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Our Accounts for Broken Ranks are very secure, they were created with the purpose of being sold.

FAQ - for buying BR accounts on Gold4Vanilla

How account buying works?

It is the simplest process to buy account. Browse through the available offers, click on the "Buy Now" button and make the purchase. The account credentials will be emailed to you within the next few hours, up to 24 hours at most. Our accounts are covered with our Refund Guarantee and Privacy Policy - if you do not get the credentials within 24 hours of purchase, you are entitled to a full refund.

Is it safe to buy?

While account sales always have certain risk-factors, all of our accounts were made to be sold, we go through several processes in order to secure their safety and longevity. We strive to provide ownership documents for all accounts (where applicable), meaning, no one can simply take back the account you purchased in the future.

Broken Ranks Accounts for Sale (Buy High-Level Account for the Whitemoon Games MMO)

Broken Ranks Accounts - Buy Broken Ranks Account at Gold4Vanilla

If you are looking to buy Broken Ranks Account, look no further. On this page you can purchase ready-made leveled Accounts for all Broken Ranks - Whitemoon Games MMO Servers. We cover all United States (North America), Europe, South America and Australia (Asica Pacific) servers. By buying a Broken Ranks account you skip the boring, time-consuming leveling process which can take from several weeks up to few months. Gearing your game character (hero) can also take a couple of months, so if you are the kind of person that likes to skip the boring part of the gameplay and go straight to the high-end game content, our Broken Ranks Account Shop will serve you well.

Why Buy Broken Ranks Account from Gold4Vanilla?

Shop with peace of mind. Every BR account listed on this webpage undergoes multiple checks to ensure its safety. Verification documents are provided if necessity arises for account ownership verification. Each account is delivered within 24 hours maximum and is covered by our Refund Policy. You can pick and choose from any server and region zone - Europe, United States (East & West), South America - Brasil, Asia Pacific / Australia, any available class - Barbarian, Knight, Sheed, Druid, Vodoo, Archer, Fire Mage alongside with the weapon specializations available on the character. Most of the available accounts for Broken Ranks will usually have maxed or increased set of profession skills.

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We might be interested to purchase your account(s), even on frequent basis if you are interested in leveling and skilling up accounts for sale-purposes.
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