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Barbarians are people who prefer simple, forceful ways of tackling problems. They are unmatched at wielding two-handed weapons, but they can also use their teeth and head - preferably to smash unsuspecting opponents. Barbarians excel in melee combat, spinning through the ranks of their foes and dealing deadly blows. Barbarians decimate their enemies using heavy weapons and their own bodies.

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Knights are gallant and heroic warriors. Guided by honor and the strength of their weapons, they strive to restore their motherland to its former glory. Knights are natural-born commanders, always leading, supporting, and protecting their fellow Taernians. Knights are the most powerful in larger battles where they can boost their companions’ morale and protect them by redirecting some of the damage to themselves.

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Fire Mage

Fire always fascinated humanity. It's one of the elements, a building block of the universe. Those who can control it gain immense power. Many mages succumbed to this temptation and became Fire Mages. Mastering the element in the volcanic, ash-covered areas of Taern, Fire Mages are experts in casting powerful, offensive fire spells. As lords of the element of fire, Fire Mages can deal significant and extensive damage.

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The vast forests of Taern were a natural place for archery training. Many Taernians honed their skills in that wilderness. The frightening tangle of treetops blocked most of the light, so hunting there required keen eyes and a steady aim. Archers use precise, accurate shots to weaken their foes.

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Druids are fierce protectors of life. Entwined with the nature of Taern like ancient oaks, they were uprooted and moved onto foreign soil by the grunts of Utor and their magic. Druids are furious like bears awakened from their slumber. They are excellent healers who understand the language of nature and are able to summon its strength to defend themselves. Druids are valuable members of any party due to their ability to heal, but their strikes may prove deadly, too.

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Voodoos know the intricacies and duality of human nature. They can also use its weaknesses for their purposes. Voodoos travel the world, draining will and life force from their enemies, proving to everyone that the human mind and spiritual energy are powerful tools. Voodoos make their foes easier to defeat by weakening them with surprisingly fast mental attacks.

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Sheeds are valiant warriors who fight using various techniques and their agility. Many years of training turn Sheeds into perfect killing machines. Their weapons are powerful knuckledusters and combat gloves. Sheeds study ancient combat techniques that allow them to better control their bodies. Sheeds are melee combatants who weaken their foes by attacking their vulnerable spots.

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