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The packages below are intended only for the Ascension Magtheridon realm - a private Burning Crusade server. The realm was launched on 21st August 2020 by

The Ascension Magtheridon gold price was last updated today, 28th September 2020 (EU Time). We offer the best price for the realm.

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Ascension's TBC - Magtheridon Realm

The Ascension Magtheridon Realm is the newest Ascension Burning Crusade (known as "TBC"). Magtheredon’s arrival will allow new Heroes a chance to dive into classless TBC, and give Heroes on Area 52 and Kil'Jaeden the opportunity to start a new adventure if they want to avoid queue times. We have twice the capacity of Area 52 sitting in queue, and Kil’Jaeden is sitting at cap - so if you’re looking to avoid the wait, make a Hero on Magtheridon and jump into the action! We’ll see you in Outland, Heroes! Ascension official page.

Buy Ascension Magtheridon Gold & Accounts
Ascension Magtheridon Server Info
  • - Leveling Rates: 1-60 x6.5;61-70 x2
  • - Gold/Money rates: Blizzlike x2
  • - Faction Ratio: %37 Ally | %63 Horde
  • - Population Peak: 2727 3737+ players
  • - Realm Patch: 2.0 version Burning Crusade

More Information about Magtheridon

- Completely Fresh New Realm, New Possibilities
- A new TBC adventure
- No Merges into the Realm
- 70 Level Cap
- Go straight from Vanilla to TBC
- Blood Elf and Draenei Races available at launch
- Azeroth: x6.5 EXP
- Outland: x2 EXP
- Classless: Free-Pick
- The Dark Portal is Open!
- Head to Outland the moment you hit level 60

Our network of farmers quickly joined both the Horde & Alliance flanks, and we now have ample supply of cheap Ascension Magtheridon gold for sale.