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The simplest website for buying gold. Pick your server and faction, amount of gold, enter the name of your character and email address, send the payment and receive the gold. If you aim for different delivery method than mail, contact us as soon as you place the order. That's it. We have no requirements for our service, no verification and no registration.

Will buying compromise my account? Is it safe?

Our service is 100% safe and won't compromise your account. Complications are known to come from other sites where the gold is obtained through illicit means such as exploits and mostly botting. All of the G sold on our website is hand-farmed by us through normal means. We collect it as you do, we only save you time by buying it from us.

The Easiest Way To Have Tons of Gold in WoW WOTLK Classic

Buy WoW Classic WOTLK Gold - for sale at Gold4Vanilla

If you are like most of the players, you will most certainly enjoy other aspects of the game rather than farming and collecting gold. Many players presume that farming gold in Wrath of the Lich King Classic is easier - while obtaining this precious game currency becomes easier with each expansion, gathering G in WOTLK is still tedious, boresome and time-consuming task. As the news reveal, Wrath of the Lich King "ressurected" WoW Classic and World of Warcraft in its entire form and the expansion has a lots to offer in terms of PvE and PvP content. We make your game more enjoyable, by letting you have more fun with the high-end parts of WOTLK while we do the hard farming-part ourselves. With us, having lots and tons of WOTLK gold is easy.

What is "WOTLK Classic" & "Wrath of the Lich King"?

For those who are unaware, or have been living under the rock, "WOTLK Classic", also known as "Wrath Classic" or in full: WoW Classic: Wrath of the Lich King is the second expansion to the World of Warcraft Classic series. It is the expansion that came our right after TBC / The Burning Crusade Classic. The WOTLK expansion showcases Arthas The Lich King, allows players to level up from 70 to 80, introduces the Death Knight character class, the Inscription profession among other changes and addition to WoW Classic. It was originally launched in November, 2008, 14 years ago. You can read more about the original release here and see what are the new changes in WOTLK Classic here.

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Why Use Gold4Vanilla? How Do You Get The Gold?

If you go through any internet-archive, you will see that Gold4Vanilla is the first and oldest WoW Classic Gold dedicated website. This is because our team was offering services on private Vanilla WoW Classic servers since 2014, 5 years before the official retail Classic has been released. This includes all popular Vanilla-Classic, TBC, WOTLK and even Cataclysm / MoP servers. As you, we are in love with the older versions of World of Warcraft and we simply enjoy what we are doing. We do play the game as you do. Our team consists of larger network, spanning over all continents, thereby we are able to support you whether you are playing from the Americas, Europe or Oceania.

We get the gold just as you would. We utilize what is commonly known as farm-spots during the different WoW Classic expansion phases. Most of what we use is freely available online, just as these guides. Botting and exploiting are strict NO for us as it is known to lead to game suspensions or worse. We run a strict Refund Policy and Privacy Policy, so know that you won't be scammed out of your money (we issue refunds if unable to deliver within a day) and will never reveal your details to anyone outside our own private network. Literary, we are your safest bet if you are looking for WoW WotLK Gold. If however, you are playing on the new expansion, you might also wish to check this Dragonflight website.

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