14 Endgame Gearing Guide for New World - What To Do At Level 60, Max Level Content, Gold, Loot

Endgame Gearing Guide for New World – What To Do At Level 60, Max Level Content, Coin, Loot

Ever wondered What To do At Level 60 in New World? Sir Medieval explains the maximum levl content, coin farming, loot farming as a well outlined Endgame Gearing Guide for New World. Watch the video below:

When you first reach level 60 in New World it might feel unclear of what you should do next or what you can do to begin with, well today I’d like to take a few minutes to finally break down nearly every piece of content available to you at max level for farming gear & other very nice rewards. This is a guide aimed at getting you to max level as soon as possible and many of these methods will require a group, but this should be an effective guide during both beta and launch. For exact locations of the expeditions – Amrine Excavation: Windsward north of the settlement Starstone Barrows: Everfall directly north of Shattered Obelisk The Depths: North-east section of Restless Shores Dynasty Shipyard: South-western corner of Ebonscale Reach Lazarus Expedition: North of the Reekwater Settlement just under the Eternal Pools Garden of Genesis: North-west of the central outpost in Edengrove As always, diving right into this topic of everything you need to learn about some of New World’s max level content available to you from the very moment you reach endgame. This will talk about crafting, field bosses & elite named mobs, faction warfare, outpost rush, corrupted breaches, and more.

Endgame Gearing Guide for New World – Video Transcript

What’s going on folks hope you having a good day. Today we’re going to talk about what you can do it in game a new world to start gearing up your character. It might seem unclear at first, but you do have multiple options for getting on your way to max level gear score. These methods include legendary weapon questlines, faction gear side quests, arenas, expeditions, elite mob farming and points of interest outpost rush or invasions in game corrupted portals and of course crafted gear. So let’s start with the legendary weapon quest line. So just like in the preview, we do have the option of a fairly long quest chain to obtain various different legendary weapons.

This question still begins at Eastbourne outpost of great cleave and what I recommend doing to be safe is to each and every quest line and Eastbourne outpost which will bring you to Cleves point do West then Mountain Home to the north. And finally mountain rise just to the east of that when you finally get to mountain rise outposts and get a quest that says Matta Chi strat gem that should give you the Infinity crystal and you should unlock the legendary weapon questlines but I have heard that right now you need to level your weapon skill all the way up to 20 is a prerequisite for the quest line so make sure to be aware of that.

Another thing is that during some if not all the quest lines it was changed not too long ago that you would need to level certain gathering professions to progress through them the logging and mining skills to be exact, so make sure you’re prepared to level those up a bit if you want to go this route. The next thing is side quest lines. So the legendary weapon quest lines are not the only reason to complete these various great cleave questions. You’ll also get pretty solid jewelry from doing these two and that also extends to other region quest lines alongside you getting access to your first orbs, rendering the game’s expeditions and arenas so I would strongly consider completing the questions in gray, Cleve, Eden Grove, Evans scale Reek water and shattered mountain for multiple different reasons especially because when you first get to endgame finding good jewelry can be pretty difficult or downright expensive to do. And this will also contribute to raising your gear score which in turn should give you a bigger chance for getting upgrades and the next thing is the arena’s and expeditions.

So currently in the game, we have access to all six expeditions and marine excavation, Star stone barrows, the depths dynasty shipyard, Lazarus expedition and garden of Genesis, but only the last three are the ones who really need to focus on it in game use are going to be capable of giving you purples and legendaries but also various different green and blue grade equipment that’s pretty decent to either use or sell the boss mobs themselves should occasionally have good drops, but the chest especially should deliver something most of the time. Now stone cutters are capable of crafting these orbs, but the best way to get them upon reaching endgame is to do the quest chains. So the main story quest seemingly ends around level 45. After you do the depth buffer dynasty shipyard you need to start doing the questions and urban scale and should eventually come to the quest line that gives you the expedition key. Same thing for the Lazarus expedition and Reek water and garden of Genesis and Eden Grove.

On top of this you can also get quest lines that lead you to various arenas scattered around the new world and these are capable of giving you not only decent gear, but money and other bonuses too. So far we have the eating grow spriggan the siren Queen located in the spire melpomene A southeast of Reek water the protector of the source located north of the settlement and Reek water and so far that seems to be it. During the preview, we were also able to find the corrupted spriggan located behind Captain Thorpe and merch guard. But it looks like since then, that the area has been temporarily blocked. Normally the quest line to get the key would be tied to the path the merch guard arena quest line and mountain rise. But so far, I haven’t seen anyone who’s unlocked it in the beta. So more than likely they’re going to bring back both the spriggan and Captain Thorpe in the future but we’ll have to see what happens there. Now all of these methods will assist you in getting higher level gear score equipment, but we also have outpost rush wars and invasions. So when you start getting to a higher level, you’ll start to notice a bigger bonus coming from competing in the territorial wars. But when you get to 60 this is when you start getting a minimum chest to give you equipment around 500 plus gear score, or invasions since these are level 50. Plus, you’ll start seeing the same especially at 60. This can also increase based on your character’s contribution. But you should always sign up for these even if your team is guaranteed to lose because this can be a great way to get free bonuses not just in Game Gear but also money and as off this especially goes throughout post rush to in terms of being able to find decent gear off the rewards Adobe seeing many matches in beta but you should definitely try to cue for this as much as you can on launch you’ll get a 500 plus gear chest along with money each time and in the past I have seen decent jewelry drops come from this too, even though it’s a 20 B 20. If it still works the same way you only need about 32 people queuing up for a match to officially start but remember that everybody has to be level 60 so that’s something to keep in mind. Now the next few things you want to look at is faction gear elite mob farming, and in game corrupted breaches are the corrupted breaches they basically work the same way as any other ones at a lower level except that at the higher levels of these events, it will be taking for insane numbers of corrupted damage.

You need to make sure that you buy the corrupted elixirs from the faction in PCT in gate. This will get a semi high or high level Alchemist to make some corrupted tinctures and trade them to you. But every time you complete one of these, you should also get a high level gear chest and a little bit of Azoth. Keep in mind also that the max gear score should be around 600 right now. So incorporating all these different ways of gaining gear should allow you to get there one way or another. The next thing is faction gear which is simply you farming the player versus environment and player versus player faction missions and going to the vendor to spend tokens alongside money, you need to make sure you’re doing your promotion questlines to keep gaining reputation and continue to buy high level gear. But when you get to the max tier, you can start buying some 525 and even 550 gear score faction pieces. Now normally when you get to around level 60 your gear score is going to be somewhere between 450 and 500. So being able to jump up to 525 or 550 like this is really good. And the second to last thing is going to be elite mob farming and field bosses including elite points of interest. Now throughout the map alongside all these other methods you will have access to various points of interest that will require being in a group to survive in but these can also give a lot of bonuses too. These are normally classified as elite areas and some do give you access to field bosses and different chests that you can open and get gear and resources through. These are areas like merch garden shattered mountain mangled heights on the western side of great cleave malevolence tower and eating Grove spire melpomene A in the southeast corner of Reek water or the eternal pools north of the settlement. Even urban scale reach has multiple areas like this and the southwestern region. On the way to dynasty shipyard one is known as the North palace shrine and another known as the forbidden ritual. These areas can also include mobs that go above level 60. Sometimes even though our player level is maxed out these mobs that go above that level are going to prove to be tougher, which should give better bonuses as a trade off. For the field bosses. You’ll see ones like more Xul The Herald and mangled heights and the high priest at the end of this open world dungeon malevolence at the top of Eden Grove tower, the Leviathan in the northwest corner of shattered mountain in the embassy minds, you’ll find elite mobs and field bosses all over that are capable of putting up a decent fight and dropping some high level loot. So if you have a big enough group of like seven to 12 plus people you can take on these areas and see if you can get some upgrades. And the last but not least method is going to come from of course crafting gear now with weapon smithing, armor, smithing and engineering. The other methods that I mentioned before should last you the majority of the way to endgame without really having to rely on crafted gear. But when it comes to getting gear that has specific attributes we need for our builds or getting that plus the best perks that we could hope for that’s where crafting is going to come into play and truly shine once we reach endgame. Now just like in the beta at launch, you won’t see that many people making high level stuff for a while because firstly, we got to upgrade the benches they need to find gear that has crafting perks on it, they give quality bonuses stock up on food buffs that increase their crafting productivity, make use of housing trophies and a few other factors such as external resources for the recipes, etc. And then we’ll start seeing that higher gear score really good perk and attribute combination and that’s what will make the crafters a lot of money around that time too. There’s also schematics and artifact recipes that we’ll come across to craft some truly powerful items. So crafting should still be where we get the majority of our truly in Game Gear. There’s even a set of armor known as void bent armor that is only craftable by a master crafter, someone who’s reached that endpoint of 200 in their trade skill. But with that, that’s everything you need to know about how we’ll be gearing at endgame and what you can do after you reach level 60. I hope this helps during launch and I’m crossing my fingers that they develop even more ways for us to progress in the future. Maybe some more types of dynamic events like I always talk about world bosses stuff like that would be really cool to see but have a wonderful night or day folks. Thanks so much for watching and farewell

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