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Wrath of the Lich King

How To Farm More Than 10000 Gold In Less Than 10 Hours in Phase 1 of Wrath Classic

Solheim is at it once again and shows how to easily amass more than 10000 gold in less than 10 hours of the Wrath Classic’s 1st Phase. Watch the video below:

How I Farmed 13,000 Gold in 10 Hours in WOTLK Classic!

What is up guys? citybus Well, I’m here back again with another Wrath of the Lich King classic gold farming video. So today check me out herbalism. And I recently did a 10 hour test on my stream, just to test out how good herbalism is. Now I’m doing this for several reasons. Number one, I did the same thing by hitting classic while in TBC, did a 10 hour test of herbalism, probably just to test my sanity. But hey, we’re doing it. And it’s also because I want to show you guys how profitable it can be to only have one gathering profession. I know that personally, I’m farming with both herbalism undermining, but I do want to show you that He can make a lot of gold only by having one of them. So yesterday, I made a video on mining and cobalt farming, and how profitable mining can be alone. So today we’re making a video on herbalism.

And I decided to do it when our tests to increase the sample size. And then we are pulling the averages from 10 hours of farming to give you the average hourly based number of what I’m getting. Now, I do want to say that I have a lot of farming routes and also very good very good farming routes and very specific farming routes. In my goal, the guide that we’re talking about several different ways to farm gold, we’re using a hype response to make a lot of gold as well in the gold guide. And some of those gold farms who aren’t kinda too good to be on YouTube, in my opinion. So I’m not going to be uploading those just yet, but they might eventually come to YouTube as well.

But if you want to have access to those right now than they are in the goalie guide, and all you have to do to get access to them is buy the guide down below through the link and then join the discord server. I am continuously posting on the gold guide a Discord server, giving you updates over there as well. So make sure you’re in the discord server. Otherwise you’re missing out. Okay, so let’s talk about this farm, the location how much I got in 10 hours of farming and my hourly averages. So the location, the route and everything. So first of all, we’re obviously flying in Sholazar Basin. And the exact route that I’m using looks something like this. And this is very different from at least all the other farming routes that I’ve seen myself. And this one is based on me farming you’ve probably seen me on stream, I’m in Sholazar all the time trying to perfect my farming route.

And this one right here is the one that has been working out the best for me based on probably 40 hours of farming right now inshallah sorry, tasty testing things constantly to find the best one. So what we are doing here is we are running past all the high density, urban locations in shoulder sorry, as well as flying by the river all the time. And if you’ve been flying around the reverential Sorry, there is a constant spawn of higher lilies around the river all the time. So we’re basically flying around the high density locations, and the high, the high spawning locations too. So it’s the best of both worlds. And we are forming a bunch of golden when I switched from a different route to this one mobile browser increased substantially and is probably the best route that I’ve been using so far and shoulders are. So yeah, this is the route that I’m using, feel free to follow it or try something else.

But this one has been giving me really really good results in Sholazar, especially with only herbalism. But if you do have mining that is very good as well, because there are so many mining veins across this path. So if you have both herba undermining, then I’m guessing you’re probably going to get like 1.6 to 1.7k. But even with only herbalism we’re sitting at above 1.3k per hour, or 13k from a 10 hour test. So route location if you read the copy, or make your own adjustments, but either way, let’s check out the results from 10 hours of farming. And I’ve made a nice little learning graphic here to show you the average stuff that I’m getting per hour. So from a 10 hour testing and 10 our pool of well results to pull from we got on average per hour 9.4 eternal life, which means that over 10 hours you got 94 eternal life, or 940 crystallized life.

We also got 272 others tongue per hour 95 Gold, Clovers, 78 pious Lily and 45 that metals.
Now there is one reason that I’m trying to pull this off and show it to you. Because I’m using Luther pacer to show the gold brothers I’m obviously showing that I did make 13k from the farm and that I am making 1.3k gold per hour from the farm as well. But I do want you guys to be able to figure out how much gold brahbrah You can expect to get from this farm. So here we have a sample size of 10 hours of farming only herbalism on a regular survey. I’m doing this in the middle of the of the day as well. So from 2pm to 2am. You can go and check my Twitch for proof of when I found but 2pm until 2am on a Friday, which I would say is about peaked farming times on a Friday from 2pm until 2am.

So yeah, this is what you can expect to get and you can basically check the price of everything up there, you can check the price and find out roughly how much you will be making. Now most of your goals will be coming from others tongues and eternal life, gold, Clovers, tiger lilies and that metals are very, very cheap. They’re selling for about one gold each. So yeah, don’t expect too much from those. But the others tongues and the eternal lives can definitely be lifesavers here.

Is This The Best Method To Farm 10000 Gold in WoW Classic WOTLK?

Now, one thing I will say that I’ve been saying in several of my gold farming videos so far, is that if you’re planning, let me just take this away. If you’re planning to use both herbalism and mining, I do recommend using an add on like for examples which are tracking that will automatically switch in between finding minerals and finding herbs for you. It is super handy to have. And it just basically helps you to be able to track both at the same time, instead of having to use a macro having to use a macro and manually click 24/7 gets really annoying over time. Also, if you look at the middle of my screen right about over there, right over my 12 character frame and name frame, you can see that I have my map in the middle. And I’ve been getting a lot of messages about this and less one add on you can use that is basically doing something along along the same but it’s better performing.

And that is called form HUD. But if you want to have the map that I have right here and have it in the middle, I kind of just prefer the the in the map look, a square map in the middle really easy to follow. Then I’m using sexy map, it makes your map sexy like this. But you also just can just figure out how you want you can have a circle, you can have it be a square, you can have it be pretty much any shape you want. You can have cool borders, but I just like to keep it clean. So a clean square without any borders. Just set it up how you want. And it’s very easy. And then you can just left click and drag your map around wherever you want to have it on the screen.

And personally when I’m filing for herbalism or mining, having the map in the middle of the screen is of all the way up in the corner is such a game changer. It makes it so much easier to just keep your eyes on the middle of the screen, you can look at your character on the map at the same time without having to squint your eyes. So yeah, those are two useful tools that I’m using myself performing gold and personally shoulders are just feels amazing. Well, there’s so many things spawning your shoulder sorry. And even though the value per spawn isn’t that high, the fact that you find so many things just makes it feel very efficient. I also kind of want to say that I found handbooks while farming here.

So in 10 hours I reported hitting the bots and I did confirm both life movements before I reported them so yeah 10 hours 10 bots I don’t really know if it was a 10 hour gold farming stream or a 10 hour both on the stream but either way we move I hope you enjoyed the video though. That’s a gold formula location, my first herbalism route as well on YouTube. Hopefully you enjoy and hopefully it helps you make a lot of gold even now that herbalism has been dropping in price. I am still making 1.3k gold per hour and 13k in 10 hours. If you enjoyed the video leave a like down below leave a comment as well and subscribe for more Wrath of the Lich King classic gold farming videos. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you again very soon. Peace out guys.

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