16 - New World Beginners Fishing Guide

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Fishing in New World!

Cross Current explains everything you need to know about Fishing in New World. Fishing is a profession utilized as “gathering” for many other Refining and Crafting professions. Watch the video below:

New World Fishing Guide Video Transcript

Hey, what’s up, everybody is crosscurrent. Today I’m giving you a guide to fishing in New World. Now in New World, I really like the fishing mechanics. And I feel like I should share with you guys so you know how to best utilize that in the game. Now to start off, you’re gonna want to craft a rod crafting a basic rod is extremely simple, you just would need a campfire. So typically you’ll press Y away from a landmark place on the ground, you’ll need five wood one flip to make that campfire, one step away from it, you go to the fire, press E and you can go to the fishing rod which should cost only one wood and one fiber both which are extremely easy to find. You then can use that rod for a very long time and later on, I’ll bring out how to make a better rod.
Now when you’re looking for fishing spire, gonna open the map and show fish icon with stars from one to three.

Now, to find these areas, you’re gonna, you gotta walk to the area and it’ll pop up and tell you a new location it’s discovered, you can’t just find it without doing that. And not every single body of water is a fishing spot. Also, before you start fishing, you’re going to want to find bait. Now, a lot of the basic bait you can find just by searching through bushes, but it is a random poll, so you’re not always going to get exactly what you want from a bush. You’re just gonna get mainly wood and after apparently 50 or so tries to get a couple of woodlouse bait. Now, the main beta is adjust, especially for Clearwater fishing, which Clearwater fishing is ideal early game, you’re gonna want to look for bull rush bull rush is found in certain locations. I found it near Clearwater areas, but it has a very high boost to your catching a fish.

Now, the woodlouse bait seems to give only a small booth, that’s why I suggest this also meet date, you can make that as well. Using the raw meat, I have found it to not give much of a boost as the Firefly bait, which you get from bulrush. Now when you’re fishing, you’re going to want to find a hotspot. If not, it’s gonna take a very long time to catch the fish almost tripled or quadrupled the amount of time as opposed finding hotspot, now the hotspot is gonna be a small circle, you’re gonna see a bunch of fish jumping out of the water and back into it just to signify that it’s a populated area. Now, this does have a maximum number of times it can be used. So the best time to go is early hours of the region’s like if you’re an NA West, try to make sure they’re getting online between like three to eight in the morning because most people don’t want to wake up that time to play video games.

Therefore, you’ll have more opportunity to go to these spots when other people are not even looking. Now also, there’s a time limit as I found out when I found a spot in advantage a couple seconds later. Alright, so when it comes to actually fishing, you’re going to want to first press tab and go to your inventory you look for your fishing rod, you will double click on that twice, so it’s then equipped. And you’ll exit all that real quick. You’ll press f3 so then it equips your fishing rod, and then you’ll cast into the water by holding left click to show the distance they’re gonna cast it. Once it lands on the water, you’re gonna see a little icon that’s just sitting there, and then it’s going to shake a little bit, and it’s going to show a fish icon with a green circle that’s going down, you’re going to want to click as quick as you can, at that point, no sooner otherwise you will have to recast.

After that, you’re gonna want to start holding down left click, but they’ll show a little scale for the fishing where it’ll be green, it’ll get bigger when it gets to a certain stage, it’ll get orange at that stage, I suggest just letting go of left click and waiting till it gets down to a small blue line and then restarting or oval if you prefer. You can go a little further but the problem is, if it’s a bigger fish, it can snap the line even when it’s just an orange. When it’s flashing red, you’ve waited way too long, you definitely let go you’re at that stage where your line can break and lose the bait glues everything. Otherwise, you’ll be able to pull the fish in over time and it will show the circle get closer to filling.

And once it’s fully full, you pull the fish out and I’ll give you an animation where it sticks into your pocket when it doesn’t make sense in that regard. Now you shouldn’t be losing bait very often. I’ve managed to catch about eight or 10 fish without losing a single bit of bait but If you break the line, it will lose the bait. Alright, so when it comes to salvaging fish, you’re just going to go to tab, you’re going to scroll down to where you see the fishing area, you’re going to click on your fish. And then you’re going to either click the button that says s for salvage, or you’ll press S and click to salvage the fish. What this will give is, it’ll give sometimes if you’re choosing a snail, I’ll give you snail bait and snail slime, which is used for alchemy, it’ll give you for other fish and give you fish filets, which are just used for missions and or just cookie in general, it can also give you some other items as well, depending upon the rarity of the fish, or what kind of fish it is.

Now, what I would suggest with this is don’t fillet any of don’t salvage any of them, unless you really need to for a mission. Because some missions will say, to have on all three large bass. So if you already salvage them, you’re gonna have to recatch that. And that’s a pain trying to catch fish specific fish because it’ll literally give you a wide variety of all the type of fish to catch, you have no way to actually specify at the moment, which kind of fish to catch. So just save it in your inventory, wait on it for trading. I’ll get into that in a separate video because I think that’s more it much easier to explain in that scenario.

So when it comes to making a better rod, I had tried this with other items in the past where I’d make pickaxes and axes and skinning knives and all that. But once I made it iron, I had a much better chance to get a bonus and to be much better. So I tried that, and it didn’t work very well. Turns out, the best way to do that is to add something called the Azoff AC o th to it, I had 15 so I added a perk that I probably won’t use but the first time I did that it also made it uncommon, so is an uncommon rod with better buffs better chance to catch fish. And apparently it’s better at night because a special perk I gave it.

So might as well. It’s double what you would have with the one wood one fiber rod, and this will cost course leather, it’ll cost timber and all costs cloth. So to make all that you have to get basic resources and take it to their own separate locations to craft that. So like for making the cloth they’re gonna need fibers gonna take delune and you’re going to make it from there. For the course leather, you’re gonna take rawhide, you’re gonna take it to the tannery, you’re gonna make course leather. For timber, you’re gonna have to chop down trees, just bases trees, take it to the wood cutting area, and woodworking area sorry, and you’re going to make them timber. And that’s how you’d make that rod.

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