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The #1 place for WoW Classic Account shopping!. You will find no shortage of level 30, level 40, level 50 and level 60 accounts. We cover all European and American realms, for both the Alliance & Horde factions. Races: Human, Night Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Orc, Troll, Tauren, Undead. Classes: Warrior, Paladin, Shaman, Hunter, Rogue, Druid, Mage, Priest, Warlock.

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If you are looking for safe, effective and fast powerleveling for WoW Classic, you are in the right place. We offer various power leveling packages, including level 1-60 with mount, spells & abilities. Our boost services are aimed at obtaining additional benefits for your character. We offer PvP boosts: Battleground reputation, achievement of your desired PvP rank, as well as various PvE boosts: carry through dungeons, reputation farming, dungeon farming, 100% speed mount farming, gear / BiS gear farming.

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Buy WoW Classic Gold Our website focuses on providing WoW Classic Gold (now known as WoW Classic Era gold) and Powerleveling for WoW Classic. It was formerly known as (part of the V7Gaming network, now renamed to Vanilla.Games). It was rebranded for the upcoming Vanilla Blizzard World of Warcraft: Classic. The website used to provide services for Classic Vanilla Private Servers like: Light's Hope, Nostalrius, Kronos, VanillaGaming and Elysium Project. If you are looking to buy WoW Classic Account, plenty of them will be available once the official Vanilla WoW is launched on 27th August 2019. We will be covering all regions: EU - Europe (English, German, French, Russian languages) and North America - Stalagg, Barov, AU - Australia & Oceania, as well as all possible realm types: PvP, PvE, RP (Roleplay), factions, races & classes.

Update 21st March 2021: While we are all waiting for WoW TBC Classic Gold and upcoming games like Ashes of Creation Gold or New World Coin, Endless just released their Windrunner TBC realm. It makes an excellent place to pre-test the upcoming WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade. If you are looking for Endless gold check our section for Windrunner.

It does not matter from which region you are coming from, we will do our best to provide a quality service to you. If you are Swedish/Svenska "köp guld", French/Français " acheter de l'or", German/Deutsche "Gold kaufen", Norwegian/Norsk "kjøp gull", Italian/Italiano "compro oro", Spanish/Español "comprar oro", Dutch/Nederlandse "koop goud", Portuguese/Português "Comprar ouro", Polish/Polskie "kupić złoty", Finnish/Suomen "ostaa kulta", Czech/čeština "koupit zlato" we are here to provide you with the much needed gold. We also offer real life products like.

FAQ - How Our Services Work

How Gold Buying Works?

For your convenience, we offer multiple gold delivery choices. This includes clear gold via in-game trade or mailbox, CoD, The Auction House method (we cover the fee), and an additional "private" delivery method where we provide 20% bonus in value, a method considered super-safe. Details regarding this method are disclosed upon purchase.

How Do The Powerleveling & Boosts Work?

The Boost & Powerleveling services have unique set of rules which we require to be respected by our customers. These set of rules are set to ensure the safety of your game account and quality of service. You can find the power leveling rules on the Powerleveling page. For boosting rules, check here .

How Account Buying Works?

Full Blizzard/ game credentials will be provided to you once a payment is made. For record keeping purposes, we only deliver these credentials on your payment's method e-mail address. Please double-check before making a payment to be sure that you've chosen the correct zone (NA / EU) and realm / realm type.

Do You Have a Refund Policy?

Yes we do. Our general refund policy is: If you do not get your purchased gold or account within 24 hours you are entitled to a full refund without questions asked. We deserve the right to cancel suspicious orders. By using our website and services you automatically agree to our Terms of Service and Refund Policy. Do check them!

Full details can be seen on our FAQ - How it works page.

Services for Private WoW Servers

Our website was originally created for providing gold, account & powerleveling services across all popular Vanilla, TBC & WotLK private WoW servers. It was recently extended and redesigned to support the official Vanilla Blizzard Classic Warcraft realms.

Update: 1st September 2020: Gold4Vanilla now supports the sale of Ascension Magtheridon Gold. You can now buy Ascension WoW Gold on our Magtheridon (Ascension WoW) page..

Update: 31th August 2020: We have just launched our page section for Tauri Crystalsong Gold. You can now buy Tauri WoW Gold on that page.

Update: 19th July 2020: We have just launched our page section for Karazhan Atlantiss Gold. You can check it here.

Update 4th April 2020: We just opened our page for Warmane Frostmourne Gold. You can check it here.

Update 3rd March 2020: We launched our page section for Endless Sunstrider Gold. You can check it here.

We have just launched our page section for Sunwell Frosthold Gold. You can check it here.

In additon to the shortlisted private servers above, we also provide gold for Dalaran WoW (Algalon), Excalibur and Angrathar among others. For full list, check our Private Servers page, or our complete gaming network.