13 Making Coin in New World on Day One

How To Make Money In New World – Guide for Getting Coin On Day 1

As in every other MMO, having more money is always better especially at the game’s start. Btown explains how to get rich in New World even from day one, so your struggles with coins will be less later on. Remember, you can always purchase New World Coins from our website. Watch the video below:

Making New World Coin on Day 1 Guide – Video Transcript

So how do you make money in new world? I mean, sure, you can sell things in the trading post and hope that people will buy it for whatever price you do, I know that there’s a lot of quests that do give you some coins. I mean, they give you a small amount, except for the main story gives you a pretty decent chunk. But as far as like the side ones, I mean, they give you not even seven coins, seven coins eight. If you’re lucky, 816 a little bit higher. That’s also slow over time. So we’re going to talk in this video how you can make cash on day one on this game release is August 31. First day how you can make 1000s easily I am not going to vs one bit, let’s jump right into it. So there’s a couple things I’ve realized about as far as making money in the game, I want to give you three things that you can sell on day one, that’s going to make you rich, a lot of money, but you have to be quick on meaning you can’t waste no time with this.

Playing the Auction House – New World Trading Post for Coins

So if we browse a couple things, we’re going to look at a couple things I want to show you, we take iron arrow, for instance, now I can buy these for less than point one each. Sony’s if I go in here, I want to buy, let’s say 10 of them, it’s going to cost about one coin per 10, which obviously, but 100, it’s gonna cost you 10. So you go buy that right there. Depending on how much the person has to sell. When you first start the game, a lot of people are gonna be looking ammunition between the iron arrows. And actually the iron bullets that you can use for the musket people are going to be heavily looking into this right here. As far as the cartridges, these are going to make you a lot of money because no one’s going to have them available. Yes, we understand you can get these from the faction, you have to be at least up in advance into the faction to get itself meaning it’s going to take a little bit for you to get some and the best thing you should do is sell these now no BS as you can tell people are selling for point seven per one.

So meaning if I go to buy five is going to Cosmos for coins. You can sell these on the day one, no word of a lie probably one to two, maybe even more points each with the iron arrows program, you’re looking to buy this right off the back, this is what they’re gonna be using the hook their bow, they’re gonna love their musket up, they’re gonna need it as soon as possible. So take advantage and day one, selling these for decent amount. Now remember, I’m making this video because not everybody knew was gonna be looking at this video, not everybody’s gonna know. But if you know this, you can make yourself filthy, stinking rich on day one. So ammunition is a few key things that you really need to consider. That’s number one. Now, let’s get into the big money boys. The next thing we have on our list is gear.

Now I’m talking about the engineering stuff. I’m talking about the iron equipment to use for your trade skills. We’re talking about the steel. And we’re talking about the other ones, you know, as far as star metal down here, and we’re also talking the orielle. Come over here. Now, if you can make these on day one, they’re going to be making you bangs, let’s take a look real quick in my server and look up how much the iron steel so you can get a general idea how much they cost in the store right now. So if I go to Tools, look at gathering tools, I say look, I could pick x, I mean the iron they’re selling right now for 50 coins each. When the game first starts, you can sell these things right here.

Now no one’s really going to be buying this right here. To be honest, they’re they’re really not the whole point is, if you can make these on day one, as soon as you can, within the first like 20 minutes of the game, you could probably sell these for a couple 100 coins per one. Meaning if you can make 10 iron pickaxe, you get the sickle, you get the pickaxe, you get the skinning knife, and you can sell these really easy for so much higher, people aren’t really paying these because they can make them pretty easy themselves. But you’d be surprised these are going to be things that people are going to want on day one because they want to get into gathering, they want to get into the whole point of mining, they want to get this stuff right away.

So by making these especially if you get the higher ones like the star metal, we go to the orielle come over here, no one’s selling right now, you can sell these probably a minimum even 100 coins each if you really want the thing is there going to be high end demand the very first day a lot of people aren’t going to want to go out and make it themselves they’re gonna want to buy it right away so they can use and get their levels and trying to you’ll get achievements like getting max logging max mining as quickly as possible so they can craft higher gear in the future they’re going to spend the money early to get access to these at a such an easy level you’re going to be selling these to make such a good profit.

Now if you were able to get For example, let’s say we go into the steel gathering tools over here so let’s type in steel. Or actually even better, let’s just go back real quick into gathering tools. Let’s go into back into the pickaxe steel mining pickaxe no one’s selling them right now at my server on day one. If you can make this right at the back in the first hour you can probably sell these for a couple coins per one. Meaning if you make one for 100 coins made 100 coins if you can make 100 you can make 10,000 coins right off the back guarantee no question about it. Now let’s jump into the third one which I think is really going to make you guys some money if you play the smart alright so third on the list.

I have something like this. You want to keep consideration the very remember these are for the very first day if you want to make a huge amount of profit. We’re talking about the leather bags and the satchels. Why are these so good? Well, basically let’s make it as easy as this will stuff like this you can increase how much you can carry. Now if I go into my inventory right here, this is going to give me an extra 50 from my way if I take.

Get off, I go down to 200. But back, I go into 250. These are things right here. Now we’re gonna go check out the store and see if there’s any selling. I haven’t pre looked at this. So I actually don’t know, we’ll see how much he was selling for Azur and you know, week two of the game. So if I go and type in satchel, we do the one that I’m wearing right now, which is you know, the rugged or whatever, we’ll take a look at the rugged actually.

So the selling for 2000 coins, which might be a little bit over the worn one, which is very low goes for 340 people are going to want to buy these because they are able to increase how much to able to carry. Now, especially if you can make the higher level ones, which is going to require you to use the outfitting station, it’s going to do some leather work. Like I said, if you can make these on day one, you’re gonna make a fortune with these right here. Now I have none that are selling here for that one.

For the layer two looks like there’s none off of the rug, and there’s a couple as far as of course, leather, there’s one. And as far as the Warren travels, which is gonna be the one you want to make you can sell is probably for this price right here day one, make like 1020 3040 of them and sell them for a huge profit telling you the whole point is you want to use coins in this game for anything you want. buying houses, you can fast travel, whatever you want. Now let’s break into number four.

Take notes on this one, this one is going to be a huge game changer right here. Alright, so the last thing on our list that you really want to consider getting as early as possible on day one to make as much money. Now we’re gonna go to the map really quick over here. Now we’re over here in windward, we’re at the town, you look over here, what is this, this is where you go for the expedition along for that little we get to get the bones and bring with a dog. Now, keep that in mind. It’s an expedition that gives you a lot of loot a lot of gear.

And it’s actually really fun to do where you can fight Simon gray. So why is this important over here? Well, if you come to the stone cutting table, in order to get access to there, you have to make an internal gem, I’m sorry, internal heart which you need 50 death, life and the soul. Keep that in mind. Now in order to make what you need to go in there, you need to craft the orb. attuning orb allows access to the explanation, which means you need to get the eternal heart and you have to get the silver iron chisel stone block. Easy, easy, easy.

But to get that you’re gonna need a lot of these between these moats right here. The death life and the soul. You can either get these from crates, you can also go mine these by using I believe it’s a gathering skill, correct me if I’m wrong. I know I used to do earlier and I didn’t realize I actually got a light stock about. Now remember, it’s a death life in the soul. If we go back over until the trading posts, we’ll see how much they sell for because they are kind of easy to get. They’re not crazy. They take a little bit of time though. So for example, the death One, two coins each number murrini 50. So you can spend 100 coins right here and just to get access to that. Now, don’t forget, we’re gonna look at the life one, two, because a life one also plays a role. Now they’re selling for 2.5 each. And the last one you need is the soul. And how much is this each. And these ones aren’t actually that common.

What I’m saying is, if you’re able to get your gathering and harvesting, all gathering skills play a role, if you wanna make the ammunition, you want to create the tools that you sell, you want to create the bags that people are going to use actually increase their carrying weight. Or you want to get these things right here because people are going to want them for the expeditions meaning people are going to be lazy, they’re going to have their own money, they’re gonna be like, oh, maybe I’m just like 30 away of the soul. I’ll just spend like 6080 100 coins on 30. And that’s no problem. That’s where you keep these selling here this way, the first day or two people are going to be doing the expedition and you already are going to have these to be sold. So they can make their eternal hearts so they can create the orb. Because each time that you go in here, one person out of your group has to use the orb.

No, it’s bizarre what you have to use the orb and you don’t get it back. Which means it’s gonna be an endless supply of you collecting these and selling it especially day one making huge profit but also the life course of the game you’re gonna make a huge profit over the course if you stock up on them and sell them you could probably have up to like 500,000 coins no problem. The last like the max you can carry is about 500,000 coins if you check down here that’s going to be amazing to see let me tell you so hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you learned something new and you want to follow for some more new content the future Feel free to hit that bell when notifications on like on the video. You know what? We’ll catch you the next one and we have a great day now make some money when the game comes out. I’ll talk to you soon.

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