19 New World Arcana Guide - Why is Arcana So Important In New World

Basic New World Arcana Guide – Why ARCANA in New World is SO Important

Watch the video below from Invin and see why the profession called Arcana in New World is SUPER Important. New World Basic Arcana Guide, Everything You Need To Know About Arcana Skill in New World and The Arcane Repository. Potions, Tincture, Gems and More!

New World Arcana Guide – Video Transcript

Hello everybody and welcome back to the channel. My name is Invin and today I am going to be bringing you guys a video on how our keynote works or our candidate works in new world is going to be one of the most important skills that you need to know about going forward in the game because it’s going to be able to craft your life staffs, fire staffs, ice gauntlets, as well as tons of really really useful persons like your obvious ones, the health and the manner pots, as well as then you regem pots, focus pots, all sorts of different resistors spots, wisps which are going to be used in gem craft and at high level, which is going to be super, super important because we’re going to cover that in another video for gem crafting.

But the icon is going to be really important for gem crafting as well. And obviously going forward into the game, there’s going to be tons and tons of things like essences later on, which are going to again, free for higher tier gems, and even getting things like the best staffs and godless in the game. This is probably one of the most highly anticipated skills in the game, there’s a ton to cover. And I’m going to go over a ton of different ways in which this skill can be done quickly and easily for you guys so that you can get to understanding it, and then a few more in depth bits towards the end so you guys can understand how to get to a higher level what to use it the absolute best for to start off here. This is inside the arcane repository, which can be found in the middle of every single settlement on the map, it looks like a circle with a triangle in and then another mini circle inside that triangle just like this one is shown here on the everflo map next to my purple marker, and you go ahead and press E and this brings up the interface which is on screen for you guys.

Now as you can see, the level is just to the right hand side of all of these items. So it’s the book marker and then the zero level which means it requires level zero this one is the book and then 25 which means it requires level 25 and the top right you can see your current levels so this tells me that I’m currently level 37 and obviously you can see coins and as offered there too. Now as you will notice you’ve got stuffs in there which both can be crafted from level zero you’ve also got a gauntlet in there that can be crafted from level zero and then you’ve got the level 2526 and 27 magic weapons respectively there that can be crafted because that’s the level I’ve got up to you then scroll down and you’ve got weak health potions and mana potions which are the first ones you can craft at level zero then you’ve got common ones which heal a little bit more health and a little bit more minor and those respective levels one and two and then finally you’ve got common region potion to come and focus potion at both level three and level five respectively and region potion is going to be for regenerating health similar to the effects that you gain from eating food and the focus portion is going to be for manoeuvre regenerates so similar to the region portion but for mana instead of health now moving on to weapon coatings.

These are something which are going to be really important particularly early game when you’re not doing quite as much damage to the mobs and you kind of having to get through some of the main story quests particularly these are going to be super super useful. So these are called common beast coatings or common loss coatings etc. And basically what they do is the common ones give a 9% damage against whatever type of mob is in the name of that potion. So for beasts obviously gives damage against beasts for lost as against lost etc. And this lasts for five minutes or until you switch weapons. So one really, really important thing to know about these is they only last on the weapon that you are actually holding when you apply the potion which can sometimes be good sometimes be a little bit annoying because you can’t switch between two particularly when you’re trying to DPS but it does give you almost 10% more damage which is really, really nice.

Another thing to know about these common coatings and Edie coatings going forward is they are only one at a time you can’t do a lost and the corrupted you can only do a lost or corrupted so it’ll just replace whichever one you drink the most recently will replace the current one that you had. They also have these really really really important points here which are common corruption, tinctures. These are going to be when you are doing the corruptive zones.

Again, I’m going to have a video coming on the corrupted zones and what the purpose of them is, etc. in the coming days. So make sure you are subscribed to the channel for that. But essentially these are going to remove the corruption affliction and gain minor resistance to it for a short time, obviously the common ones after the first level ones and then you need to get the higher level ones going forward in portals unless you have a healer with you, which can sometimes negate the ones up to level 45. But then you will need to push this going forward. So essentially, when you’re in the corrupted zones, you drink one of these and it helps you to not get killed by the zones corruption which is really, really helpful. And also you’ve got one for blight affliction as well which can be a very, very useful thing to have.

When you do get into the late game as well or the mid game at least then you’ve got wisps like I mentioned at the start now these are essential for jewelcrafting. Once you get up to tier three jewels, you will need wisps in order to cut them. So people who have high arcane levels can either sell these wisps, or they can increase their jewelcrafting level as well get them to tier three and then you’ll be able to make wisps yourself in order to craft those level three gems which are going to be super super useful. And particularly when the game first launches and in the beta right now these are very very much sought after. So it’s something that you can do quite easily it’s certainly level 25 so once you’ve crafted all your potions, you’re going to need a lot of health and mana potions as you’re going along as well as kind of like your corruption, tinctures you’re going to level it up pretty quick as you go in. So as you’re doing that your level it was 25 now you can make these wisps right here now as you will see once you get to like level 50 onwards there is different stuffs you can make. So the steel fire stuff for example at 50 strong health potions, strong corruption teacher, which these are just higher level portions of the ones that you had before which is really important because it doesn’t mean they do more health back or more resistance etc.

And these are going to be great for PvP PvE, whatever content you want to run, you’re definitely going to want to be stacked up on potions, particularly the region once for those higher level expeditions and PvP, because it’s going to be like eating food without having to not get hit after you’ve eaten the food or the region stops these regem regardless of whether you get in here or not, so they’re super, super useful. And it does both health and mana on this strong regeneration point here. So something to note as well again, when you get up to a higher level. So this one is level 62. This is a strong angry Earth Ward potion. And this increases damage absorption from angry Earth by 20% for five minutes, or after receiving damage 10 times. So essentially, this will give you a huge damage reduction versus certain enemies. And again, going forward, you can only have one of these applied at a time as far as I’m aware, but you can just go ahead and whichever enemies you currently fight in, pop one of these and they’re gonna do a lot less damage.

Again, in expeditions, this is exceptionally good because you can get a ton less damage reduction from a boss if you’re going to be tanking or if you’re going to be DD in the tank goes down you can put one of these tank the boss for a little bit, etc. And it is really really, really going to help you. Now another really good thing is you can get essences which again is for tier four gem crafting and jewelcrafting. So you’re really going to want to have those as quick as possible. If you do get on the arcane levels very early on and you managed to get a lot of essences and wisps you can sell them for a decent amount of gold off the start, which is a really good move again as well you can also get the godless and the stuffs, decent stuffs and decent and godless as you level up you can as well which is really nice a lot of people want to go after these so it’s going to be something worth crafting as well. Particularly if you’re going to be a magic user yourself it’s going to be very very nice.

And then obviously going down to the bottom here you get Quintessence series which is 85 gems, and they’re going to be pretty difficult to make you need a lot of mounts, a lot of essences, a lot of wisps etc to go into these. But once you do get them they are very very much worth it because to five gems is brilliant. So you’re definitely gonna want to make sure you focus in on these. And then finally you get infused potions, which are going to be like your top level ones. And that’s obviously 50% damage absorption which is really really good and then you’ve got infused corruption. So that’s again gives a maximal bonus to damage against corrupted. And then you’ve got infused health potions, which stores a large portion of health essentially infused is your highest tier of potions.

The Arcana Repository

And then right down the bottom here you get those gold legendary to five staffs and gauntlets to use and they’re gonna be very, very sought after and very, very good 590 to 590 gear score and then obviously can boost that through adding certain things on like as off getting different gems, put in gem slots, eight does come with a gem slot when you craft these late level ones, but you do need our counter skill up to level 187 you need a level five repository as well and you need to have obviously the resources to make it now one final thing to note here is that you do need to have a town that has a high enough level repository right now if I wanted to make these I do have the items I have the level as you can see in the bottom right here, but currently this Arcana repository is only level two or tier two rather so you would need to find a city for example on my world right now in the beta wins word has a tier three one so i’d need to go to windward in order to craft these so do make sure that you’re in a city where it’s got a decent level one if you are trying to craft it you think I’ve got the level I’ve got the materials

Why can’t I do it just make sure that the tier of your workshop or building it using is the correct tier and that goes for any crafting skill. Hopefully this guide has helped you guys out if it has, please be sure to leave a like on the video. If you’ve got any questions do drop them in the comments below. We’ll be sure to answer as many of them as I possibly can for you. And if you are new to the channel and you enjoyed this video and you want to see more new world guides and content and please make sure to drop a subscribe down below the notification bells on us that’d be much much appreciated over the night. As always, thank you very much for watching. Take care and peace

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