10) New World Factions Guide - Covenant, Marauders, Syndicate

New World Factions Guide – NW FACTIONS EXPLAINED! – What Faction Should You Pick? Covenant. Marauders. Syndicate.

This beautiful video from Graphic explains all that you need to know about the New World Factions. Factions are large groups of people, similar to guilds. You need to be level 10 to join a faction.

New World Factions Guide Video Transcript:

Hey everyone, it’s your boy grafik back with another video and today we’re going to be looking at new world MMO factions, these factions are going to be absolutely amazing as there’s going to be three different factions you can choose from the march to battle factions, new information just came out just recently and we’re going to be able to look at each faction individually and see what they are all about. factions are powerful organizations locked in the struggle to control a turnham a tournament of the world in new room. So these factions are all going to be fighting over aeternum the power that aeternum possesses. So after reaching a particular milestone during the early parts of your adventure, you must choose a side in this conflict. As you adventure you will be introduced to these three factions the Marauders, the syndicate and the covenant. each faction has a set of principles and a unique motivation for wanting a troll of eternam.

The marauders are a ruthless military force bent on establishing a free nation where anyone with the strength to do so can prosper in profit. The syndicate is a secretive organization have boundless guilt, and intellect in search of forbidden knowledge to usher in a new age of enlightened . The covenant is a fanatical order that has charged itself with the cleansing the land of heretics and filers, so that is true holy nature can flourish and justice can be restored. When we made the decision to remove always on open world full loop PvP from New World, it was not a decision to remove player versus player combat from the game. In fact, we wanted to focus on it to create stakes that everyone in the term could invest in, even if they aren’t directly interested in PvP themselves. The three factions formed from the spine of PvP gameplay and aeternum. They create clear sides and motivations for conflict. Even if you are alone explore braving the wilds of eternam on your own, or being a part of a faction means you are going to be able to have someone on your side and you always have a clear view of the opposition. While anyone in faction can opt into pvp. While adventuring for some excited added content in danger and bonuses.

The ultimate goal for any company should be to enable its faction to control as much of the tournament as possible. As your faction controls more territories. Your attacks against the creatures of aeternum will be more effective, you will find higher quantities of resources when gathering craft equipment at higher base qualities and find yourself luckier when looting. The more territories your faction controls, the more powerful you become. Once you choose a faction you are free to create or join a company in your chosen faction.

Choosing a faction shouldn’t be taken lightly as your decision will be locked. That’s when you have the opportunity to explore the social landscape on the server you make your decision. After selecting a faction, you can accept missions from your faction representative in any settlement and complete them in exchange for rewards.

Factions offer specialized equipment act as a source of income in order the group you work with to wage war on other territories and expand your factions control of eternam. While a company is responsible for the day to day goings on of a territory, that companies faction is ultimately the one in control. If your company wants to conquer a territory, occupied by an opposing faction and must declare war on that territory in order in order to declare war, the territory your company seeks to conquer it must be vulnerable. A territory is not vulnerable to a declaration of war, unless as been fish Utley undermined by an opposing faction. In order for a faction to retain control of a territory, its members must actively reinforce that factions influence within that territory. If members of another faction want to take control of a territory, they must undermine the controlling factions influence by raising their own reinforcing and undermining vaction influence is done by completing PvP faction missions in that specific territory.

New World Faction Missions – PvP & PvE

There are two types of faction missions PvE and PvP. PvE missions ask you to do things like kills creatures, craft supplies or stockpile resources. Completing a PvE mission rewards faction currency, which can be used to purchase faction specific equipment and items. PvP missions ask you to do things like recover tactical information, deliver critical messages or items to another territory, or patrol an area for opposing factions. accepting a PvP faction mission will auto flag you for PvP, flagging yourself will automatically abandon the mission dying during your PvP mission.

Will cause you to fail it and you’ll have to go back and accept another in addition to rewarding faction currency. Completing a PvP mission also generates influence of your faction within that territory. As mentioned above, generating influence for the controlling faction of a territory reinforces its control, or generating influence for a faction that is not in control undermines the controlling faction and brings territory closer to being vulnerable to a war declaration. Once a territory becomes vulnerable by being undermined by an opposing faction, all companies in the undermining faction are able to declare war on the territory after a short time, which allows for multiple companies in the same faction to make a war declaration. One of the companies is elected as vanguard of the of the attacking foes as the vanguard is up to the leaders of selecting companies to build out their forces with players who volunteer to fight. Of course, these forces can include members of the company that was selected as the vanguard in the first place. We want everyone interested in war and territory control to have a shot at it so the selection process for the vanguard is random.

This way even smaller companies have an opportunity to control territories. If a smaller company is selected as the vanguard for war, they can build out their forces with any player that volunteers to fight on their side. So a full sized army is always possible even with a company with a single player in it. As a member of a faction, you can be incredibly valuable contributor, you can supply Arms and Armor, you can complete faction missions, you are a critical member of their outstanding forces. So you will actually have to increase your factions influence in a given territory and eternam overall, in times of war, you can recruit fellow faction members to defend your territory or attack a rival faction, you cannot declare war against a company in the same faction as you. But if you don’t like how the company is governing a particular territory, you can always choose not to help them defend your faction choice impacts your play experience positively, and potentially even negatively.

So the three factions that are in conflict over eternam are directly competing with one another for the resources, power and influence. This means that over time, one faction might fall into a last place of swords. To avoid that feeling like a total defeat. We’ve been carefully tuning the benefits of being in a faction that controls the majority of the territories, while paying extra attention to make the factions that control fewer territories feel like underdogs, not the losing side, no matter who is winning in the moment, we built the system in a way that makes strong comebacks and exhilarating part of the game. So after I you know gave you guys a quick overview of you know what the blog post said, and you know what we know right now about factions? I do have a little quiz in the description below if you guys want to take a look at that and maybe try out the quiz and just see what you know, fashion looks correct to you. There’s a fashion quiz and it tells you kind of what faction they think you should be a part of, or what faction kind of you would represent in most cases. So I will leave that quiz in the description. Like I said, you guys leave a like, comment and subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time on the next new world MMO video

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