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Update: - We are working to adjust our page for WoW Classic: Wrath of the Lich King. For the time being, you can buy WoW WOTLK account from our partner website.

News Update 12th September 2021:
Our TBC and Classic pages were merged. All of the available WoW Classic Accounts Level 60 and WoW TBC Classic Level 70 can be purchased from this page.

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Game Accounts Available for World of Warcraft: Classic (Vanilla WoW)

If you are looking to buy WoW Classic Account, look no further. On this page you can purchase ready-made level 30-60 Accounts for all Classic World of Warcraft Servers and realms. We cover:

EU - Europe (English/German/French/Russian):
EU PvP: Ashbringer, Bloodfang, Celebras, Dreadmist, Dragonfang, Earthshaker, Firemaw, Flamelash, Harbinger of Doom, Heartstriker, Gandling, Gehennas, Golemagg, Judgement, Mandokir, Mograine, Noggenfogger, Razorgore, Shazzrah, Skullflame, Stonespine, Ten Storms, Amnennar, Sulfuron, Finkle, Lucifron, Venoxis, Patchwerk, Dragon's Call, Transcendence, Wyrmthalak, Rhok'Delar, Zandalar Tribe
EU PvE: Mirage Raceway, Nethergarde Keep, Pyrewood Village, Auberdine, Everlook, Razorfen, Lakeshire, Chromie

US / Americas:
US PvP: Anathema, Arcanite Reaper, Bigglesworth, Benediction, Blaumeux, Earthfury, Faerlina, Fairbanks, Heartseeker, Herod, Incendius, Netherwind, Kirtonos, Kurinaxx, Kromcrush, Loatheb, Rattlegore, Skeram, Smolderweb, Stalagg, Sulfuras, Thalnos, Thunderfury, Whitemane, Arugal, Felstriker, Yojamba, Deviant Delight, Grobbulus
US PvE: Ashkandi, Atiesh, Azuresong, Mankrik, Myzrael, Old Blanchy, Pagle, Westfall, Windseeker, Bloodsail Buccanneers

AU / Australia & Oceania:
Arugal, Felstriker, Yojamba, Remulos

The most hyped game of 2019 - World of Warcraft Classic, A.K.A. Vanilla WoW. If you haven't experienced the first version of the game, you are in for a big surprise. Don't be fooled by the level 60 cap - it is way more difficult to attain level 60 in comparison to level 120. The average player will need approximately 2 months until it dings 60. Unlike the most recent versions of the retail WoW like BFA and Legion, Classic WoW is not all about end-game content. You can not readily skip to level 60 in a matter of days. This version does require pure grind, especially in the first months after the launch date.

WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade Accounts for Sale (Buy WoW TBC Level 70 Account)

WoW TBC Classic Accounts for Sale / Buy WoW Classic Burning Crusade Level 70 Character

If you are looking to buy WoW TBC Classic Account, look no further. On this page you can purchase ready-made level 70 Accounts for all Burning Crusade Classic World of Warcraft Servers and realms. We cover:

Obviously the most hyped game for 2021 - the expansion of WoW Classic - The Burning Crusade. If you haven't experienced the first expansion of yet, now is your chance. Even though Shadowlands brought drastic changes in terms of the level range (it was downed to 60 from max level cap of 120), the WoW TBC Classic retains the original level cap at 70. It is still way more difficult to level 70 in TBC Classic than leveling in Shadowlands or any of the recent expansions. By our estimation, by the time you get 3 level 60's in the Shadowlands expansion, you would have reached your first level 70 character in WoW TBC Classic. Leveling in the new shattered world of Outland can be tiresome and it does require certain level of hard-core grinding to get to 70.

Is buying an account for WoW Classic / TBC worth it?
The nature of Vanilla is pure grind. Even with PRO rushing, the most average /played time for a level 60 won't be below 6 and 1/2 days which is approximately 156 hardcore gaming hours to reach the maximum level, without paying any attention to the content, professions... just pure rush to level 60 or 70. On top of it, plenty of gold will be needed to learn all of the spells and abilities once you reach 60, considering a player only upgrades the ones from the talent tree he uses. Add the gear dependency on top of it, especially for a gear-based classes like Warriors, Rogues, Paladins - they constantly have to keep up even while leveling, which is not the case (somewhat) for spell casters and Hunters.

Put it any way you want, the game itself is designed to literary eat your time. While many players will opt in to level their first level 60 all by themselves, they will usually look to purchase their level 60 alt when they realize it will be months before they will reach the max level with it too.

There are people who don't have the time and simply wish to skip to the end-game PvP, PvE - dungeons and raids. There are people who find the Vanilla leveling dissapointing. If you belong in one of these groups, and you would rather enjoy the end-game right away, by all means it is worth it.

We take pride in being the first and oldest Classic WoW Accounts & Powerleveling Shop. Our website was previously known as & and was recently reintegrated into Gold4Vanilla due to the upcoming Classic WoW release on 27th August 2019. Ever since launching our services back in 2014, we covered the very same gold, accounts & powerleveling services for all major Vanilla Classic private servers: Feenix's Warsong, Nostalrius Begins PvP & PvE, Kronos 1, 2 & 3, The Elysium Project: Anathema, Darrowshire & Elysium PvP and most recently Light's Hope: Lightbringer, Northdale and Silver Hand.

We know Vanilla Classic inside-out and you can feel confident by placing an order with us - this version of the game is where we excell at. We have successfully sold over 3000 accounts in the past years, and provided gold to over 15000 different customers across all Vanilla WoW realms.

Buying an account usually involves received game account details and credentials like account and e-mail address (Gmail is commonly used).

Powerleveling for WoW Classic / TBC

We used to sell both accounts and powerleveling services from the same page. They are now split. If you are looking for Powerleveling, check this page.

All of our services are available for all Blizzard's Classic WoW Servers and Realm-Types including European (EU), and North American (US) servers with all realm types: PvP (Player VS Player), PvE / Normal (Player VS Environment), RP (Role-Playing), PvP-RP (Player VS Player Role Playing).

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Factions: Alliance, Horde

Races: Human, Orc, Night Elf, Undead, Dwarf, Troll, Gnome, Tauren, Blood Elf, Draenei

Roles: DPS(s), Healer(s), Tank(s)

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