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We offer several delivery methods with focus on safety. Upon purchase, we will send you an email with delivery instructions if your order is for 10M gil or above. We will only deliver gil/items/valuables once you provide us with an answer on the email sent to you.

Please note that we do accept all trading methods: F2F (Direct Trade), Mail, Delivery via Items etc. By making a purchase you automatically agree with our Refund Policy.

Buy Powerleveling for Adamantoise

We have 3 more slots open for Powerleveling (all level ranges including 1-70 possible). All races and classes are included. Certain powerleveling packages include mounts and other bonuses. More information can be found on our Powerleveling page

Custom Boosting Service for Adamantoise

Our custom boosting service consists of Job tasks, Relic Weapon, Disciples of the Land, Darklight, Gears, Achievements, Gathering/Crafting, Resistance Weapons, Skysteel Tools, Raids etc (All). 100% Handmade service.

Buy Adamantoise Level 30-70 Accounts

Our FF14 Accounts are very secure, they were created with the purpose of being sold.

Aether Adamantoise NA (North America) Server Info

Aether Adamantoise - NA (North America) has approximately 87824 active online players according to the FF14 Aether Adamantoise Realm Population. Our website sells cheap Adamantoise gil for FFXIV (Final Fantasy 14) with focus on delivery speed and safety.

Gold, Power Leveling, Boosts, PvP, Quests and Achievements for Aether Adamantoise Realm - WoW Shadowlands / BFA - New Players PoP

Adamantoise Server Name Inspiration

Realm Information for Aether Adamantoise - WoW Shadowlands / BFA - Adamantoise is a superboss in Final Fantasy XV fought during the Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe hunt. Defeating it gives the Tortoise Toppler achievement/trophy. Cid will mention Regis once took on the adamantoise, but was not able to finish it off. The Adamantoise Meat the adamantoise sometimes procures can be used to cook Longwythe's Peak, a powerful recipe available in the post game. The Adamantite material it otherwise yields is an excellent elemancy catalyst. The hunt reward is an accessory that gives max (9999) HP to the wearer. More info about Adamantoise.