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Is Stonecutting the Best Skill in New World?! New World Basic Gem & Stonecutting Guide

In this video, streamer Invin explains the basics of the Stonecutting profession. Stonecutting can be used together with Woodworking. Gem and Stonecutting are excellent for improving your weapon skills and earning New World Gold. Watch the video below to learn everything you need to know about stonecutting and gemcutting in New World.

New World Stonecutting Guide Video Transcript

Hello everybody and welcome back to my channel my name is invent today I’m going to be bringing you guys a guide for stone cuts in in the world. Now obviously, this video was pre recorded during the beta phase of new world that ended just a few days ago. And I just wanted to bring you guys a quick update. Before I do jump into the actual guide here just saying that I’m going to be continuing to upload new world content as much as I possibly can. I’ve got a lot of gameplay, a lot of footage and a lot of other guides and things I’m going to be putting out over the next few days. And on top of that, I’ve got some ideas that I want to talk through with you guys some kind of things that they could add to the game types of things they could implement and how they could implement them into the game kind of things were expecting to see things that I’d like to see. And I can only get a conversation going between myself and you guys on these videos. So I’m going to go ahead and do is talk about different subjects each few days. And just upload these with some gameplay in the background to keep the hype going for New World, I’m still really excited about it. There’s not much else out load at the minute, I’m still really excited for new world and on that basis.

And we’ll try and do as much of my content around that as physically possible. So if there’s anything you would like to see me cover around new worlds, whether it’s speculation, things you would like to see, if you’d like to see me discuss the system such as maybe pets, that’s something I’ve got on my list coming up, whether they should be added mounts, all that kind of good stuff, leave in the comments below, make sure you join our discord servers, we are very, very active on there chatting things through about new world and about lots of other games as well. So please do make sure you go down below join the server, that’d be great to have you over there. And without further ado, we’re gonna jump into the stone cutting guide here. So enjoy the video and peace, love everybody.

And welcome back to the channel my name is invent Today I am going to bring you guys a guide for the New World stone cutting table and how to actually efficiently and effectively use this and leveling up. Obviously, it’s going to be included with the gem code in here. And it’s going to be a very crucial part of new world to enable you to get the best gems possible as quickly as possible. And it’s going to give you a huge boost in a number of different ways. Now obviously along with gem crafting, like I mentioned in my arkana code, which if you haven’t seen, I will leave a link on screen to now it does require you to have wisps and things going on as you get to higher tier level of gems. As you guys will see if I scroll down here on the menu and have a little look at some of these tier 100 such as a brilliant diamond, you actually need life essence. So this does require you to level up Arcana as well, or alternatively, have a friend that has done it or of course buy these materials from the marketplace.

But this is something that you can level up very quickly with Arcana and it also means that if you do level up, you’re going to get a ton of good potions, as well as been able to do your stone cutting self sufficiently. So it’s entirely up to you how you want to play it. But those are your options there. Now obviously stone cutting does have things like your stone blocks. And as you can see here currently, I have stone blocks active for a mission. This is really good because it means you can get a ton of XP by hand in in these town quests board missions for these items. And stone bricks is something that you often get for town board quests as well, which makes it really nice addition. Now as you can see here, you’ve got all the Florida gems in the cut gemstones section.

Now on the right hand side next to the name of each item. So we have here the green looking gem, which is a cut flawed malar shade, and on the right it tells you that you need a level zero with a break next to it and if you hover your mouse over that, it will tell you that stone cutting skill required is zero. This means you can make this entire section of gems from level zero. Now the way to acquire these gems is by mining iron veins, silver veins, or any rare materials and not the regular stone veins. But the iron, silver, gold anything above that will give you a chance at getting gems and obviously the higher tier of mineral that you are mining, the highest chance of a higher tier gem dropping so what you’re going to be able to find very early on in the game is that you’re going to get silver and iron very quickly.

And those are going to be your main source of these first level and first tier of gems. As you can see on this screen here. To be able to cook these gems you’re going to need the actual flawed Topaz offload gem, whichever one you’re looking at. And for this particular one, you also need to Emirates here you need to Earth motes here you need to water much, etc. So what you’re going to need really in the same place is your icon a leveling station if you are banking your items in different places depending on what you’re going to level first. Ideally you want to level Arcana and stone cutting in the same location as these two are going to go hand in hand very, very nicely, as well as probably your crafting level in place as well because obviously this is a separate thing at the outfitting station, but it is going to be what you’re going to use the gems for ultimately as well, which we’ll get onto in just a moment. tier three does require wisps which is the upgraded version of modes which you need your icon levels for oil in order to buy whichever you want to do, then you need a tier three job of the gemstone a flat out emeralds, we’ll make this one here. And it’s derived from all veins as it says there.

So again, it’s just a higher Rarity drop chance, and then you need solvent as well. And these are derived from supply containers. As you can see, I’ve got 410 weeks over and 11% solvent, although you can just use weak solvent for the most part. And this is obviously only during the beta which means I haven’t played all that much in comparison to what you will be able to do in the full release of the main game, meaning that solvent seems to be pretty abundant at the moment. So let’s hope it stays this way going forward because it is very, very useful. So you would put that in there with the Emerald and with the wisps and you’ll be able to make cut emeralds and again as you can see that is then the tier three version of this. Then moving down here to common gem fusions.

This is something you can do if you have for example three of the tier to regular version of the flawed onyx, you can use three of those with a life wispier for example, just for this one, and again some of the solvent and that can make it into the tier three gem, which you could then go up here and have a look at cut onyx and you’d then be able to make these providing have the wisps and the solvent as well. So that’s another way you can kind of upgrade the gems that you have a lower level to make them a higher level gem. Now another thing you can do here is material conversion. And these are called sandpaper and weak solvent. Now weeks over and it’s something if you don’t have a lot of you can actually convert it. And you can pick any of the other refining crafting materials.

So for example, here I have a ton of tannin, click on that and you need a common material converter. In order to get this you need to go to your faction leader, and they will sell you that one on the second rank of your faction. So for example for covenant Knights Templar, and it goes on for different syndicate and different for Marauder. But you can go ahead and go into the second tab down once you’ve unlocked that and you are able to buy these, but they do cost quite a few faction points. So I would recommend just trying to find these things inside of these provisioned containers and supply containers. Another really important thing was stone cutting is going to be the keys for the actual expeditions that are in the game. Now as you can see here, we’ve got things like the eternal hearts, which is one of the components you might need for tuning up down here. And as you can see, the second one requires a energy core. And all of these can be crafted here for different modes.

The energy core is an elemental and an eternal heart. So you’d need to craft both of these and as you can see, basically it’s just a ton of modes. So if you are looking to get into modes and Arcana is going to be an exceptionally good one to level alongside this, like I mentioned in that guy there. So kind of go hand in hand if you wanted to do stone cutting you might as well do Arcana too, because you’re going to be covering very very similar materials for both of these obviously, you can downgrade materials like you can in any other workstation as well as you are able to 10 stone bricks back into stone blocks and you get two for every one and this is going to be using the solvent again and so on you can do this going up is going to require slightly more solvent and obviously the higher tier material in order to do it, you can then get corrupted refinement as well which is the corrupted stuff you get from clearing a major corruption breach or something similar to that so not the smaller breaches the big ones.

These drop the chests, which offer you four items, and often you will get corrupted silver, corrupted fragments or occasionally as well corrupted shards. Now these can be turned into obviously different parties that you corrupted silver can be crafted into fragments and then your fragments can be crafted into shards. And these are again used in the tuning orbs as you can see here corrupted silver, the first one for the protectors one here unique corrupted shards, again in the tuning orbs you will see at Star metal chisel for example. And these again can be bought from your respective faction leader and they will offer you the chance to buy this for a bit of gold and some faction standing points. It’s up to you if you want to spend your money and your faction ranking this but they cannot be bought from the market because they are buying on pickup. So if you are wanting to craft these tuning knobs, you’re going to have to do it through your faction leader providing that material for you there. So for some of the items like the glowing swamp must hear these can be kind of like tier four epic level items, and they can be quite confused as to where to find them. If you hover over this item, it tells you that it is a glowing piece of swamp moss that used to craft a protectors and tuning orb and can be found in the creatures around the eternal pool in Reek water.

How Important is Stonecutting and Gemcutting in New World?

So essentially, you’re going to have to kill creatures every quarter around the eternal pool, and they have a chance of dropping this. And again, things like the Lodestone break is refined at the TFR stonecoast. So you could go up here and have a look at what is required to craft that. This one again is a crafted resource it tells you and then obviously you can see certain things if we go to like the amarin one corrupted silver, it will tell you that you get them from corrupted fragment parcels used to craft them. They’re from the faction vendor on that one, stone cutting tier two, etc, etc. So we’ll tell you where to get things or where they are derived from. And if it says derived from that means we can pick it up from on each item. So as you’re going along, you’ll see the several different ones that you can go ahead and do and this is where you’re going to be able to get into all of your expeditions through getting these tuning knobs here too. Now as you can see, as well as you go on, you’re gonna be able to craft your four gems, which are going to be even more beneficial.

And these are derived from all events, you will need to be able to get the rare drops from these again, another really good place to get these as going back up and doing some of the dungeon runs or the expeditions I should say. And actually cracking out a few of these runs mining the resources within them if you can, and obviously just completing them and getting the chests and the drops because there is a big high chance to get these high level to gems even from the first amarin excavation you can get to your foreign five gem drops. So it’s definitely worth saving those up or selling them or indeed giving them to your company’s gem crafter. So go ahead and craft these. And as you can see, once you get to tier four, they’re going to be doing a lot more for you. It doesn’t actually tell us exactly what they do on here, but they are going to be a lot more beneficial for you in terms of giving you better stats, if we ever looked at a CT one, we can see that it gives you 40% of converted damages as opposed to 30 or 20% on the lower tiers. And obviously your top tier tier five gives you 50% so if it’s a damage conversion you’re going to be having it’s not 50% more damage it’s 50% of your current damage converted to and further in this instance it’s arcane.

If we have a look at something like the Ruby we’re going to be looking here at 40% of damage convert to fire etc. And that is going to be nature and then if we have a look at something like the Moonstone this has got plus 20% damage when playerhealth is below 30 percent again this is all from 15 and 10%. And these are really really good gems because they’re going to give you just more percentages and better buffs and perks the higher level you are able to cut these. So obviously when you can get yourself down here to obviously these higher level cause and hearts which going to be for the highest level expedition tuning orbs, and as you can see when you get to these tier five CT pristine Amethyst, this gives you a 50% of your damages converted into void or it gives you a plus 6% void damage absorption which is very, very big and will really really help you in those early game expeditions, PvP and obviously main story quests as well as just roaming the world these things are going to be exceptionally useful so you’re definitely gonna want to go ahead and use those runestone again, it’s at Tier five stone cutter and it’s used to craft those high end tuning jobs and that is the last thing I do want to mention here is it is going to tell you which tear stone cutter is required in order to do these.

So most of these are at tier two or three that if you had right down to these guys at the bottom here you’ll see that this right here is required to be refined as tier five stone cutter which currently for me on the beta is in ever fall so we can go ahead and craft these here if I had the required level which I currently don’t, you can see on 71 and this is level 200. So a little ways off that one, but you can see that you will need a level five so you’d have to go somewhere that has a tier five stone cutter in order to craft these highest level ones also tells you at the bottom here that anyone wondering tells you the tax that is going to cost you to craft these items and these stone cutting experience it will give you if you are chained to power level stone cutting, one thing you can do is go back up here have a look on the gems all of these gems will give you one to nine they’ll give the same amount of XP.

But you can see that each stone block which is four stones gives you 36 if you spam craft a lot of these if you’re doing kind of four or five of these at a time, which is going to take you around 16 to 20 stone is going to be very similar to one of these gems, but you are gonna be able to get started a ton easier than you can get to these over red gem jobs. So it might be easier to just spam at these levels in order to get the higher level gems right off the bat particularly up to levels 50 or 75 plus because then you can do stone break once you get to 50 and that gives you the 180 per so it can be quite good for getting a decent amount of XP hopefully this guide has helped you guys out knowing what to do with stone cutting in new world if you have any questions please do drop them in the comments below be sure to answer them to the best of my ability. Other than that if you have enjoyed today’s video and found it useful and informative, please leave me a like on the video down below. If you are new to the channel and you’re enjoying a new world content and you would like to see more than please do drop subscribe. We are pushing for three case soaps, your support and that would be much much appreciated. Other than that, as always, thank you very much for watching. Take care and peace.

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