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Gold Packages for Vanilla Gaming

The VanillaGaming gold price was last updated today, 12th November 2018 (EU Time). Gold is available for both Alliance & Horde.

1000 Gold
€5.25 EUR (about $6.17 USD)

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1500 Gold
€7.42 EUR (about $8.72 USD)

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2000 Gold
€9.90 EUR (about $11.6 USD)

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3000 Gold
€14.8 EUR (about $17.4 USD)

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4000 Gold
€19.8 EUR (about $23.2 USD)

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5000 Gold
€24.7 EUR (about $29.0 USD)

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7500 Gold
€37.1 EUR (about $43.6 USD)

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10000 Gold
€49.5 EUR (about $58.2 USD)

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15000 Gold
€74.2 EUR (about $87.2 USD)

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20000 Gold
€99.0 EUR (about $116 USD)

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Available Packages for Northdale - Light's Hope

The packages below are for the Northdale realm available on Light's Hope. Gold is available for both Alliance & Horde.
Northdale is the new, fresh Classic WoW realm launched by LH on 23rd June 2018.

10 Gold
€19.95 EUR (about $13.9 USD)

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25 Gold
€49.79 EUR (about $34.9 USD)

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50 Gold
€99.49 EUR (about $69.9 USD)

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Update 7th May 2018:
Just a basic update to let our customers know that we are still selling VanillaGaming Gold. VanillaGaming is a separate server from Elysium's Nighthaven and Light's Hope. Our team was busy with site updates for Bless Online gold so we could not post this message anytime sooner.

Vanilla Gaming is one of the oldest private classic World of Wacraft 1.12 vanilla servers. It has changeable 1x or 15x blizzlike rates (via in-game command). The realm, though several years old, is still thriving on.

As with our other V7 network of websites, Gold4Vanilla was started so we can provide our widely popular gold services for Vanilla Gaming. First time buyers can check this page to see how the gold buying process works.

Your Questions Answered (using Gold4Vanilla services)

1. How long until i receive the gold paid for?

- A team of 5 professionals (part of which are farmers) plus additional gold farming partners are running this specific Vanilla Gaming site, who will go above and beyong to make sure that your purchased gold is delivered as quickly as possible. Delivery is usually instant or it may take some minutes, up to a couple of hours (rare cases).

2. Is your pricing relevant?

- The pricing is basically a continuation of our current Warsong (Feenix) pricing. Obtaining the gold is still a hard task as it is on every Classic WoW realm, Vanilla Gaming being no exception. The gold pricing will be adjusted as the server progresses.

3. Vanilla Gaming Gold Trading Safety?

- Gold traders, both buyers and sellers are disliked everywhere, literary on every realm. But have no worries, we have developed very safe practices for trading the gold between ours and your accounts. If you require a specific way of delivery to you (AH, Face2Face, Mail, CoD) we can oblige to your request - just send us an e-mail right after your purchase (include your character name) and we will take care of the rest.

4. Money Back Guarantee?

- We do have a single money back guarantee (refund policy) in existence for every server we operate on. We do strive to deliver your purchased goods as soon as possible, but it may happen that we are AFK due to offline activities. You should not worry though - if the gold is not delivered to you within 24 hours, a 100% refund can be provided to you simply by sending an e-mail to - we won't ask any questions to you.

What Buyers Say:

15000 gold coins received within 1 hour

Wil Sibley jerowar***** (29th September 2017)

Received 15000 gold coins within 1 hour of my purchase, all good!

500g, 3000g and 15000g packages working

Jerome Fishburn jerowar***** (20th May 2017)

Can confirm the delivery of 500, 3000 and 15000 gold packages. Got them within the stated timeframe of purchase, no hassle at all

Ideal Elysium & Kronos Alternative

Conrad Moody conmood***** (11th February 2017)

Recently discovered this old Vanilla server with increased rates - was precisely looking for a Kronos or Elysium alternative. Thanks goodness you are selling gold for it, too! :D

Again and again for Horde and Alliance

Ahmed Rahati rahat**** (19th November 2016)

Times and times again i'm purchasing the biggest package for both of my Alliance and Horde characters. Always getting the gold on time :))

Professional site for old server

Josiah Livecchi jos.livecc**** (3rd November 2016)

I'm surprised to see a professional site still functional for such an old server. Will be coming back again, that's for sure!

500 gold then more and more

Marcus Bragd bragdera**** (28th September 2016)

Bought 500 gold first to verify the site. Ever since i am coming for more and more

First time buyer

Andreas Harman andreaharman22**** (9th September 2016)

First time buying gold for a private server, everything went great

5000g - less than 5 minutes

Joakim Gioscia joach12**** (28th August 2016)

Purchased 5000 gold today, got it in 5 minutes

Solid Establishment!

Martin Karolus mkaru**** (26th June 2016)

It seems you are established well on this server too. Will keep coming back for more gold!

Thank you again

Zachary Findstad zack988*** (17th May 2016)

Got my 1000g in 5 mins - thumbs up :)

I bought gold from you before

Michael Jones johhny.mike*** (25th April 2016)

Purchased 5000 for a start, received in IF after 10 minutes.

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Email: Skype: Vision7Gaming (Nostalrius, Warmane Icecrown & Kronos 3 gold!)

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