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Vanilla Classic WoW Info

Classic WoW is the highly anticipated, upcoming (re) release of the original, first World of Warcraft version, known as Classic and by it's other popular ice-cream like name: Vanilla WoW. Dubbed Retail Classic, or Official Classic by the playerbase - it was finally announced by Blizzard in November 2017, after a lot of pressure from the Private Server World of Warcraft community, since the latter's shutdown of the most popular Private Server called Nostalrius which featured the first WoW version in two separate PvP and PvE servers.

Retail Classic Vanilla WoW Gold (Blizzard)Players will start from level 1 and will progress through level 60 with real, Blizzlike x1 rates. Old PvP battlegrounds are: Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin and the famous 40vs40 players Alterac Valley where battles were known to last more than 24 hours. 20 and 40 man raids will be available for Molten Core, Zul Gurub, Blackwing Lair, Ahn'Qiraj 20 & 40 and the original Naxxramas raid in the Eastern Plaguelands.

  • The original 8 races will be available: Human, Night Elf, Gnome, Dwarf, Orc, Undead, Troll & Tauren
  • The original 9 classes will be available: Warrior, Paladin, Shaman, Hunter, Rogue, Druid, Mage, Priest, Warlock
  • The original 11 professions will be available: Mining, Skinning, Herbalism, First Aid, Cooking, Fishing, Leatherworking, Tailoring, Enchanting, Blacksmithing & Engineering.

Classic WoW Timeline

Players will be able to experience the original WoW once again on Blizzard's server thanks to the pressure from the private community which was anxious for a Vanilla WoW server by Blizzard. There were many events which led to that:

  • 2004 November - World of Warcraft was released.
  • 2011 December - Vanilla Gaming was released. The first private Classic WoW server.
  • 2012 July - Emerald Dream was released. The first private Vanilla server with x1 experiences, by WoW-One/Feenix
  • 2013 March - Warsong was released. The first highrate x12 Vanilla server, by WoW-One/Feenix
  • 2015 February - Nostalrius Begins was released. Considered the turning point for the Private Classic Community
  • 2015 March - Kronos WoW was released by Twinstar.
  • 2015 November - Nostalrius PvE was released - the players were demanding a less-engaging PvE Experience.
  • 2016 April - Nostalrius was shut down by official Blizzard request. Players were enraged and demanded retail Classic to be published by Blizzard "You Think You Do But You Don't".
  • 2016 May - Kronos 2 was released by Twinstar. Basically a safe haven for people looking to continue playing Vanilla.
  • 2016 November - The Nostalrius team announced their decision of providing the core and database to Valkyrie (Elysium) because Blizzard completely ignored the request for Classic release.
  • 2016 December - The Elysium Project was born. Nostalrius PvP and Nostalrius PvE were released to the public once again.
  • 2017 January - Due to disagreements between the leadership groups of the former Nostalrius Begins and the Elysium Project, the PvP realm was renamed to Anathema, and the PvE to Darrowshire. The fresh realm called Elysium was released.
  • 2017 October - An Elysium Project rogue-staff member called WhiteKidney hijacked the database and launched Light's Hope, the highest populated realm Elysium, was renamed to Lightbringer.
  • 2017 November - To combat the contemporary situation, the Elysium Project released Nighthaven, a fresh vanilla server.
  • 2017 November - Following the tense situation on the Private Classic Community, Blizzard finally announced Classic on their Blizzcon, without any official release date.
  • 2018 March - Kronos 3 was released by Twinstar. KR3 placed Light's Hope in the shadows for the following months.
  • 2018 April - Light's Hope announced Northdale. Anathema, Darrowshire were merged together under Lightbringer.
  • 2018 June - Northdale was released by LH. Considered the final prime classic server before the retail Classic ones are launched.
  • 2018 November 2nd - Blizzard Announced the release period of Classic World of Warcraft in Summer 2019 on their Blizzcon, in addition to the retail Classic Demo.
  • 2019 March 31st - The Elysium Project announced their Nethergarde realm which did not prove successfull
  • 2019 May 14th - Blizzard Finally announced the launch/release date of Classic WoW. It will be launched on 27th August 2019
  • 2019 May 15th - Blizzard launched their closed beta for the upcoming Vanilla WoW. Invitations were sent to a certain amount of players.

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Older Classic WoW News

Update: 13th August 2019 - We enabled the sale of gold & accounts for all EU & US WoW Classic realms on our main website, Vanilla.Games - check the links below:

WoW Classic EU Realms: Ashbringer | Bloodfang | Dreadmist | Earthshaker | Firemaw | Flamelash | Gandling | Gehennas | Golemagg | Judgement | Mograine | Noggenfogger | Razorgore | Shazzrah | Skullflame | Stonespine | Ten Storms | Zandalar Tribe RP-PvP | Amnennar | Sulfuron | Finkle | Dragon's Call | Heartstriker | Lucifron | Patchwerk | Transcendence | Venoxis | Harbringer of Doom | Flamegor | Rhok'Delar | Wyrmthalak | Hydraxian Waterlords | Mirage Raceway | Nethergarde Keep | Pyrewood Village | Auberdine | Lakeshire | Everlook | Razorfen | Chromie

WoW Classic US Realms: Benediction | Earthfury | Faerlina | Deviant Delight | Heartseeker | Herod | Incendius | Kirtonos | Kromcrush | Netherwind | Skeram | Stalagg | Sulfuras | Thalnos | Anathema | Arcanite Reaper | Bigglesworth | Blaumeux | Grobbulus | Fairbanks | Kurinaxx | Rattlegore | Smolderweb | Thunderfury | Whitemane | Ashkandi | Bloodsail Buccaneers | Mankrik | Pagle | Westfall | Windseeker | Atiesh | Azuresong | Myzrael | Old Blanchy | Arugal | Felstriker | Yojamba | Remulos

In addition, WoW Classic Powerleveling can now be obtained for all realms mentioned above.

Update: 17th May 2019 - Playing on the Classic WoW Beta

Update: 14th May 2019 - Playing on the Classic WoW Beta

Update: 3rd November 2017 - Blizzard Announcing their plans for Classic WoW:

Update: 3rd November 2017 - Classic WoW Trailer Cinematic

Update: 9th November 2018 - Classic WoW Demo First Impressions:

Update 16th December 2018 - Our Classic WoW Gold & Powerleveling services will be available from the following locations: Classic WoW Powerleveling, Vanilla WoW Gold, Gold for Classic WoW. The list will most likely be updated in the future.