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Wrath of the Lich King

Top 10 Things You NEED to do at Level 80 in WOTLK Classic!

Metagoblin shows what players really need to do when they reach Level 80 in Wrath Classic. It is truth that everyone rushes to reach the max-level and then gets a bit confused about what to do. Learn about farming badges 2x faster and how to properly prepare for the incoming raids, Naxxramas and more. It is simply a Level 80 checklist for WOTLK.

What I Need To Do When I Reach Level 80 in WOTLK Classic?

Right guys, stop what you’re doing right now because everyone is playing the game wrong make an absolute fool of themselves and wasting valuable time and every other YouTuber has made this kind of video is giving you the wrong advice. What if I told you you can get 147 badges at 2000 Gold, no group required no good gear required. And every single class and player can do it right now in a couple of days, you will find the boundary is faster than doing heroic dungeons and get a truckload of gold. In the process.

Most of the videos are recommending to farm heroics for branches novice is obviously a very solid way to get badges you could be farming the badges way faster, hassle free, and get gold in the process. Today guys, we’re going to be counting down the top 10 things that you should be doing when you hit level 80 in Wrath of Lich King classic. Just quickly, guys, still only 24% of the people who watch our videos are actually subscribed to the channel. Don’t be afraid of us. So bonus totally free and support creators massively. Anyway, let’s jump in. So how do you get 147 badges and 2000 gold in a couple of days? Well to do this, you actually go out into the open world and do quests.

Now probably think of going insane, but definitely hear me out on this one. Quests right now are giving badges, especially requests in Storm Peaks and ice Corona actual water and get 147 badges from quests alone. For those however, include a couple of changes or Drac and Dragonblight avoid probably done them while leveling up. What you want to do is focus on completing all the quest lines in Icecrown and Storm Peaks fees quest are throwing you badges like it’s going out of fashion. So again, add on like quest EC always know where to pick up new quests. And basic just is very simple, complete every single course. But you can see insight in Icecrown and Storm Peaks, and you’re going to get a truckload of badges, you’re also going to get loads of gold a work. So if you do have a badge course you get 1500 gold in that quest gold rewards at level 80.

Now that’s not taking into consideration the vendor value of gear, and also requests that don’t give badges. So it’s definitely going to be in the ballpark of 2000 to 3000 Gold, if not more. If you really pump you can easily get both zones completed in a couple of days, but for most people probably take three to four days. Bearing in mind you can only farm 50 badges of heroism per day by doing heroics. So it will take you three days to get the same our badges that you could get in two days. If not one day, if you’re an absolute trihard we have an extra 2000 to 3000 gold, so this is definitely worth doing. Secondly, you want to be making sure that you’re unlocking your reps.

It’s an absolute waste of time doing heroics without the tabards, you get Priebus gear from reps and your insurance which are going to be well relevant for the entire life of Wrath of the Lich King. So you definitely want this done. The current or reputation gives for caster enchant argent crusade for tank one and a mellow DPS you want your knights of the ebon blade but also includes hunters. You also want to do your sons of Hodor quest line for your shoulder and chant just all of a chain quest in Storm Peaks. Like I mentioned earlier, you also want to be making sure pretty much straight away at level 80. But you’re always doing at least your daily heroic even if you are going down bequest route or farming badges, because the daily heroic gives you an emblem of valor.

The only way to get it in the game at over raids have released which is happening actually in a few hours of making this video and it will be a few hours behind this video actually being released. If you definitely want to be doing this every day because emblems of Valor will unlock Best in Slot gear for phase one. The next one is fairly obvious actually do heroics for the gear on the emblems. Less yourself in the group finder rather than going over LSG bulletin board.

You can get groups even faster than you did with the dungeon finder for my experience in the way of playing on private servers. So it’s actually turned out that the elegy tool that Blizzard implemented is way better than the dungeon finder funny enough. The only problem if you’re playing it through worry or rip pilot and Raf, you’re going to be waiting hours for someone to finally be desperate enough to invite you to a group. But no worries because why wait you can play this new mobile game for I’m surprised that no other YouTube it has ever talked about before and it’s called RAID shadow legends. One of the best things about RAID is definitely the Doom tower.

This has some of the most challenging and tactical fighter the game has ever seen. You will have to build a team of absolute Giga champions to climb the Doom tower, especially as you only have a limited amount of time to defeat the last boss for all of the insane loot. You’ll also see this a lot with the new dungeon that’s just been released the iron twins fortress and this is what I like about raid the most it has over core elements. What we loved about the old school turn based RPG is an update about a little bit of a splash of MOBA design with the champion system. We’ve also done a rework of my favorite champion of the ultimate death knight and everyone can get.

This champion for free if you just play raid for seven days between now and October 27. If you use a promo code DK rises, you’ll be able to level up your strongest champion all the way to level 55 Star ascension. And this promo code is available for new and existing players. And you haven’t given ready to spin yet. If you click my link in the description or scan my QR code on the screen, you’re gonna get loads of loot worth about $30 You get a brand new champion called tar rail, you get 200k silver one ng refill one experienced on one ancient shard, which the currency to unlock new champions. Anyway, thanks for re for supporting the channel and given our viewers loads of free stuff.

Now to move on with the video. Now for number five A recommend farming an off set piece. So what I mean by this so if you’re a hybrid class, you can also perform the role of tanking or healing. There’s a number of advantages to having an offset and an off spec. First of all, you build a farm heroics faster in the future if you need the emblems for gold or you need it for heirlooms. Obviously, if you queue as a tank or a healer, you will find groups much faster. I’ll tell you what I’m doing and a reason why I’m farming a tank set on my death knight. In future I will be farming dungeons, or maybe raids for gold or for mounts.

And obviously having a tank set is going to be much better for farming. I’ve actually nearly got a full tank cert just from like off spec rolling in heroics when the tank has needed the piece. And also holding on to certain quest rewards that are fairly decent tank pieces. Honestly, I’ve actually been farming tank pieces just as fast as DPS pieces because I’ve just gone through that extra step of asking a tank. Yo do you need that piece? He says no. Ever does roll need and it’s all good. Now six fl is actually something you shouldn’t do. Something I recommend against and is buying Titan steel weapons. Unless you’re in some Ultra sweaty guild going for Rome first clears the Titans deal weapons are an absolute waste of gold knacks rum is a literally drops trashley That’s better than Titan steel weapons.

Plus, because of how rough Lich King raiding works, you will be able to complete every single phase one raid on two difficulty modes 10 Man and 25 man for a chance to get loot. Long story short, you’re going to replacing these weapons faster than the youtubers who boycotted Wow, coming back to making YouTube videos about what Warcraft one we do in Wintergrasp whenever it is up it pops every three hours. So that’s going to be 12am 3am 6am 9am 12pm 3pm 6pm 9pm 12am I think you get the idea. Basically whenever you see 369 or 12 on the clock, that is when Wintergrasp is poppin right now this is the best way to farm on it. It’s the best bang for your buck for time spent so he farming PvP gear for doing arenas and rough he definitely be doing it.

Basically, whenever you can PvP gear, it’s decent for PvE but because it has resilience on it, you are effectively wasting an entire potential secondary stats. So don’t recommend getting pieces here from PvP to fill out your previous set. If you’ve been really unlucky getting certain pieces, or trinkets, for instance, aren’t actually that bad. Obviously, you need good RNG and to win roles of other people to get good trinkets from heroics, so over once a wind grasp can be a good option for you can also buy heirlooms of stone keeper shards they do have expe boothbook V Kana also are not as good as the other ones that you get from badges because they have PvP stats on them.

But if you’re going to take a more chilled PvP leveling route then they are really good stone keeper shards can also be converted into more honor points at the Wintergrasp vendor you just have to buy the token click it and it turns into 2000 Honor get it professions grinded up for your bonuses for instance, you only need engineering at level 405 to get a glove and chant and your natural boots Bob’s your uncle don’t need to grind it all the way up to 450 Because right now grinding refreshments all the way up is very very expensive.

We don’t intend on doing professional gold flips or other crazy stuff then leveling it professions probably just isn’t worth it until the prices go down some professions are pretty tutor level of right now law tailor and due to the high volume or frosted cloth on the Auction House because obviously those people in the open world leveling and the acquiring frost with cloth the portal the auction house by the end of the day it is up to you how much God want to spend on your professional because obviously there is other benefits to granting your professional avoid up I mean to be honest when it comes to engineering like it is obviously purely cosmetic stuff and fun stuff when you love look professions to max various some convenient things obviously like Jeeves, that you can get leads and a portable mailbox which actually pretty useful for gold farming or when it comes to the goggles.

I mean, personally I’ve not even gone for now because I just bought a titan steel helmet for that 1.5 Careful advice just for cheaper option but anyway let’s move on one thing you should definitely do vote is you profession dailies you will unlock new recipes which grants you better access to making more gold is especially the case with Jewelcrafting because the more gems you have, the more potential that you can make goals because if you’ve only got like one recipe you can’t just like Poke 20 of the same gems of one certain gem called Can you it’s better to spread out different gem courts across the auction house to make gold faster.

The same goes for secondary professions like cooking and fishing efficient daily has a chance to reward a quest reward that will give you five cooking tokens which is quite nice because then you can use that to buy recipes like the fish fees and all the bulk food but you can make gold with a my last tip is actually the most important okay remember to chill the hell out and have fun don’t min max the game into oblivion and burnout and make the game boring for yourself and quit and go and play League of Legends or some crap instead. So many people made this mistake in TBC the population drop off after the first few months was absolutely insane all the classes are way more fun reflux can classic.

The class design in Wrath has a lot more depth. It’s more interesting, more engaging than just spamming shutter bowl for like two years like we didn’t TPC classical I did anyway pretty much so if you get bored of a class you can just try out another leveling out is much easy now with heirlooms and there’s so many great catch up mechanics because of the improved badge system we’ve also got heroic plus dungeons coming out soon with all dua which will drop raid loot so it’s even easier to get your alts geared up and then eventually you know try to grind Crusader and Forge of souls etc all those dungeons are going to release or give really really good gear.

The point is this is a very old friendly expansion I think I might actually transfer my mage from Season master to reflux King classic and level it up rather than gain a boost to be honest, but I do both. Who knows. Anyway, my name is Matt Goble into the next video. Ciao.

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