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Wrath of the Lich King

WOTLK Classic Server Queues Are a Mess!

So today I thought I have a little bit of a chill day watching the new Amazon Rings of Power Series. But the classic while service situation is getting spicier and spicier by the day. In fact, their situation is pretty diabolic so far definitely have to make a video about it voice for complaints from the community and how that Blizzard will actually see the video and do something about it and will also actually send this video to a community manager. Also, by the way, guys, you might be pretty surprised to know that only 21.7 people who watched my videos actually subscribed to the channel slightly better than last time I made a video.

Which Are The Best WOTLK Classic Servers?

So we are definitely crawling up very slowly. And I definitely do appreciate it guys, but most channels have about 30 to 40%. So do mean absolute solid guys subscribe to the channel, you’ll get loads of subscriber only content as well. But anyway, let’s jump in. So if you have absolutely no idea I’m talking about you’re probably one of the lucky people who’s not on a server that overpopulated and you probably wondering what on earth the crack is while people are waiting over five hours, sometimes six hours.

So even log into the game and play it. I think the funniest thing that’s come out of this situation is very satirical website that has emerged called vi multibillion dollar company.com which just absolutely cracks me up. furtively. What this does is it tracks the queue on the benediction server one of the biggest servers for the US region.

And as you can see, at its worst, it was a 387 minute cue that six hours and 27 minutes and that’s 15,000 players 15,000 People are trying to log into the game. Actually guys, there’s a little bit of a post edit, scroll a little bit further down that page. And the queue was actually six hours and 55 minutes at its peak. Look at this screenshot that was posted on my Discord from one of my fans four hours in a 12k queue is actually canceled as prescription because you know when he gets home from work by the time he logs into the game, he’s time to go to bed.

I also decided to look at the queue for faculty now. This is four o’clock in the afternoon guys, the queue is 360 free minutes 12,000 people trying to get into the server. So obviously people were way more interested in fresh servers from people who originally fought but let’s try and get to the bottom of this you know what has caused this to happen? Well obviously Blizzard have drastically underestimated the hype and volume of increased players for the pre patch has brought something to be a little bit scared about guys is this this is the pre patch not not the roof of the Lich King launch year. I think when Rafa is about to launch, I’m not going to log out for like a week.

This is very reminiscent of the classic World of Warcraft launch by now simply isn’t enough servers to accommodate the playerbase I mean servers themselves as a design concept. They’re very dated. You know, we’ve seen this with new MMOs that have come and gone like New World. It started with many, many different servers. And it has now consolidated down to very little service is understandable why smarter MMO companies like the Elder Scrolls Online have opted for a massive server design. I mean, yeah, you lose that close knit community but you have on a little server but at the end of the day, people don’t want to sit in a server queue for hours before being actually able to play the game. I think it’s a good trade off. Firstly, I think there are a number of ways Blizzard could have mitigated these issues from happening. Even travelling to Northrend can be daunting.

Are There Wrath Classic Servers Without Queues?

If you’re going to have an archaic server design. At least optimize a nurture it to be the best system it can be definitely needs some tender loving care. servers need constant attention, moderation and adjustments to maximize player enjoyment. In this case, they need all of the above juice for people to be actually able to experience the game in the first place. Especially as the advancement of remote desktop software has exasperated the issue even further. I mean, many YouTubers, including myself are promoting these kind of products as a way to log into the game early to get into that queue early. And hopefully it will be done by the time that you get home. number of people in my Discord have actually told me that they’re using software like this Now, problem is it’s making the queues bigger and it’s making them slower.

But at the end of the day, what can you do can either partake in this practice or not play the game and therefore not get your money’s worth 10 pounds a month that you’re paying for the subscription fee. So what can Blizzard actually do to fix an already pretty flawed system? Well, firstly, they definitely should have made a fresh server without any restrictions, a fresh server where you don’t actually have to start from fresh and you could transfer a character from any existing server and obviously it should We’ll be free not a paid service as I mean, the first server could be nicely populated of a decent amount of people and communities from all over different servers and of low of a traffic going onto the already overpopulated servers. And I think a few people probably would appreciate the opportunity to start from fresh without having to literally start from level one, you definitely wouldn’t get as a good economy reset on that server, because obviously, the transfer itself would have a gold cap, and people would be able to bring gold onto this server.

But nonetheless, you know, it was taking me six hours to log into my server, I probably definitely would take that option. And to be honest, you don’t even need to make a first server for people to transfer on to because obviously, it does run the risk of a dying you know later and reflect kings lifetime when the inevitable player drop off will happen. For EU there’s already a low populate server called Ashbringer. That people should be given free transfers to but I just checked, and you can’t, for free transfers currently only go to a dead RP server called hydroxyzine, warlords, and milgrain a high populated PvP server for some reason, which really does not make any sense.

Another rather large issue that has inevitably and rather predictably happened with these fresh servers as everyone has crowded onto one first server, rather than splitting evenly between the two for servers, servers, one very high populate server with an insane queue like a show before. And then the second server will likely die by phase three. The very easy solution to this is to actually add incentives to transfer onto this lower popular ID server. For instance, they could provide an extra experience both all the way up to 100% increase experience for people who transfer onto the lower populate for a server or just give it to everyone on the lower populate for server.

Official List of All Wrath Classic Servers

The lists are taken from the official realm status Warcraft page.

  • Angerforge
  • Arugal
  • Ashkandi
  • Atiesh
  • Azuresong
  • Benediction
  • Bloodsail Buccaneers
  • Earthfury
  • Eranikus
  • Faerlina
  • Grobbulus
  • Maladath
  • Mankrik
  • Myzrael
  • Old Blanchy
  • Pagle
  • Remulos
  • Skyfury
  • Sulfuras
  • Westfall
  • Whitemane
  • Windseeker
  • Yojamba
  • Amnennar
  • Ashbringer
  • Auberdine
  • Chromie
  • Earthshaker
  • Everlook
  • Firemaw
  • Flamegor
  • Gehennas
  • Giantstalker
  • Golemagg
  • Hydraxian Waterlords
  • Jin’do
  • Lakeshire
  • Mandokir
  • Mirage Raceway
  • Mograine
  • Nethergarde Keep
  • Patchwerk
  • Pyrewood Village
  • Razorfen
  • Sulfuron
  • Thekal
  • Transcendence
  • Venoxis

This will definitely encourage people sitting for hours and hours in a server queue to go and jump onto that lower populated server. Because right now there isn’t that much of an incentive because, you know, you can have to start all over again, people have already, you know, probably leveled a few levels. To encourage people to transfer phone number must serve as well that’s more difficult because people already have guilds and communities set up.

And obviously an experienced boost would definitely not be good enough to encourage people to transfer because most people already have Max characters, or less fear we’re gonna tell people who transferred from the mass servers to a low populated server they can keep a joyous journeys both for the wrath of Lich King launch, they could also do something like a little discount of a character boost for people who do use the free transfer service or they could give something like epic flying and Jewel spec discounted at problem is it’s probably a little bit too late because people unfair servers are already level 70 server don’t really care about an extra experience both have already got level 70 character.

And people currently on the massive has probably already have dual spec and epic flying. And you can just give people gold for changing server Kenya because I will just ruin the economy. But perhaps I think allowing free transferred characters to keep that level of 50% increased xp boost all the way for the wrath of Lich King launch now open to level 80.

I think that would at least be a good enough incentive to get people transferring off the mass servers and onto the potential fresh server that people can transfer on to all the low populated servers currently already for the regions. But the end of the day, it’s not rocket science is that if you want people to like transfer from an overpopulated server onto a low populated one, you actually have to give them a good incentive. But Blizzard doesn’t really do this. I mean, in the past private servers have done it to incentivize people to change faction and a normally does work fairly well.

They could also do something like increased rep gains for people who do use a free character transfer for up to six months. So many different things that Blizzard could do. The point being is just giving people a free transfer definitely isn’t enough because people want to stay with their guilds. Anyway guys, so I’m going to end the video over my name is Matt equivalent of next video.

If you feel like skipping this WOTLK server mess, buying an account might be a good idea.

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