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The packages below are intended only for the Nethergarde PvP available on EP (The Elysium Project) - a Classic WoW Private Server, successor to Nostalrius Begins. The realm was launched on 30th March 2019 by The Elysium Project

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Elysium's Classic WoW Nethergarde Realm

Nethergarde represents a successor to the original Nostalrius Begins, a Classic WoW project that sparkled other numerous ones including The Elysium Project and Light's Hope. It is the second realm to be launched by Elysium Project in addition to Nighthaven, serving as a pre-sequel to their upcoming TBC release. The realm is named after Nethergarde, a stronghold in the Blasted Lands, or as officialy described "Built to keep watch over the Dark Portal, tasked with defending Azeroth from the Demonic Forces of the Blasted Lands". Nethergarde will be the final bastion for Elysium players before the opening of the Dark Portal.

Nighthaven PvP - The Elysium WoW Project
  • - Leveling Rates: Blizzlike x1
  • - Gold/Money rates: Blizzlike x1
  • - Faction Ratio: 45% Ally | 55% Horde
  • - Population Peak: 3500+ players (expected)
  • - Realm Patch: 1.1 Classic at start, with 1 year progression to Drums of War

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