g4v 5 Ulduar PTR HUGE Datamined Info! Item level increases, HEROIC+ is called what
Wrath of the Lich King

Wrath Classic Phase 2: Ulduar PTR HUGE Datamined Info! Item level increases, HEROIC+

Will the Phase 2 of Wrath Classic really feature Heroic +? Huge data was mined from the PTR, coming from the Ulduar Raid. Item Level Scaling, Improved Auction House and more.

Is Ulduar The Best Raid in all WOTLK or only Phase 2? PTR Testing Reveals Huge Improvements and New Features for Wrath Classic

Some pretty huge news has gone out over the last 24 hours. Well, actually, it was about seven hours ago. But as you can see, I’m in bed is Saturday, I’m hungover, there’s no way I’m getting up updated to build 3.4 point 1.4672 to sort of pointless numbers, really. But this has got a lot of information or a lot of data mined information, should I say from phase twos? Or do I patch two listings on here, such as the heroic plus mode, which we now know is going to be called defense protocol, alpha defense protocol alpha, a little bit of a mouthful for just heroic Plus, we’ve actually got some real world examples of item level increases, where we’re looking at the six item level increase on a 12 item level increase for hardmode gear. And there’s also some minor achievement changes that have been date in mind.

But none of this is particularly important. Now, I’d encourage you to go and look at this because there’s so much information on it that I might pick out something that you’re not particularly interested in, which is fine, but you’re gonna get a general gist of the ideas that I’m trying to get across in this video, which to be fair, all I’m really interested in is the item level increase. The fact that it’s just been data mined from the PTR just tells us that we’re only a week or two away from actually getting to do some testing in order to our and testing some of this defense protocol Alpha stuff, which would set us on course, for a January release, like most of us already assume is going to be the case. So date in mind has been some new achievements, which is nice. So defense protocol Alpha terminated is to complete all the heroic dungeon achievements listed below.

So it looks like this is just another meta achievement containing all of the instances in Northland be nice to see future dungeons added to that list as well, which I’m sure they will maybe they’ll just be standalone single achievements because they’re not going to take the meta achievement away from you. And then make you have to get extra dungeons to complete if you know what I mean. I’d imagine like trial of the champion when it comes out. And phase three will just be a singular achievement. And, as we will the three dungeons that come with ICC as well, that that’s a nice touch that I have actually put the achievements in as well. I wasn’t expecting that if I’m honest.

From the Ulduar Data mining: There’s some date in mind changes to classes as well, which I’m not going to focus on too much because sometimes these end up being wrong, but there’s one for Dragon’s Breath. There’s one for reckoning for Paladins elemental oaths there as well, I’ll be honest with you, at first glance on any of these I don’t really see any difference recommend when it’s actually got five points in does give you a 10% chance when blocking or being here. It just looks like this is actually the build up talents to the final talent, or are they adding blocking at 123 and four points in recommend, I don’t know, fester in Emerald drinkers for some reason been found. But we know what that’s from anyway, that’s from pre paying for 12 months subscription. I’ve done a video on it up here somewhere, go and check it out. There is loads of MPC abilities on here.

But as I say we’re not going to fixate on any of these too much. Instead, we can see the effect that some of the idols are going to get for druids, for example. So to tear eight feral relic, which normally has a chance to give you 153 agility with the item level buff of six item levels is now going to give you 162 agility, the resto relic which increases your spell power of nourish by 187 will now be doing 198. And then you can even see some here for the PvP idols as well, like I’d love to NASA II, which increases the final healing value of life balloon by to nine for now go up to 311. For some reason, the librium facilite command has also been found to have been changed slightly. But that’s from budgeted justice, it doesn’t even work at level 80. But then you can see some interesting things like the librium for protection, which comes from various acts on 25. Man, what it was doing was increasing your block value by 450. For 20 seconds, each time you use holy shield, now it’s going to increase your block rating by 476.

Sorry, block value, not rating, that would be mental. But yeah, block value by 476 for 20 seconds. So that’s an extra 26, which that’s a big increase really just for six item levels. Now, I don’t want to just sit and go through all of these that have been found, because there’s going to be more and more found over the next day or two. So just go and have a look at the post. I do want to talk about two trinkets in particular though, which is going to make a lot of people very, very happy. I don’t want to skip over blood of the Old Gods. But you know, bloody Oh, God is only a normal trinket. It’s not hardmode trinkets, so it’s only it would only see a six item level buff is basically what I’m trying to say. So that’s actually gone from 12, eight for attack power to 13 five, eight, so a decent jump, but you would expect some of the trinkets that are going to go up by 12 item level to see a lot larger jump than that, which is what we’re going to get to in a second. So the interesting thing and now this isn’t an exact science don’t get me wrong, but it’s roughly there from what I’ve been looking at commissural is from algorithm by the way, and the proc on it ordinarily would increase your haste rating by seven to six, but now increase your haste rating by 768.

Now this is a hardmode trinket, so it’s 239 Ordinarily, and it’s now going to go up to 251. If we look at the proc and do seven to six divided by the actual item level, so if we do 726 divided by 239 for each one item level, you would expect to get about three haste. So that’s where the seven to six is coming from. Now if we buffed it by 12 item level, we should be able to predict roughly what it would be based on saying well 3.037 haste per item level. Let’s see if that actually works. So we’ll take that We’ll just times it by 251, which is what the new item level is going to be. And it gives seven, six 2.4. When we look now at the item, it’s giving 768. So you’re getting slightly more value per item level as it’s going up. But what this would show, even though we can’t see the item level of the item on this data mind information, it will be going up by 12 item level, it will be 251. Because that would be too big of a jump, if it was only going up by six. And like I say, I know that’s not an exact science, but it gives you rough numbers.

And to be fair, even by going up by 12 item level, the amount of haste you’re actually getting per point is still only three point something rather than like a drastic rise. Like you can see here, it works out 768 divided by 251. It’s 3.05. So it’s such a minor increase when it comes to the 12 item level that you can almost use that as I say, feel free to look through most of these but things like defense protocol alpha, we already know what that is we’ve got a very inflamed so now we’re looking at spells that that’s particularly on razor scowl. But then we get to I have the Broodmother. So either Broodmother is a trinket, let me show you what it is. So this is from 10 Man, so we would only expect this to go up by six item level and it starts at 290 and increases your crit rating by 87. And each time you cast a spell you get 25 spell power, so that’s gonna go up five times, so you’re gonna get 125 spell power when it’s stuck.

Now what they’ve actually found is it’s going up by one spell power each obviously you’re going to get more crit rating, but it is now just going to basically give you an extra five spellpower that’s a little bit tight but also probably around about right for something that’s going to end up being a two to five I level. Is it me or does that seem really weird the fact that it’s going to go up by six it should really go up by seven so it takes it up to two to six. So we’ve got two to six items already. It will make sense it was two to six maybe they do but my seven item levels you know the two nineteen’s but they did say six across the board which will make it two to five just ever so slightly worse than kT yet but I’m gonna have to skip straight to the big one. This is going to be the one that every federal every warrior marksman Hunter basically anyone who uses armor pen is going to be really excited about so we’re going to look for molinia Runestone your melee and ranged attacks have a chance to increase armor pen rate in and it was by 665 is now by 751 that is actually a really really big jumped over 751.

That is a huge amount of armor pen like that game is absolutely crazy when you think about the amount of haste on the algal on trinket like I was looking at before comics trail only going up by less than 50. This is going up by like 90 ish. Pretty good. So yeah, watch out for this shrink it. There’s also the cast a trinket that I wanted to talk about for a second, if I can actually find it. Let me show you Pandora’s play. So Pandora’s plague is your 108 intellect and your spells have a chance to increase your spell power by 751 for 10 seconds. So when we look here, it’s gone from 7512794. Now Pandora’s play is only a two to six high level. So this is only going to go up by six item level. But taking up to 794 That’s a decent jump that’s actually very closely in line with the algorithm trinket even though the Avalon trinket was slightly higher item level and it was hardmode but seems to be weird sort of numbers in between them, I can’t quite get my head around it, there will be a formula behind it. No doubt that will be discovered over the next few days.

But I’m looking at so many different ones at the moment, I need to just like focus on purely just armor pen or purely just spellpower because I’m guessing they’ve got like a different scaling per item level or scaling per maybe even five item levels or something like that between the different stats obviously but either way, it’s still really interesting to look at but they’re just some of the things that I wanted to highlight out of this massive massive page of notes but as I said at the start, I would recommend you just go and look at this yourself.

I’ll put a link in the description if you want to go and have a look. If you enjoyed the video like subscribe if you’d like to my bedroom then call I’m gonna play the PlayStation Now for a little bit but Spider Man in bed rest ahead before I get up but as I say like subscribe, check out rest of XP in a pinned comment and roll the outro there’s lots of ways you can support the channel to keep me here putting out World of Warcraft content and covering all future MMOs consider joining the channel as a member you get access to emotes everyone will know you’re a member when you comment on future videos because you get a nice icon next to your name and you get access to members only videos which I’ll be putting a lot of on the channel throughout the year. Additionally, there’s a patreon link in the description as well. Thank you for watching all the way to the end and I’ll see you on the next one.

More info about the WOTLK Classic Phase 2 are available on the following link.

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