Top 20 Gold Farms YOU Need to Know About in TBC

Top 20 Gold Farms YOU Need to Know About in TBC

Youtube streamer Toyhouze talks about the Top 20 Gold Farms YOU Need to Know About in TBC. Check the Video below:

Video Transcript:

Hey guys, what’s up it’s toy house here. So I’ve seen a few of you asking me to make a burning crusade Gold Making guide, so I figured I would look all over the internet for everything I could find on making golden TBC and put this guide together. So in TBC there are some huge expenses like your epic flying mount. And while I won’t be suggesting making a Craigslist ad to make gold, I’ve got some other pretty good ideas to share. So in this guide, you’ll see a lot of professions have the ability to make gold. So if you’re interested in learning more about professions, be sure to check out my profession guide link in the description below. And if you learn anything at all from this guide, I’d appreciate if you give the video like so with that said, let’s just jump right into the top 20 list. So first up coming in at number 20 we’ve got skinning and vendoring leather while leveling. So while leveling, you will without a doubt be killing a bunch of beasts at some point, a skinning and TBC like in vanilla integrates with what you’re already doing. For that reason lots of people choose skinning as a profession, even if they’re trying to get to max level as fast as they can. And since so many people are going skinning that usually drives down the price of leather on the Auction House supply and demand. So in most cases, it’s usually just better to vendor the leather that you’re skinning while leveling. This isn’t always the case of course so compare the vendor price to auction house price before you make any moves. I recommend auctioneer and vendor price add on so you know what you’re doing.

It will really help with gold making with this method. So it really Gold Making in general when questing, you know which items to sell for more with vendor price add on. So you can choose what item you want in cases where you can’t use either quest reward for example. So those add ons are super helpful.

All right, up next is number 19 white items while leveling Now there are a bunch of items that are white in terms of Rarity and you just look at it and you’re like what what the heck is this even used for and usually just a vendor and I know I used to so some items like savage frond for example drop off mobs and can actually sell for way more than their vendor price. And there are a bunch so I’m gonna go through a few of them with you we’ve got wicked claw which is actually used for wolf’s head helm, which is very nice Druid Elm, you’ve got another web spider silk, which is a new addition in the Burning Crusade, and which is used for a bunch of high level tailoring recipes. But all spider silk is actually valuable as you level for different professions. Large Fang is great for great and mighty rage potions, you’ve got acre of undeath for alchemy, elemental earth, water, fire, and air all sell quite well. Some more valuable than others, of course. And then there’s fused wiring, I actually farmed this one myself at level 40 on a private server and I got the gold needed for my mouth really, really quick. These are in high demand because of all the engineering recipes it’s used in so there are a bunch of white items that potentially could sell for quite a bit. So I would do some research. If you see a white item, just mail it to your bank off, throw it up on the Auction House, chances are it’s worth more to on the Auction House than it is to vendor. So definitely keep an eye on that as you’re leveling.

Alright, next up at number 18 is questing at level 70. Now this may come to a surprise to some of you but quests give you more gold instead of experience points when your max level for private server fresh realms, this could definitely be a good method.

Some of the other methods will make you gold quicker, this is only number 18. But it might be a little bit more mind numbing. So this is more of a fun way to make gold while still doing quests and having some direction or if you’re into lower reading requests. And it could be a change of pace from other farming methods. So if you do all of shadowmoon Valley and netherstorm while already level 70 that should net you actually at least one to 2000 gold. So this is an often overlooked Gold Making method that could definitely be fruitful if other gold farming farming methods are just completely over farmed to competitive. You’re on a PvP server, it’s definitely an option to make quite a bit of gold.

Alright, coming in at number 17 is daily quests. So in the Burning Crusade daily quests were added. You can find daily quests in SCOTUS and tarot card forest over a law in blades edge mountains, the Isle of quail the nos in shattrath and Taro car forest. These will get a little mind numbingly boring because they’re the same every day, of course is rotation, but they’re a good source of gold. There’s only a limited number of daily quests, right. You’ve got battleground dailies cooking dailies fishing dailies, dungeon dailies heroic dungeon dailies, hellfire peninsula dailies world PvP dailies, I mentioned overlord dailies, you’ve got shatavari, skyguard dailies, netherwing dailies and shattered sun offensive dailies you’ve got a lot of dailies to do. So maybe it doesn’t get too boring, but if you’ve done it a few times, I’m sure it will start to get repetitive. And you know, let’s not forget seasonal dailies.

You’ve got Bruce hollows end, add midsummer fire festival dailies So, you’re going to get a decent amount of gold per daily again, not the fastest method, but it’s an easy one to check off your list each day.

All right, coming in at number 16, spell cloth, Primal moon cloth or shadow cloth. So each of these will go anywhere from maybe 2020 to 40 gold. Depending on your servers supply and demand. crafting it is on a bout a four day cooldown which makes these items valuable. However, because of the cooldown, this isn’t a Gold Making strategy that can be like, Master farmed, but it’s just another stream of gold for you every so often kind of like dailies, but this is more of like every four days daily or something like that, right? So not the best but it’s it’s a good amount of money with not too much effort.

All right number 15 Nether weave bags, so you’ll need tailoring to make them but everyone needs decent bags. And people will usually have multiple characters. These usually go for anywhere from seven to 16 Gold a pop depending on supply and demand, this will vary. And more often than not, they’re actually an oversupply, so the price tends to be on the cheaper side. Still, most people will be buying these so you can definitely get some profit. Like I said, you know, the Burning Crusade has shaken up class balance a bit. So people might be rerolling they want alternate characters, just so they can experience certain things, you know, Druid flight forms a lot of fun. So maybe they just want to roll that all professions have become much more powerful and meaningful in the Burning Crusade. So having alternate characters to have all access to all those professions is another reason to make an alternate character and you’ll need those bags so lots of reasons why people will be buying these again supply and demand they’re not too hard to make. So usually the price is driven down.

Alright, coming up at number 14 crafting gems. So gems are needed for gear with sockets you can make a lot of money as a jewel crafter just buying gems off the Auction House cutting them and then relisting them so this one’s not only lucrative but it’s also pretty easy to do and you know won’t always be possible to profit depending on you know, the gem prices and how much you can sell the cut gem for but look for deals where it makes sense and take advantage of your jewelcrafting skill again, if you need insight on on that I have got a profession guide you can check that out. But it’s an easy way to stay within you know the city and just make gold utilizing your profession.

Okay, number 13. Now, I think that most people did not know about this I actually found out about it myself just looking on line and it seems pretty legit. So, number 13 is farming Skol romance as an enchanter. Now there are quite a few items in scalo that are still valuable in TBC, mainly dark runes, and then you can also disenchant blues and epics and there’s a lot of runecloth The main thing really that you’re farming here are dark runes when you use dark runes or store manna at the cost of health. These are used by serious Raiders that end game and sell for a decent chunk of change while farming dark ruins you will never inevitably pick up a lot of room cloth and many greens and blues, the cloth you can sell directly on the auction house or making the bolts and sell disenchant the blues and greens and sell the enchanting mats high level vanilla and chanting mats go for quite a bit because you know not many people are taking the time to farm them the large billion shards which are these actually are used to make brilliant wizard oils and brilliant man oil weapon coating. So these are also two more items that Raiders use. Now of course, with shadow priests becoming you know, basically man batteries. We’ve got shamans available now for the Alliance, manna is not as big of an issue. So maybe this method is not as powerful as the others it is number 13 because you are getting a lot of runecloth you’re getting some nice disenchanting mats, and you’re also getting dark runes. So you’re getting a lot for your time. And what’s better is that you aren’t really going to be facing any competition and that is a big thing with the Burning Crusade is that it’s a smaller landmass. And a lot of farming methods are going to have a lot of competition so keep that in mind.

All right, number 12. Bo e epics. So the Burning Crusade has added a lot of high quality craftable items. Most of these require the crafter to have a primal Nether, as well as having the recipes themselves which can be world drops, specific instance drops or in rare cases trainable. higher level recipes that dropped from raids will often require the crafter to have Nether vortex. Some examples of items are gyro balanced corium destroyer, hard corium band Cobra scale hood, the frozen shadow we’ve set spell fire set the gloves of the living touch to name a few. And then there are also big epics that drop that are extremely high value like blade of wizardry the nightwatchman and Charlotte’s IV all of which actually dropped in Tempest keep. So if you’re super lucky and you want to be going for these, you can make a lot of gold. If you get the drop and you win it. However, it is tough. To get it to drop and then to win the role so this farming method, well, it’s easier to repeat over and over because it’s usually you know, it’s an instance or you’re crafting these epics. It’s hard to it’s it’s kind of like you’re just getting that one item, getting that one sale making a lot of gold all at once. So that’s that method.

Moving on to number 11. We’ve got moat extractor farming, so you need to be an engineer for this one, but you can actually make a lot of gold using this method, especially if uncontested the moats are extracted from gas clouds in various locations and Outland so clouds and zanger Marsh will supply you most of water. Those in NA grande have most of air shadowmoon Valley has most of Chateau and netherstorm has modes of manner. The clouds spawn in the same locations for the most part and you’ll quickly learn some efficient paths to take for each type of mode after a little bit of flying around. And you know, really what makes this farming method so great is that it’s really not recommended unless you have an epic flying mount. So if your goal is to make enough gold to buy your epic flying mount, and this method isn’t really best for you, it’s better to stick to some of the other methods but because this method is best for people with Epic flying, that means it’s more exclusive and less competitive, meaning that you can make more money with it. So keep that in mind. All right,

number 10 scryer and alder wrap items so we’ve got fel armament, mark of Sargeras arcane tome and sun fury signon these alder and scryer reputation items will definitely sell for a lot more so during launch or shortly after while everyone is rushing to get exalted with the older and scribers you can get fel armaments and marks of Sargeras off demon forces, and you can get arcane tomes and century signals off bled out forces. And if you specifically want to farm the elder marks Legion hold in shadowmoon Valley is a good place to go. This is a nice method usually, you know people can’t be everywhere so you should be able to find some place where you can get these items and of course dungeons that have demon or blood l forces will also drop this so it’s an added bonus and basically you you’re going to need to strike while the iron is hot so to speak, launch or shortly after while everyone is grinding this Rep. Surely these will drop in price over time.

All right, number nine herbalism. So this one is probably pretty obvious but lots of herbs sell for a lot. So far in vanilla. This is the case it’s going to be true and the Burning Crusade manifesto fell Lotus mountain silver Sage fell weed rag Vale ancient lickin these are all herbs that are needed to make best in slot flasks, elixirs and potions. So if you pick up herbalism Be sure to grab these herbs and list them on the auction house for great profit. There’s really nothing more to be said there. If you want some routes, I have some of those laid out in my profession guide.

Alright, number eight mining so like herbalism or in bars sell for a lot in TVC This is kind of the obvious ones obvious Gold Making ones of course, you’ve got Korean bars attorney and bar eternium or corium or adamantite bar and or Fel Iron iron bars, or in bars pretty much all of these will sell for a good price and an added bonus with mining is that you can also sell gems that you find from mining such as telesign star of Elune living Ruby noble Topaz, Dawn stone and nightside. These uncut gems are valuable even more so if you’re a jewel crafter and can cut them into gems that can then be inserted into gear. So what’s really good about mining is that these reagents are used for blacksmithing engineering and jewelcrafting so definitely a great profession for making gold

Alright, moving on to number seven fishing and cooking and I know you guys are probably like what could possibly be better than mining and herbalism How could fishing and cooking possibly be better now I think it’s because it is so widely overlooked and so therefore less people will be able to supply these materials so you know a lot of people overlook fishing and cooking because of the time commitment needed to level fishing and cooking but there are a ton of high level items that come from fishing and cooking. These include deviant fish for savory devia delight which sells for about 70 silver a pop, you get fig lusters mudfish which is used for grilled mudfish which sells for about 80 silver a pop. You got furious crawdad for spicy crawdad at one gold 20 silver a pop you got golden darter for golden fish sticks AT Gold 25 each huge spotted fell towel for fisherman’s feast at a gold 20 each. I spin blue fish for poached blue fish at 90 silver a pop and last is in Guardian spore fish for black and sportfish at 90 silver a pop. And by the way, one huge spotted fell tail creates six fishermen’s feasts so a single fish is worth about five gold and that’s being conservative. So that is a pretty great return on investment on catching a single fish and of course guys, actual prices will vary. I was just using sort Have ballpark numbers based on what I’m seeing on the Auction House. So fishing and cooking a great combination if you just have fish fishing, your profits will be less but if you have both your profits will be more.

Alright moving on to number six Cobra scales and Fiq cleft hoofed leather. These materials are super valuable for crafting some great items and it’s pretty hard to get Cobra skills so if you have skinning Make sure to target Cobra scales and thick leftover leather. The thick left hook level leather goes for about five gold epop and the Cobra scales go for about 11 to 13 Gold epop and of course, your mileage may vary. And there are of course other leathers that are still valuable so if you’re skinning definitely make sure to check out the the auction house to see how much they’re going for Outland leathers you skin are definitely valuable for other recipes. So make sure once you hit Outland to keep your leather stop vendoring and check the Auction House and again, your mileage may vary. You know the prices I’m saying here are just what I’m seeing right now and your supply and demand on your specific server will definitely determine what prices actually are. Okay, moving on to number five another Cobra leg armor now. Nether Cobra leg armor is the best in slot pant enchantment for physical damage dealing DPS classes like robes, hunters, warriors, feral Druids and so on this leg and champion will go for hundreds of gold on the Auction House. So if you’ve gathered Cobra skills as a Skinner and have leather working to craft these this will seamlessly tie together your professions to make another Cobra leg armor you’re going to need for heavy not hide leather for Cobra scales, eight primal air and a primal Nether now. I’ve mentioned primal Nether a few times. It’s about time and probably explain how you get that right. So primal Nether drops actually 100% of the time off the last boss of a heroic version of a dungeon so you won’t always win the primal Nether Of course. So getting them can be a little tricky, which explains why this can sell for so much. Sometimes if you’re a tank, you can reserve these beforehand, you know if tanks are in high demand so keep that in mind if you want to pursue this Gold Making strategy if you’re a tank, and a Skinner and the leather worker, perhaps you have a great advantage to capitalize on this Gold Making method.

Alright, coming in at number four we have flasks, elixirs and transmutes basically alchemy, right? alchemy has a bunch of flasks a list elixirs and transmutes that people are willing to pay a lot of money for you’ve got flask of fortification flask of relentless assault flask of distilled wisdom flask of chromatic wonder elixir of healing power elixir of draenic, wisdom, transmute earthstone diamond and so on more and more. There are lots and lots and lots of alchemical flasks, elixirs and transmutes potions, healing potions, different types of resistance potions, there are so many that need to be bought especially in the Burning Crusade in order to progress and you know, coming from you know, classic Wow, vanilla while I’m sure you know, alchemists Can Can you know say how much money they’ve made, selling fire resistance, potion nature resistance potions, and it just goes on and on as you go through a cue unit nature resistance as you go to next and you frost resistance. And really, the same thing continues as you progress through other other raids like black temple and the amount of potions, elixirs, flasks and transmutes that are needed are essentially endless. You’re constantly going to be new and needing it so. alchemy is a huge, huge, huge money making profession. There are so many advantages to going alchemy. So definitely a top one on this list.

Alright, moving on to number three, we have primal farming. Now this one is infamous. Probably not anything new to hardcore veterans of the Burning Crusade. primal farming is probably the most known Gold Making strategy. So I’m going to go through it really quick. You know, you can go to cure inviare village, another storm for primal mantas, the mobs here respond extremely fast in the area can probably support upwards of five people at the same time. And if you can’t kill things fast enough, though, it can be a bit nasty for casters as they have spell reflect and manage burn. So this area is best for physical damage dealers that don’t cast spells or use manna so really robes and warriors do best here. You can also go to scald and blades edge mountain for primal fires. Usually there are a lot of people here and the response rate isn’t great. There are a lot of mobs that also aren’t fire elemental. So keep that in mind. This area can probably support around three or four people. If you if you can get this area to yourself though that would be ideal. can also go to the elemental plateau and nagrand nygren. For primal fires, Primal waters and primal errs. I’m laughing because this place is wildly over farmed. I mean, epically and historically, over farmed, I can’t stress enough I mean, it’s probably infamous. The second I said elemental plateau for those of you that know TBC you probably just like laughed, I mean, it is You know, it’s right next to shattrath City so it’s super easy to get to. You know, the reason this area is so beastly is the fact that if you get it alone You can probably get eight or nine maybe even 10 primals an hour if you have a by yourself which probably would never happen unless you find a time at like 4am or something when the area is completely empty and you make crazy serious money here. You know there’s there’s if you’re on a PvP server, you’re most most likely you’re going to run into confrontations. It’s a it’s probably one of the it is the best primal farming spot, spawn rate wise, but the competition will be fierce. The hand of Google down in shadowmoon Valley is another place for primal fires and primal fires needed for enchance and professional items like the spell fire set and primal air is needed for best in slot enchants and a number of professional items as well. So for primal water, you can go to SCOTUS in terracotta forest, this is generally the best all around spot for primal waters. In my experience, the only downside is that they’re all underwater, which slows you down. Of course, because of your swim speed. I don’t really find farming primal lifes or primal Earth, particularly profitable at all. If you specifically need these primals you are far better off spending your time farming the more profitable ones, selling those and then buying the primals that you actually need. Generally in my experience primals are really one of the best moneymakers when it comes to farming. But if all spots are filled, you know completely over farmed, then you’re better off farming something else. So there you go, that is number three.

And now we are moving on to number two, what could possibly be better than primal farming boosting, so I predict that if Blizzard does not intervene, boosting will continue to be one of the best ways to make money in the Burning Crusade. With class balance. Getting shaken up from vanilla players will probably be wanting to reroll or create alternate characters with professions getting super buffed and more important in the expansion. Having more characters with more professions will be even more rewarding. All that in my opinion that leads to more people wanting boosts so if you really want to bring in the money make a character that can boost protection paladins or mages are super efficient at boosting at lockout speed. It’s super profitable and classic wow right now and I predict only more of the same in the Burning Crusade, the gold from for party members and the loot from the mobs combined. Make this method one of the top Gold Making strategies.

All right, the moment you all have been waiting for number one the best money making Gold Making strategy in wild TBC according to my prediction and I think that it is auction house flipping, buying low and selling high. If you can find opportunities using the Auction House, you don’t even need to farm You don’t even have to leave the city you can just buy and sell all while staying inside the Auction House. So if you do this right, I think you can easily make incredible amounts of gold. And you know this involves timing the market supply and demand. You can put consumables up before Tuesday raid reset day. So you’re taking advantage of supply and demand buying when the supply is high and the demand is low selling when the demand is high and the supply is low. You know using these methods, you can really make a ton of profit. Now I don’t want to pretend that I know the ins and outs of auction house flipping. But for those that do. I don’t think there’s a faster way to make gold. It has incredible scalability you can buy in bulk sell in bulk. This I can’t tell you how to do it necessarily, but I know that it is absolutely the number one best way to make gold. So that’s it for my top 20 list. What did you guys think about these Gold Making methods? Are there ones that I missed that you think are better? Or there’s some that I listed that you think are garbage? Let me know in the comments below. I love hearing from you guys. You know it’s it’s absolutely awesome talking about TBC and hearing what you guys you know, think or have experienced yourself. So you know as always guys, if you learned absolutely anything from this guide, I’d appreciate if you gave the video a like and subscribe if you want more World of Warcraft content. I really appreciate you guys coming and spending some time with me today. So take care and I will see you next time. This has been Toy House. See you next time.

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