right here which also brings you alongside like I said, if we actually check mark iron veins right now we can see irons actually up there with that help as well. And you know it’s crazy if we continue on and we actually go to we continue on let’s say we want hi stop as well because we want to make some of those potions or we just want to sell it in general we can actually take take a look at herbs as well. So there is some herbs up there as well. And just a lot of great things up there.

So if we actually take a look as well I don’t think you can go into skinning Exactly. But you can actually take a look at you know monsters and go into you know, bores and stuff but there’s a lot of boars running around up here for skinning as well so this is a great spot if you guys are mid to you know upper level I’d say 30 to 40 fives you could definitely run up here get all this hamp get all this iron and obviously like I said bison up there a lot of great things to take advantage of and get quick quick XP you know on that town board or you know selling it for like I said immense profit and gold at the ever fall town is definitely going to be the best way to do so in my opinion.

But I just kind of wanted to show you guys this map how it all worked very very easy to understand and really kind of get your way around. You know a lot of people talking about really the fastest way of getting that gold you know, maybe just going out there doing quest killing mobs. In my opinion, this is definitely the best way still gathering very, very quick in gathering if you have the right gear, and you can always like I said buy the correct things as well when it comes down to you know things like potions or you know, I guess I don’t know if I’m calling that the right thing. tinctures are potions that really give you a boost basically, on your gathering rate and you know your luck or your percent chance of getting a rare find when you’re gathering so there’s a lot you can do. Like I said, just want to give you guys a quick overview of my thoughts on the quickest gold wind gathering in the world. So thank you guys again for tuning in. Make sure to quickly subscribe to the channel turn notifications on and like the video. I’ll see you guys all in the next one.

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