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The packages below reflect the current pricing for the SoM Mutanus US PvP WoW Classic: Season of Mastery Server. All of the packages are available for both factions (Mutanus Alliance Gold / Mutanus Horde Gold)

Gold Delivery Information

All gold is commonly delivered via in-game mail. We also accept the options to deliver using other methods, including: Direct Trade (known as F2F Trade), CoD (Cash on Delivery Mail), Auction House Method (We cover the fee) or Item Delivery (High Value Items). If you wish to use another method, just reply on the Order Confirmation email. Please note that by making a purchase you automatically agree with our Refund Policy.

Mutanus Powerleveling

We have few more slots open for Mutanus Powerleveling (all level ranges including 1-60 possible). All races and classes are included. Level 1-50 and 1-60 includes level 40 (60% speed) mount. More information can be found on our Powerleveling section

Mutanus Boost

Our PvP/PvE Mutanus boost services consists of dungeons runs, profession boosts, reputation and gear farming. With our PvP boost, we can also rank you up in PvP through a custom package.

Buy Mutanus Accounts Level 30-60

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Mutanus US PvP SoM Server Info / Buy Mutanus Gold

Mutanus is a PvP United States / North America WoW Classic SoM - Mastery Server. Blizzard Entertainment considers it High population server with approximately 16852 (7898 Alliance | 8484 Horde) active online players according to Mutanus US PvP Realm Population.

Mutanus Gold - Buy Gold & Accounts for the WoW Classic: Season of Mastery Mutanus US PvP Server

Mutanus Realm Name Inspiration

Mutanus Server Information Mutanus is the final boss in Wailing Caverns. You must return to the entrance to summon him. Hell appear during the Naralex event after 2 waves of smaller mobs. He hits quite hard, and if he catches you off-guard, he could potentially wipe out your group. Make sure you eat and drink before he spawns. Mutanus has a powerful sleep spell called Delusions of Naralex which he will sometimes cast during the fight. Only enter at full health. Mutanus appears to disrupt any attempt by the Disciple of Naralex to wake the sleeping Naralex. Manifested from Naralexs Nightmare, Mutanus the Devourer has been ordered by whatever force has infected Naralexs dreams to prevent anyone from awakening him. Mutanus appears as a colossal albino Murloc. More info about Mutanus.