The Burning Crusade

10 Stunning Art Pieces Featuring Nagrand And It’s Subzones

Undoubtedly, Nagrand remains as one of the most beautifuly designed zones in WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade. It’s stunning greenery with floating cliffs are quite remarkable. While exploring for various art to promote and share on our instagram profile, we came across these amazing designs:


Stunning and realistic at the same time showcasing the Landscape of Nagrand – unknown author, the image was found on Pinterest


Featauring Nagrand’s Staggs, this amazing artwork was created by Richard Benning.


Featuring the Throne of Elementals, this artwork was created by Adam “Forange” TΓΆrnPLUS

The following 2 photos are coming from Blizzard’s Lighting Artist Mike Marra who has recreated Nagrand among Shadowmoon Valley and Hellfire Peninsula in Unreal Engine 4

Human Mage overlooking the landscape by LeewiArt

Vivid and colorful artwork done by Ma-Create on DeviantArt.

Photographer RafaQQ2571 has turned Nagrand into a little planet!






Once again, Nagrand in Unreal Engine 4 by Mike Marra – all of the artwork can be seen on his ArtStation profile

Bright day by artist ChingoRyu from DeviantArt

While other areas and WoW Classic art is more prominent, we consider that these are great picks. We are having hard time selecting which artwork to promote on Instagram. Feel free to pick your favorite in the comments!

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