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Leak – WoW Classic: TBC looks to be releasing on June 1st 2021?

Reddit users reported on the classicwow subreddit today that he saw a leak shown only when he looked on the HotS page of an ad saying that TBC will be dropping June 1st. It’s unclear from the picture or text if this means that this is the prepatch or the actual first day of the expansion.

The link to reddit:

Clicking on the ad only took played to the Classic website where there was nothing more. Given that the wording is “return to Outland” prepatch will probably be before this June 1st date.

Taken from PCGamer:

While launching as an expansion to WoW Classic, The Burning Crusade won’t completely replace existing Vanilla servers. Players who want to remain with Classic as-is will be moved to these Classic-only realms, while existing servers move forwards into the bold future of 2007. For a fee, Blizz will also let you clone a character, letting you keep both a Classic and TBC version of your favourite adventurer.

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